The art of choosing the best pieces of beef, then cook them and accommodate them is undoubtedly French. I know I am challenging other nationalities here, and the whole reputation of Parisian gastronomy lies in my hands. But you wont be disappointed. In Paris, if you are cooking a steak at home, it means you are ready to spend hours in a market, having endless conversations with the butcher and then, basically all the other merchants to find the very best: vegetables, herbs, butter, cheeses, in order to cook the sauce and the side dishes, usually fries, that are not said to be French by accident!

And in a French restaurant, a good one, it is all the same, except for the fact that you will let professionals and experts do the whole thing for you, in the best way possible. Here are the addresses you have to note down, the best steak and French fries places in Paris.

When it comes to food, and especially to meat, French people become very serious. It has to be the prefect food with the perfect sauce. Here is some advice from a local on the best steak and French fry places in Paris.

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte


The Best Steak and French fries places in Paris

L’Entrecôte deserved to be at the top of our list of the best steak and French fries places in Paris. There, no hesitation on the menu: people sit, and the only question they are asked by the waitress wearing the traditional black dress and white apron is how they like their rib steak to be cooked – rare, medium or well done. It is the only main dish served. But what a dish! The meat is tender and deliciously flavored with a sauce whose recipe has been kept secret for more than 50 years, and the golden French fries are exquisite. You will be served twice, so that the other half of your food stays warm while you are eating, But a picture might be more eloquent than words:

25 euros for the main dish and the traditional walnut salad as a starter.
15 rue Marbeuf, metro station Alma Marceau on line 9.

Chez Boris


Though a bit expensive for a bistro, the quality of the meat makes it difficult not to count it among the best steak and French fries places in Paris. The owners themselves are also farmers, so they are very aware of what is on your plate. Special prize for the fries, which are hand cut and cooked in “blanc de boeuf”(beef’s white?), according to the menu.

129 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, metro station Saint Philippe du Roule on line 9.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert


Located in a nice neighborhood, this very Parisian bistro is definitely one of the best steak and French fries places in Paris. It is a true institution that has kept its original look: white tiles and old furniture. On evenings, you should expect to wait, especially if you have not booked a table: it is the price of success. By the way, the pepper sauce is scrumptious.

18 rue Paul Bert, metro station Faidherbe-Chaligny on line 8.

Le Beef Club


No doubt this restaurant is on our list of the best steak and French fries places in Paris: it is supplied by the best butcher in the city. The room, with its elegant lights, but also, less pleasantly, the prices on the menu, are proofs that the Beef Club is the hippest steakhouse in Paris.

58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, metro station Les Halles on line 4.

Le Boeuf Volant


No, beefs do not fly, (“boeuf volant” means flying beef), but you might do so tasting a black Angus in this urban-chic decor. The starter-main course-dessert formula for 35 euros is really worth it.

4 rue Mariotte, metro station Rome on line 2.

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