The Best Poke Bowls in Paris


You’ve probably seen lots of new poke bowl spots opening up in Paris, and maybe you’re wondering what they’re all about. This tasty dish from the tropical islands of Hawaii has made its way around the world, and is one of the biggest food trends right now!

So if you don’t know what a poke bowl is, you’re in for a real treat! These delicious bowls are usually composed of seasoned sushi rice topped with various vegetables, spices and marinated chunks of sashimi-grade fish. Seriously, the varieties and combinations are endless!

Poke bowls are said to have originated in ancient Hawaii, and feature heavy Japanese influences. Legend has it that the first poke bowl was created by a Hawaiian fisherman. After returning from the morning’s work, he was hungry and made a snack by topping a bowl of rice with seasonings and his fresh catch. Little did he know that his snack would become a worldwide foodie craze centuries later!

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you where to find the best poke bowls in Paris. This is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the most famous dishes in Hawaiian cuisine.

Hong En

Now this poke bowl spot was a total chance find, and it’s most definitely one of my most closely guarded foodie secret spots. Everyone asks me where to go for a good meal in Paris, especially in the Marais. Well, after keeping it for myself for so long, I decided it’s time I finally share this spot with you!

The shop is a little hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and there’s no website either. But a little searching is worth it! These guys are the real deal, and they have the best poke bowls in Paris! In my opinion, this is the best I’ve tried outside Hawaii. To find Hong En, simply head to 33 Rue des Gravilliers, in Paris’ Marais neighborhood. The shop has a red awning with “Hong En” scrawled across the front.

This little fruit and vegetable store is family run and features all organic produce. To my delight they recently added a poke bowl station, which is INCREDIBLE. You can choose a big or small poke bowl, with as many toppings as you want, with a choice of protein too. They even have vegan and veggie options!

All the ingredients used in your bowl are prepared right in front of you, carrots cut, avocados sliced, and mango diced, so you know it hasn’t been sitting around all day either. Plus, everything comes from the store itself so it’s extremely fresh.  You can get a large poke bowl to take away for €12. This is super filling and definitely enough for two to share. And don’t forget to try their house sauce, it’s so tasty!

There’s nowhere to sit and eat in the little store, but if you’re willing to walk a few blocks there’s great parks where you can sit and enjoy your poke bowl! I would suggest either the Square du Temple or the Musée des Archives Nationales.

Hong en – 33 rue des gravilliers 75003
open weekdays for lunch from around 12:00-15:00

Moé Poké

Courtesy of Moé – Sourced from their website

This healthy cantine in the 8th arrondissement makes some of the best poké bowls in Paris. At Moé, you get to compose your own poke bowl from a long list of fresh ingredients. They have traditional tuna, salmon and shrimp but also vegetarian options and a fresh catch of the day. The range of choices for toppings and veggies really sets Moé apart. And I love that they offer healthier options like brown rice and quinoa for their poke bowls.

Moé’s small bowl is €9.90 and gives you a choice of three proteins, and the large bowl is €13.90 and lets you choose up to 5 proteins. No matter you’re choice, you’ll leave satisfied. The portions are pretty huge and the quality of their veggies is top notch.

At Moé, there are places to sit and enjoy your poke bowl on location. But if you’re in a hurry to go out and discover more of Paris, they also offer delivery and takeaway options.

moé poké – 30 rue miromesnil 75008
open monday through friday for lunch from 11:00-15:00



Courtesy of Natives

This cool little spot opened up in the 10th arrondissement a few years ago. And it’s been a local favorite ever since, no question that Natives is one of the best poke bowls in Paris.

There’s a few spots to sit inside, but the takeaway option is by far the most popular. Plus, their original location is just down the street from the Canal Saint-Martin, which makes it a poplar spot to grab a picnic lunch. Nowadays, there’s a second Natives location, also in the 10th, just several blocks away. The second one on Rue de Hauteville proposes poke bowls as well as a few other raw dishes, notably their ceviche.

Natives uses all fresh ingredients, and focuses on unexpected flavor combos. You can choose from different pre-composed bowls or create your own. I love their Venice Beach Bowl, which is spicy salmon topped with ananas, avocado cream, bell peppers, jalapeño and cucumbers. But don’t just take my word for it!

There’s something for everyone whether you prefer sticking to the classics or spicing it up. For the high quality food, Natives is pretty reasonably priced. Most of their bowls are €13, and the veggie option is just €10.

natives lancry – 44 rue de lancry 75010
natives hauteville – 66 rue de hauteville 75010
open monday through friday from 12:00-15:00


Courtesy of Ïnuï – Sourced from their Instagram

Ïnuï is a fast casual poke spot, meaning the food is prepared on-site and you create your own bowls. But there’s no table service here. So Ïnuï is perfect for sampling one of the best poke bowls in Paris if you’re on the go! With three locations spread across Paris’ 8th arrondissement from Madeleine church until the Galeries Lafayette shopping center, Ïnuï  is exceptionally popular with the midday business crowd.

Ïnuï is also one of the most affordable options on my list of the best poke bowls in Paris. You choose the style of rice, the toppings and choice of protein (salmon, tuna, or dorade) for just €11. Their bowls are pretty filling and the portions are generous, definitely a deal if you ask me.

The best part about Ïnuï is that you can order ahead of time online. Just compose your bowl on their website, and select a location for pickup. It’s super simple and can save you a lot of time. As I mentioned before, Ïnuï is popular with the business crowd and usually has a line out the door for the better part of the lunch hour. So think about ordering ahead and save yourself some time and hassle!

Ïnuï – 4 avenue percier 75008
Ïnuï – 89 boulevard haussmann 75008
Ïnuï – 4 rue de surene 75008
open monday through friday from 11:30-15:00


Palika Poké

Courtesy of Palika – Sourced from their website

Last but not least on my list of the best poke bowls in Paris is Palika Poké. This little shop is reminiscent of a real Hawaiian poke shop. You’ll instantly get a little mood boost from the sunny vibes and decor,  not to mention the friendly staff.

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, Palika is right in the center of Paris’ foodie neighborhood. Palika is another fast casual style place, though there are a few places to sit inside. It gets pretty busy at lunchtime, so takeaway is probably your best bet.

They offer 5 different pre-composed bowls, all of which are original and tasty. For example, they have a classic tuna bowl, a sweet and sour salmon bowl and even Thai beef bowl, topped with marinated raw beef. Toppings are the most fun part about Palika with choices like candied lemon, pickled red cabbage and even fresh strawberries. Their small bowls are €9.90 and the large size is €12.90, though it’s easily big enough for two. If you want to compose your own bowl, you can do that for €1 extra.

palika poké – 36 rue de cléry 75002
open monday through friday for lunch from 11:30-14:30
open monday through friday for dinner from 19:00-22:00


Now you know where to find the best poke bowls in Paris! I hope you’ll give this delicious Hawaiian dish a try.

As always, if you have any questions or would like any more information on our articles or tours, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We really love hearing from our readers!

See you soon in Paris!

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