One of the best walking paths in Paris which allows you to escape the noisy streets to take a better look at some of the more beautiful landmarks in Paris such as Notre Dame, museum of the Louvre but also all the bridges that overhang the Seine, is the “Pont des arts” for instance.

The best walking paths in Paris

Therefore, from the riversides, you will benefit from the nicest view of “l’Ile de la Cité” but also of the left bank and the Latin Quarter neighborhood.

Jardin Des Tuileries


Jardin Des Tuileries

In the garden of the Tuileries you will enjoy probably the best walking path in Paris, in a typical french garden. It is a place full of history as it used to be the garden of the King’s palace. UNESCO World Heritage. It can be very crowded but you can easily flee the crowd from the central path and take the smaller ones, having a drink on a terrace or take a sun bath in one of the free green chairs. You will also enjoy an amazing view of the Concorde Square or The Louvre Palace.

Canal Saint Martin


The canal banks are ideal, for a calm walk especially in summer during a very sunny day, lots of trees, shade, fresh air due to the proximity with the water, lots of little “cafés” if you want to stop for a drink or something like this.

Cute footbridge to go from one bank to an other. You may have the chance to see one of the nine locks working. Very nice and peaceful, this path remains unknown from most tourists, therefore you will see only locals taking a nice walk, which makes it one of the best walk paths in Paris.

Rue des Francs-Bourgeois (Marais)


This street is an other special place among the best walking paths in Paris; this is one of the main streets in the « Marais », it is a typical Marais street where you will found very beautiful and old buildings. It is also quite famous for all the trendy shops. In this street you will also run into the Carnavalet museum in which you will learn about the history of Paris.

A little advice to make your walk even better, beware that on weekends this neighborhood and especially this street tends to be very crowded because of all the Parisians who love to hang around so it becomes harder to appreciate the beauty of the path.

Promenade Plantée


The “promenade plantée” crosses the 12th district of Paris and lasts for 4,5 km. This was actually an old railway which was converted into a path in the middle of nature. It starts from the Bastille square. Even though you will probably not run into the most famous Parisian landmarks while walking, you will nevertheless enjoy the quietness, the greenness and the originality of one of the best walking paths in Paris. Eventually, the path ends at the “Bois de Vincennes” where you can also have a very nice walk.

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