If you’re visiting Lisbon, take a break from the traditional sightseeing spots and touristic activities and visit one of the best secret places in Lisbon.

Best Secret Places in Lisbon

A Manteigaria



One of the best secret places in Lisbon is Manteigaria. This house produces amazing custard tarts (pastéis de nata) and it’s become very popular amongst locals, even though it’s not yet known by foreign visitors. I believe they are good competition for the traditional custard tarts place in Belém (original recipe being pastéis de Belém). In Chiado, at the beginning of Bairro Alto, take a moment to indulge in these creamy gifts from heaven.

A Livraria do Simão


A great secret place in Lisbon is the smallest bookstore you can imagine. In Baixa, in the heart of the city, you’ll find a 4 square meter bookstore with over 3000 books. It seems impossible to happen, but in Portugal (and in Lisbon), everything is possible. Even to find a tiny bookstore with books in over five different languages. Looking for a pocket book? Hop to Livraria do Simão at Escadinhas de São Cristóvão.

Sol ePesca


Another place that we think is one of the best secret places in Lisbon is Sol ePesca. Sol ePesca is a small place in Cais do sodré, on the Pink Street and it’s perfect for a quick snack. Known for its traditional Portuguese conserves of as many fish as you can name, you can sit outside and enjoy your favorite conserve with fresh bread. It doesn’t get more typical than this for a Portuguese snack.

Depósito da Marinha Grande


Our next best secret place in Lisbon is the Marinha Grande Deposit. Marinha Grande is a nationally known glass factory founded in the late 1700’s. Its store opened over 100 years ago in Rua de São Bento, next to the Assembly of the Republic and it’s a great hidden place to visit in Lisbon.

Nossa Senhorado Monte


Lastly on our list of the best secret places in Lisbon is the viewing point NossaSenhora do Monte. Set on the hills of Graça, on the other side of the Castle, you have a privileged view of Lisbon and the Castle of Saint George. My recommendation is that you start your day here and join our Alfama tour at the arch of Saint George’s castle.

Have fun discovering these secret spots in Lisbon!

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