The Best Moroccan Restaurants in Paris in 2023


Originally published by Natalie in 2020 and updated by Vanessa in 2023.

When people think of Paris they probably don’t immediately associate to Morocco. You might find it interesting to learn that Paris is home to a massive Moroccan population; and with the people, comes the food.

Anyone who’s been to Paris will likely have a story or two to tell about the fabulous North African dishes they were able to sample while in the city. Morocco isn’t the only African country represented within France; there are also large congregations of Tunisian and Algerian people as well.

You may be wondering how this vast migration of people managed to settle in Paris, so far from home. During the early 1900s many countries in Africa were made into French colonies. Amongst them the likes of the three mentioned above.

In historic terms, the once French colonies are often referred to as the Maghreb. If you’re ever on the streets of Paris in search of North African cuisine just mention this word to a local and they will tell you exactly where to go.

Moroccan Dining – by Arvind Grover – Wikimedia Commons

The food of North Africa is incredibly fragrant and unbelievably tasty. I can safely say I’ve yet to have a bad experience here in Paris — and I eat this cuisine quite often!

The Moroccan cuisine is undoubtably my favorite. I love nothing more than sampling every restaurant I come across that offers authentic Moroccan dishes. The concepts are basic, the ingredients are fresh and the execution is utterly satisfying.

Like the food, I believe that Moroccan culture should be shared. I’ve put together a list of the best Moroccan restaurants in Paris for 2023. All of them tried and tested by yours truly — so you know they’re bound to be good.

Try incorporate at least one of these restaurants into your eating schedule while in town. Eating Moroccan when in Paris is a cultural experience within a cultural experience of note! Sit back and allow me to whisk you away to a not-so-faraway land of silk, sand & spices… in Paris!

La Baraka Moroccan in Paris

70 Rue Daguerre

La Baraka is a wonderful start to our Moroccan restaurant line up. It is an atrium-style restaurant serving up traditional Moroccan food just the way the locals intended. I’m sure you’re wondering; what do you mean, atrium-style?

The restaurant is actually designed in the layout of an atrium. Despite being solely indoors, the decorators have attempted to create as much of an outdoor, courtyard atmosphere as possible. There are plants absolutely everywhere and a lot of natural light being fed in from the glass ceiling.

Just a few minutes here feels like you’re dining in a courtyard restaurant in the heart of Morocco itself. Ten out of ten for ambiance! Next!

The food… where to begin. If you’re going all the way to La Baraka and want to guarantee a great meal then you can’t go wrong with their chickpea and eggplant special. It is cooked to perfection and just the right size to leave space for the main event… dessert.

Moroccan Mint Tea – by Michal Osmenda – Wikimedia Commons

One of the most important components to Moroccan cuisine are their sweet pastries. These are enjoyed either before or after a meal with a fresh pot of mint tea — another Moroccan specialty.

Order both of these after your main meal at La Baraka and take your time savoring the tea as it compliments the sweet treat of the evening.

You’ll find La Baraka in the 14th arrondissement just around the corner from the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. This is another property that also resembles an atrium. The walls of the exterior are completely covered in plants and are the main attraction to the incredible building.

Consider starting your evening here and enjoying a walk over to La Baraka .

Average cost: Under €20

Chez Younice

13 Rue d’Avron

A visit to Chez Younice will probably be one of the most heart warming experiences you have in Paris. This is a wholesome, salt-of-the-earth kind of restraint. It is located in the 20th, just a few meters from the Avron metro stop. This is a part of town that is rich with Moroccan expats and culture.

I’ll be honest with you, the space and aesthetic at Chez Younice is not something to write home about. There are far more interesting restaurant interiors to enjoy around Paris. However we don’t come to Chez Younice to admire the walls; we come for the food!

Traditional Moroccan Soup – by Michal Osmenda – Wikimedia Commons

First tip of the evening: if a Moroccan restaurant offers Harira as a starter, you order it. One of the most popular dishes in Morocco and the perfect light start to your meal.

Not all Moroccan restaurants around Pairs make a point of including Harira on the menu so finding it becomes a bit of a treat. Chez Younice always has a fresh pot of Harira on the stove.

Owner of Chez Younice – by Chez Younice – Sourced from their website

I should probably mention that there is more to the name of this restaurant than meets the eye. Younice is actually the owner, and can be found working the floor most nights of service. This is what makes the space so heartwarming.

He is an excellent host who is full of energy. He is only too happy to serve your tea the traditional way right in front of you can engage in friendly conversation as you share treats and laughter. You can tell that by dining in his restaurant you are supporting his dream coming to life every day.

Average cost: Under €20

Essaouira Moroccan in Paris

16 rue Magdebourg

Now this is a restaurant you come to for the interior! Designed like a traditional Moroccan lounge, Essaouira is an immaculate space that completely transports you further and further out of Paris with every sip of your sweet mint tea.

Essaouira Interior – by Essaouira – Sourced from their website

The walls are a complete marvel. Each one was hand mosaic’d by artists from Morocco. Between the tiles and the paints & the woodwork, you won’t know where to look.

Essaouira is about as authentic as it gets in the 16th arrondissement. Being the third wealthiest district in Paris, goods in the 16th don’t tend to run cheap. You’ll spend a bit more in this restaurant compared to many of the others.

My meal of choice here is the vegetable couscous dish. The portions are huge. You may be spending more on a meal here but you’re technically receiving two. I love that Essaouira considers itself late night dining, despite being a family owned and run restaurant. Stroll in at 11:30pm and they will still happily prepare you food.

Vegetable Couscous – by Lablascovegmenu – Wikimedia Commons

The streets surrounding Essaouira are home to a bunch of well known Parisian museums. The Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet, the Paris Museum of Modern Art and the Homme Museum to name a few specifically.

This makes Essaouira the perfect resting spot after an afternoon or evening of museum visits.

The 16th is a beautiful neighborhood to explore by foot; you might even consider finding a free guided walking tour to take part in. After your meal, you’ll also be in walking distance from the Eiffel Tower — a perfect way to end an evening of Parisian Moroccan fusion.

Average cost: Under €30

Le Sirocco in Paris

8 Bis Rue des Gobelins

Le Sirocco is a little Moroccan nook in the heart of the 13th arrondissement. There isn’t much else to do in the surrounding areas of the restaurant, so you’d be traveling here solely to dine — but it’s worth every minute.

Le Sirocco – by Le Sirocco – Sourced from their website

Of all the Moroccan restaurants in Paris, Le Sirocco’s ambiance is undoubtably the best executed. It is laid out almost like a stone tomb buried deep within the ground with traditional art and decor misplaced amongst the brass tabletops.

The stone walls make the space exceptionally cosy and the burning of incense throughout the evening is the cherry on top.

For Le Sirocco I suggest making a reservation as the space is small and popular amongst locals. The hospitality of this restaurant is made apparent from the minute you take your seat; a glass of water and complimentary spiced potatoes are put in front of each guest.

What’s great about Le Sirocco is that they also serve wine, which is not often an option at traditional Moroccan restaurants in Paris for religious reasons. This is a great place to bring a date instead of sitting in just another local bistro.

Traditional Tajine – by Michal Osmenda – Wikimedia Commons

What to order at Le Sirocco? Any and all of their Tajines if you can! If you’re dining alone you won’t manage more than one, the portions are huge. But if you’re enjoying Le Sirocco with friends I suggest you each choose a flavor and share amongst one another — this way you’ll get to try them all. Le Sirocco does Tajine like no other.

To end off we’ll take our usual: mint tea and a plate of your finest pastries, please.

Average cost: Under €30 (with wine)

Le Souk Moroccan in Paris

1 Rue Keller

Another stone walled tomb like atmosphere that takes you out of Paris and into North Africa. Le Souk is a well located restaurants in the bustle of the Bastille area. It is le parfait place to head to after spending a day exploring sites such as Place de la Bastille or the Opera House.

Because of the eclectic nature of the neighborhood, you are also spoiled for choice with nightlife to jump into after your dining experience. Its a great place to spontaneously take a large group of people as they are almost never full and they do serve wine.

Le Souk is a fun place to dine. The servers dress in traditional Moroccan attire and all food and teas are served in actual dishes and teapots from the land itself. Moroccan tea is supposed to be poured from a long-stemmed pot, they do this properly at Le Souk.

Traditional Moroccan Attire – by Anderson Sady – Wikimedia Commons

With North African dining I tend to stick to the veggies. But many regulars at this restaurant return time and time again for their apricot duckling dish. For a restaurant in the heart of Bastille the prices are also incredibly reasonable.

Average cost: Under €20 (with wine)

La Soummam Moroccan in Paris

3 Rue de Bièvre

I adore La Soummam because it is a Moroccan restaurant that has been virtually untouched by modern influence. It is as old fashioned as they come; the kind of place you know the food is going to blow your mind because the 100 seater restaurant is full on a Monday evening and there is not much to look at on the walls.

Technically La Soummam is a fusion restaurant. Their cuisine is Moroccan with a hint of Berber and Kabyle in the mix. The term Maghreb was coined for places like this.

Traditional Maghreb Cuisine – by Bawdeep2010 – Wikimedia Commons

La Soummam is situated between the 5th and 4th arrondissements, just a short walk from Notre Dame. You’ll need to call ahead and make a reservation. Request a table on the terrace if you can; the ambiance is better and less crowded.

While everything on the menu is worth trying, their couscous based dishes are what local Maghreb people come to La Soummam for. Couscous is touch and go, especially in Paris. It is easy to overcook and when combined with gravy the textures somewhat blend together. La Soummam prides themselves on having the best Moroccan couscous in town.

The restaurant is on the same road as the famous Shakespeare and Co Bookstore, just a few blocks apart. This is another unmissable spot when visiting Paris — definitely stop by since you’re dining in the area!

Average cost: Under €20

Moroccan Feast – by Azizfadil – Wikimedia Commons

Le Riad

2 Rue Gervex

Le Riad Restaurant is one of Casablanca’s greatest restaurants, serving a wide range of Moroccan dishes and cuisine, as well as vegetarian and nutritional options. Above all, it offers a diverse menu of authentic and delectable meals like tagine with honey, couscous, grilled lamb, and many others.

Solima arizo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Many travelers are drawn to the unique flavors of Moroccan food. Spend some time here with your friends and share expertly cooked couscous, tajine, and méchoui. The truth is that you will thoroughly love the delectable parfait and delicious fruitcake. Guests are welcomed all year by the patient staff.

If you want to have a good time, you should go to Le Riad. Prices are attractive in this location and its cozy decor and lovely environment will appeal to you. The service is courteous and efficient.

Average cost: Under €33

Riad Nejma

Lmmima, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

141 Rue Saint-Martin

This is a Moroccan restaurant that serves cuisine such as couscous, tagines, and kebabs, as well as entertainment such as snake charmers, oriental dancers, traditional live music, and much more for a wonderful evening in an authentic Moroccan setting.

The concept is carried right through the different rooms and settings, including their patio with ornaments and vases, with real Moroccan and Eastern designs, palm trees and numerous other types of plants, elaborate mirrors, and traditional lighting.

Spent an evening here and enjoying and learning more about this culture. Depending on the programming, you could see a skilled oriental belly dancer, a tattoo artist who will even decorate you with natural chemicals that will wash off in a few hours, a close-up magician, or a fortune teller.

There is also a camel and its guide, as well as a snake charmer. But don’t worry, if you’re terrified of snakes, tell the staff, and he’ll avoid you during the show when he comes around to the tables with his python. The Riad Nejma is located in the 4th Arrondissement, with a view of the Pompidou Centre from its terrace. Another reason why you shouldn’t miss it.

Average cost: Under €35

Zerda Café

Tonton Jaja, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rue de Tocqueville 125

This place is an excellent option for satisfying your Moroccan gourmet cravings. Excellent location, prompt service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Keep in mind that the portions are large. The mechoui lamb with couscous is really delicious, very hearty, and will easily feed two people.

Consider a pot roast, but replace the beef and potatoes with lamb and couscous. At the very least, don’t forget to sample their house rosé, which is really delicious. The decorating here is both picturesque and stylish, with a truly contemporary feel. According to anecdotal evidence, Zerda Café is more than just a couscous restaurant.

The historic sign, which is still open in the 10th arrondissement, was one of Paris’s first Algerian restaurants. It was created in 1946 by a former Companion of the Liberation and was previously known as El Golea. Finally, this restaurant also provides catering and take-away items.

Average cost: Under €28

Le 404

69 Rue des Gravilliers

This is one restaurant that you should not miss if you visit Paris. While you’ve had better Moroccan, Le 404 isn’t really about the food (though the lentils and chicken tagines are a delightful gastronomic change from beef bourguignon); it’s about the experience.

Foodista, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s always a party, best ended with a cocktail at Andy Wahloo next door (owned by the same people). Remember that Le 404 is open on Sundays, which is unusual in Paris. The eatery is tucked away in a side street in the Marais.

When a restaurant is located on the most quiet street possible but packed with people on the inside, you know it has to be fantastic. Come for the stunning venue that transports you immediately to Morocco. The food is delicious and real.

Average cost: Under €50

When in Paris you’ll have the opportunity to sample dishes from around the world that you may never encounter again, Morocco being one of them. Take advantage of the fact that you’re in one of the biggest melting pots in terms of culture and dine accordingly.

Moroccan cuisine is nothing short of a sensory overload — similar to the rest of Paris, I suppose. With that… I’ll take a mint tea.

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