The 6 Best Restaurants in Versailles in 2020


Centuries ago when Louis XIV took the liberty of making drastic renovations to the Château de Versailles, the actual city of Versailles took a backseat when it came to appeal and attraction.

Louis XVI sought to represent his great power and authority through imaginative architecture and elaborate decor. This puts the end product mildly; the Château de Versailles is probably the moth unfathomable premises in all of France, and possibly the world (depending on who you ask!).

Château de Versailles – by Myrabella – Wikimedia Commons

The improvements to the Château made the vicinity the tourist attraction it is today. So much so that very rarely do people actually remember that Versailles is an entire city filled with many other attractions worth exploring.

The city of Versailles is also home to some of the best restaurants and cuisines in the country. Some might say there are a few worth the day trip out of Paris alone.

You’ll have to day trip to get to Versailles as it is located about an hour outside of Paris. The trip is simple, take the RER C metro line to the Versailles Château-Rive Gauche stop.

If you’ll be returning to Paris at the end of the day it is always recommended you purchase your round trip ticket with your Versailles ticket as the lines at the Versailles metro are notoriously long.

Versailles Gardens – by Paolo Costa Baldi – Wikimedia Commons

A day trip to Versailles is a beautiful break from the busting Parisian life. Getting out of the city for a few hours provides you with a much broader understanding of the history of France as well as what else the country has to offer. Paris can be a bit of a bubble at times; its easy to forget there is extensive, eclectic life happening just a train ride away.

I’ve put together a list of the six best restaurants in Versailles that will perfectly compliment your day trip to the town. I hope you’ll join me on a free guided walking tour and tell me about your favorite one.

1. Gordon Ramsay au Trianon in Versailles

1 Boulevard de la Reine

If you’re traveling an hour to frolic amongst the royals, then you might as well dine like one. The first restaurant on my list is the one and only Gordon Ramsay au Trianon; the Michelin star restaurant of the food mogul himself.

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon – by The Waldorf Astoria – Sourced from their website

The restaurant is perfectly located and sits just on the left bank of the Château de Versailles, in the Versailles hotel. You’ll be able to walk over after visiting this marvelous palace (something you obviously must do if you’re making the trip into the town).

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon is actually also situated near another worthwhile landmark, the Cemetery of Notre-Dame. If you continue moving left of the palace you’ll eventually land up here. It is a peaceful, gothic space that transports you way back in time — go take a look.

Interestingly, Gordon Ramsay chose to go for a more modern, chic interior for the space. There is a touch of palace-inspired flair, undoubtably, but for the most part you are aware you are in one of the more trendier spaces in Versailles.

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon – by The Waldorf Astoria – Sourced from their website

The culinary experience is what brings people to any of Ramsay’s projects. Be well aware that you need to be ready to dine… and equally as ready to pay. This restaurant doesn’t run cheap and is definitely an occasion to splurge. When in Versailles, why not?

Choosing from the menu can be overwhelming in restaurants where everything is made to culinary perfection. For this reason most patrons of Gordon Ramsay au Trianon choose to do the seven course tasting menu, so that they can try a bit of everything.

You’ll dine while sipping fine champagne or wine overlooking the incredible palace gardens. C’est la vie!

Average cost: Under €100

2. Chez Tiouiche in Versailles

4 Rue Saint-Julien

Taking things way, way more low-key and far friendlier on your pocket I give you my favorite little Moroccan restaurant in all of Versailles: Chez Tiouiche.

Chez Tiouiche is located just opposite the Château de Versailles in the main square. Most of the town’s biggest museum attractions are located in this area so considering a walking tour to guide your day along is not a bad idea.

Moroccan culture and cuisine are easy to find in Paris, but on the outskirts of Versailles it is less abundant. This restaurant is therefore a true hidden gem in my eyes. The best part is that it is one of the few places so close to the Château that you won’t have to fight crowds just to get into.

Chez Tiouiche always has space and is always so welcoming to anyone who comes through the doors. Admittedly, word spreads fast with gems like this and there are times in the evening (particularly weekends) where they might need a few minutes before they can accommodate you. For this reason it is always best to arrive to dinner early in Versailles.

Moroccan Mint Tea – by Michal Osmenda – Wikimedia Commons

The space is simple, cosy and modestly decorated. Unlike many Moroccan restaurants, Chez Tiouiche serves wine. While this is a nice accompaniment to any of their dishes, I stand firmly behind Moroccan cuisine being best enjoyed with a pot of authentic hot mint tea.

For dinner, I recommend any of their Tajine dishes. Whether you’re a meat eater or veggie lover there is one for all. If you’re dining with friends it is never a bad idea to order different items and sample each one together. Moroccan cuisine is a great food with which to do this.

Average cost: Under €20

3. ReminiSens in Versailles

20 Rue Baillet Reviron

If you take away anything from this restaurant line up let it be this incredible concept venue known as ReminiSens. An absolutely not to be missed experience when visiting the town of Versailles.

ReminiSens Interior – by ReminiSens – Sourced from their website

ReminiSens is a hybrid experience that combines fine dining with a theatre of varieties made to replicate the time of the French Court. The 17th and 18th centuries were times of banquets and elaborate masquerades. People dressed for their dinners and every meal was an occasion.

ReminiSens attempts to bring this time in history right to your table. The space itself is a perfect replica of a baroque inspired dining space with all staff in full costume and on theme. They also do not break their characters throughout the evening, so you are constantly part of the role play.

The restaurant interior is immaculately done. Replicating baroque decor always runs risk of looking tacky rather than authentic. ReminiSens hit the nail on the head with this one. Even the wall trimmings scream quality.

ReminiSens Entertainers – by ReminiSens – Sourced from their website

On Tuesday and Saturday evenings there is a dinner show. You’ll have to book long in advance to get a spot at one of these. Word on the street is that this is an occurrence not to be missed to seats sell fast.

On any given night, you’ll be entertained by violinists and performers who work together to keep the energy as high as possible. For such a thoughtful experience, the food is quite reasonably priced. I recommend doing their combo special which includes an entree, a main and a dessert of your choice.

Average cost: Under €40

4. Sushi Lin in Versailles

2 Rue Georges Clemenceau

My favorite thing to do when exploring a new town is find the sushi spot with the best value for money and quality cuisine. Sushi Lin is a restaurant I wandered into by accident when walking back to the metro after enjoying a day of swimming at the Montbauron public pool not far from the Château de Versailles.

It is located on Rue Georges Clemenceau, amongst a strip of many other cosy looking spots. The exterior of the restaurant is unassuming, but inside it is modern and clean. Sushi Lin is famous for its wooden finishes and bright red chairs.

Sushi at Sushi Lin – by Sushi Lin – Sourced from their website

The spring and summer months in Versailles can be incredibly hot and it is easy to be completely put off of consuming the heartier cuisines on offer. Light, cold meals become the order of the day and so sushi is the perfect way to treat yourself to lunch in Versailles.

While the hot meals at Sushi Lin are delicious, I recommend any and all of their sushi platters. Select the ingredients that are most suited to your taste and let the chef do the rest. The plates are just enough to satisfy your craving but not too much that you’ll feel like rolling back to the metro station.

Their nougat dessert is also not to be missed. An interesting Asian-French take of the typical sweet treat. Delicious!

Average cost: Under €20

5. Saudade in Versailles

20 Rue du Général Leclerc

A bit further from the Château is another hidden gem of a restaurant. Saudade is located a few meters from the Cathédrale Saint-Louis, which is a fabulous attraction to visit while in Versailles.

Saudade is an authentic Portuguese owned and run establishment. If you’ve ever known happiness it probably came in the form of biting into a pastel de nata — if you have no idea what this means then it is high time you find out.

Most of the menu is seafood based. It is light and incredibly fresh — their muscle pot is a personal favorite. The interior of the space is classy yet simple.

Fresh pastel de nata – by ZhengZhou – Wikimedia Commons

On some occasions, Saudade hosts fado evenings where guests are entertained by live Portuguese singers and guitarists. It is easy to forget that you are in the heart of Versailles while inside of this space.

To answer the burning question in your mind; pastel de nata is a traditional Portuguese pastry dessert that is filled with homemade custard and glazed to perfection. This description of the treat does absolutely nothing to describe its tastiness. I’ve known many strict vegans to even break their rule of no dairy just to enjoy one of these cakes.

This is not a large restaurant so booking in advance is strongly advised.

Average cost: Under €30

6. La Maison du Liban Notre Dame in Versailles

22 Rue du Maréchal Foch

La Maison du Liban Notre Dame is a Versailles based restaurant that gets me so, so excited. I sometimes take the 45 minute metro ride just to eat here — it’s that wonderful.

Lebanese cuisine is an all time favorite, though authentic renditions done well are not easy to come by in both Paris and Versailles. This makes La Maison du Liban Notre Dame incredibly special; write all of the following down!

La Maison du Liban Notre Dame in Versailles – by La Maison du Liban Notre Dame – Sourced from their website

The space is tiny — book in advance! If you have one chance to eat at La Maison du Liban Notre Dame then there are certain dishes you simply can’t miss. I recommend (one thousand percent) ordering their falafel main along with a side of their Taboulé and hummus starters.

My favorite cuisines are the ones in which you replace cutlery with bread; this is one of those cuisines. As you gorge on the freshest flavors of parsley and spiced chickpeas you’ll be very glad you found your way to Versailles even for just a few hours.

If you have space at the end for some Baklawa and tea — lucky you! In my opinion dinner at La Maison du Liban Notre Dame is the perfect end to a day in Versailles. You’ll have a hearty and satisfied belly for the duration of your ride back into the Paris.

Average cost: Under €30

Lebanese Hummus – by Kyle Brinker – Unsplash

Oh, the wonder of Versailles. A feast for the eyes and, evidently, for the the stomach as well.

If you’re taking the time to venture out into the countryside you might as well make sure you eat something worthy of the royal stamp of approval as well. Any of the above top six restaurants in Versailles will welcome you with open arms this year.

May your day trip to the historic land of Versailles be a pleasant one — bon appétit!

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