The best antique shops in Paris

One of the main things to do when you travel to France is to find the best antique shops in Paris. French history – during which a lot of events happened in Paris – can be redrawn by a look on the ancient items that are sold in many shops and on various markets in Paris. Read on and find out where to find the best antique shops in Paris!

The best antique shops in Paris

The challenge is to avoid bad deals and to discover rare artistic pieces. As a Parisian student, I do not usually frequent these kind of shops, but I sometimes accompany some friends who are passionate about antiques to do their bargains, and I try to learn from them. If you like investing in beautiful objects that already had a life before becoming yours, this article is written for you.


Antique shops

The district of dealers including some of the best antique shops in Paris is located on the left bank, in the seventh district, in front of the Musée du Louvre. Unless you are an expert and an antique dealer yourself, the quai Voltaire is full of shops that will intimidate you by their luxury and the prices of their items. Then, you also have Carré Rive Gauche, located at 16 rue des Saints-Pères, that has very high standards items. The same would be said of the Louvre des Antiquaires, located at 2 Place du Palais Royal, where very expensive works of art are sold.


Works of art in Louvre des Antiquaires

In village Saint Paul, in the fourth district of Paris, a lot of studios and shops sell old furniture, especially during the weekend, which is the most lively time. But I guess that if you are coming from a distant country, you will not travel easily with a chair or an ancient table. In Au Petit Bonheur la Chance, located at 13 rue Saint-Paul, have a look at their vintage notebooks and old toys: these can be souvenirs from Paris which will be easier to transport!

Check the fleamarkets for the best deals

To a tourist in Paris and amateurs of ancient items, I would recommend that you remain aware of the times and places of Parisian “brocantes“, small and temporary flea-markets that take place in the streets.

The most famous flea-markets are in the closest suburbs of Paris, such as the Puces de Vanves, the Puces de Montreuil, and the Marché de Saint Ouen. These only happen on weekends. From Friday to Sunday, you will find a lot of shops selling not only vintage trinkets, clothes and furniture, but also works of art.

Flea-market of Saint-Ouen


Improvised fleamarkets, the vide-greniers

Occasionally, some small markets are organized in Paris streets by amateurs who want to empty their attics. In French we call them the “vide-greniers“. By going to some vide-greniers, you can have good surprises by being watchful. I sometimes find interesting bargains for vintage clothes in these places. The “vide-greniers” are also nice to meet local people who are usually open to negotiate the prices of their goods with you!

You now know where to find the best antique shops in Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. You will love experiencing antique shops, fleamarkets and vide-greniers, where you will be able to find marvellous antique treasures!


See you soon in Paris!

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