The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Lisbon


While in Lisbon, you will surely take plenty of pictures! Every detail and every corner of the city is worth taking a photo! In this article, I will present to you the best Instagram and photography spots in Lisbon!

Nowadays, one is constantly connected to the social networks through their smartphones. A whole community is just a click away from you. A community that seems to be always listening to us, that is present and ready to interact with our contents as soon as it gets posted online. And, we cannot deny the fact that we kind of enjoy the attention we get on social networks. Whenever we travel and visit new places, we feel like we should share these lovely places with the community that follows us on Instagram.

Instagram serves many purposes. For instance, some people may use it for its gratifying experience – through the likes, shares and comments they receive, for its informational aspects – because they get to discover new people, new places, new recipes, tips, etc, but also as a photo album where they get to keep their memories. We use Instagram because it somehow provides us positive feelings (if not used excessively).

No matter what your motives are for using Instagram, you will love the stunning city of Lisbon! Whether you’re an Instagram user or simply enjoy photography, this article will introduce you to some of the best Instagram and photography spots in Lisbon! In this city, the sky is blue almost all year round, seagulls fly the coast, the architecture is unique and your photos will the best ever! I’m pretty sure you will have the opportunity to take many picture that will be worthy of ending up in a frame in your living room back home! Read on and find out some of the best Instagram and Photography spots in Lisbon!

Fundação Champalimaud



First of my list of the best Instagram and photography spots in Lisbon is the Fundação Champalimaud. It is a medical, scientific and technological institution and provides highly specialised oncology care and also develops translational advanced researches.

Located only a few minutes from the Torre de Belém, I suggest you to have a look at this phenomenal institution because its design is simply breathtaking! With the blue sky and the blue water on the background and the unique Fundação Champalimaud architecture on the foreground, your photos will definitely draw the attention of your followers!

Torre de Belém


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The Torre de Belém was built between 1514 and 1520 at the behest of the king Manuel I of Portugal. The purpose of the tower was to protect the capital from enemies attacks. Over the years, the defence and attack means and tools evolved, so the Tower of Belém lost its initial function. It was used as a beacon, and then as a political prison.

The Torre de Belém is, without a doubt, one of the most famous monumenta of Lisbon. It is a symbol of the glorious Age of Discoveries. While in Lisbon, visit the tower to learn more about the Portuguese history, take a few pictures and enjoy the incredible view from the top of the tower! It will probably be one of the highlights of your trip to Lisbon.


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos


Also in the area of Belém, you will find the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This monastery is one of the most important and greatest landmarks of the city of Lisbon, so you definitely should not miss it! Plus, your pictures are guaranteed to be stunning because of its one-of-a-kind Manuelino architecture.

It is considered to be the symbol of Portugal power, discoveries and knowledge. When visiting it, you will find out why! The remains of several important Portuguese figures have been transported to the monastery, such as Luís de Camões and the explorer Vasco da Gama.




The Museu de Arte, Arquitectura e Tecnologia (MAAT) is a project of the Fundação EDP. The museum mixes three different fields: Art, Architecture and Technology. These fields are discussed, discovered, explored, criticized through organized exhibitions. Since its opening in 2016, the MAAT has become one of the major places to visit if you want to experience the cultural aspects of the city! You will love its programme!

But you will also thoroughly enjoy its design and architecture! Its modern design really stands out! If you come by when the sun sets, your photographies will be the best!

Village Underground


Inês Almeida (LisbonneIdee)

If you continue walking, you will stumble upon the Village Underground. What you need to know is that these piled up containers and old buses actually are offices. The purpose of this place is to gather people from different fields for them to discover new people and projects and let flow their creativity and imagination! The Village Underground is very original and will make great shots for your Instagram feeds! You just need to find the right angle!

Cais das Colunas


Hugo Carvoeira. Cais das Colunas – Lisboa.

Next on my list of the best Instagram and Photography spots in Lisbon is the Cais das Colunas. Located in the historical centre of the city, in Praça do Comércio. The marble steps were once the entrance for “high class” figures, such as Head of State figures.

Seagulls are usually found on top of the two pillars. The whole area is beautiful and will provide an amazing set for your pictures in Lisbon!

Arco da Rua Augusta

After enjoying the view from the Cais das Colunas, you only need to turn back to see the impressive Rua Augusta’s Arch. Found in one of the busiest streets of the Portuguese capital, you will be able to go to the top of the arch and admire the incredible view from there.

The Arco da Rua Augusta was built after the 1755 earthquake that destroyed most of the city. It symbolizes the rebirth of Lisbon after the natural disaster. From the top, the Baixa neighborhood expands before our eyes! It will surely be a moment you will want to immortalize and share with your followers!

Alfama alleys



Alfama is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Lisbon, so you can imagine that it contains many places and hidden treasures that are worthy of being posted online!

Its narrow alleys, its colorful buildings, and tiled-covered façades are so lovely. The locals are usually talking on the streets. Some old ladies talk to one another from their balconies, while their clothes are drying outside. The atmosphere of Alfama is unmatched! As you walk the area, I’m sure you will find so many details you will want to photograph! So, go ahead and tag our Instagram page on your pictures, so you can be featured on our page!

Convento do Carmo


The Convento do Carmo was destroyed during the 1755 earthquake. There was no money to restore it, so it simply stayed as it was. The roof of the convent no longer exists, which means you will be inside this open sky monument. This is a place I find pretty unique and I am sure you will be able to catch its most beautiful angles and aspects, and to show its true beauty in your photos.

Street art works around the city


While walking the city of Lisbon, you will quickly realize that street art works are scattered around the city. You just need to keep your eyes open and take pictures of the ones that catch your attention the most.

If you want to know more about Lisbon street art and where to find some of the most amazing works, check this article! I hope you will find it useful!

My article about some of the best Instagram and Photography spots in Lisbon is now over! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it has been inspiring to you. While in Lisbon, take as many photos as possible and make sure to tag us on your best ones on Instagram! You might featured on both our Instagram page and our blog! See you soon in Lisbon!


There are many ways to enjoy Lisbon. You can wander around the city,  or maybe you plan to join a walking tour in Alfama or Belem?  Last but not least, you can also visit some of the greatest landmarks in Lisbon.

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