The Best Tapas Bistros in Paris



Tapas is a celebration of life. -Jose Andres

Ahh, tapas…the Spanish inspired small-plate phenomenon that every culture is now starting to recreate. You can never go wrong with sitting down with friends in a nice setting and getting to try not only one or two, but five or six excellent courses. Did you know that tapas was first invented by King Alfonso the 10th when he was too ill to have not more than a couple bites of food? Washed down with wine, of course. Because no one is ever too sick for a good glass of Bordeaux.

If you’re like me and have a hard time deciding on what to eat, tapas is an excellent choice. Below we have found the best tapas bistros in Paris so you don’t have to do the searching! How kind of us.

Le Chat Ivre: The Local Hangout

Situated in my favorite arrondissement of the 11th at 22 Rue Taillandiers, Le Chat Ivre is a hip hangout spot of many young locals in the Bastille area. The restaurant itself is casual and even has its own wine bar, so if you really want to go all out with tapas you can pair a glass of wine with each serving.

The food itself is a delightful mix classic French tapas with a touch of Spanish flair and they serve the likes of beef marrow, risotto, calamari and marinated salmon. The waitstaff is sweet and you can except the place to be fairly busy on any given night, so we recommend arriving early!

La Paella: Real Spanish Tapas

If you’re in France but find yourself craving Spanish food, head on over to La Paella at 50 Rue des Vinaigriers in the casually cool 10th arrondissement . This classic tapas bistro shows the true Spanish side of tapas. The restaurant has been open since 1954, so you know they are doing something right!

They serve a selection of delectable seafood plates such as Andalusia stuffed mussels, hot and spicy shrimps in olive oil, and fried squid. If seafood isn’t your thing I suggest trying their red little Spanish peppers, dry cured smoked pork fillet, or their cured beef.

The plates range from 7-15 euros so be sure to try a few things!

Le Jamoncito: A Latin Quarter Hotspot

Le Jamoncito is certainly one of the best tapas bistros in Paris. This authentic Spanish tapas bistro seems to have it all: highly rated tapas, an incredible wine selection, and their own assortment of Spanish cheeses. For some seriously good food, head over to 13 rue Quincampoix in the 4th arrondissement.

While you’re there, I highly suggest trying their house-made sangria (which they say goes excellently with their grilled octopus plate!) The waitstaff is excellent and will even help you choose your plates based off your preferences.

Caves Saint-Gilles: Tapas in Le Marais

Located near the iconic Place des Vosges in the neighborhood of Le Marais, Caves Saint-Gilles is a great place to stop by if you’re craving tapas in Paris. Their menu is composed of only fresh, authentic products. The atmosphere itself is quite traditionally Spanish, you might even forget that you’re still in Paris!

Perhaps one of the most delightful aspects of the bistro is being able to watch the kitchen prepare the tapas right from your very seat!

Sourire Restaurant: Fancy French Tapas

Of all of the tapas in Paris on this list, perhaps the Sourire is the most elaborate. Located at 27 Rue Galande in the 5th arrondissement, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of these French tapas. 

Unlike the other bistros, the menu at Sourire is actually quite limited, allowing the chefs to prepare only the highest quality plates made from fine and fresh ingredients. At the moment, the menu features plates such as grilled vegetable tartine, marinated fish and filet mignon.

Here the small plates range from 9-10 dollars, which is a bit pricey for tapas but it will be money worth spent!

Les Voisins: Cozy Tapas

If you’re looking for somewhere romantic to cuddle up and share a tapas with someone special, why not head over to 27 Rue Yves Toudic.  Boasted for having an amazing atmosphere, the menu at Les Voisins is exactly what you’d expect for a tapas bistro in Paris: seafood, meat among other delightful small plates!

Another highlight of this late night bistro (open until 2 am) are their amazing cocktails! Fresh, fun, and full of fruit these are the perfect nightcap after a long meal of tapas!

A. Noste: Southwestern Tapas

Located at 6 bis rue du 4 Septembre, A. Noste will blow you away with its elegant and modern presentation of tapas. Focusing mainly on southwestern flavors, A. Noste’s menu is certainly grander than some of the other more selective tapas bistros.

From tapas tacos to Hawaiian tuna poke bowls, A. Noste will certainly be able to provide no matter what your craving might be! If you want delicious tapas in a beautiful setting, I definitely recommend making a stop at A. Noste.

Vamos: A Place of Sharing

Vamos is a tapas bistro in Paris that truly captures the essence of what tapas is all about: togetherness. Located at 12 Rue du Château d’Eau, Vamos is where you want to go for a real Spanish experience in Paris. Their menu includes tortillas, chorizo, and calamari, but they are known to change things up often.

The setting is vibrant, lively and somewhat modern compared to the other bistros on our list. They are known for their tantalizing selection of wines, excellent desserts, and top notch service.

They even host a flamenco night on Saturdays at 9 pm! Of all of the places on our list, I would have to say Vamos is certainly the most authentic, making it one of the best tapas bistro in Paris. 

I hope these list has helped you on your journey to finding the best tapas bistro in Paris! Let us know if you were able to try any of these restaurants or comment below to leave your own recommendation. Bon appetit!

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