Taxis versus Uber in Paris might be one of your concerns if you come here, because as you may know, there is a little war between Taxis and Uber, here are some facts you should know about Taxis versus Uber in Paris.

You won’t be the target of violence in this little war between Taxis versus Uber in Paris


I know that last year Taxi drivers molested a Parisian man, but it was a specific situation, in a period of high tensions. Just don’t yell at taxi drivers that Uber is better than Taxi and don’t yell at Uber drivers that Taxis are better than them. Avoid this kind of conversation.

Taxis versus Uber In Paris

The base of the problem of Taxis versus Uber in Paris

The base of the problem between taxi drivers and Uber drivers is that taxi drivers need a license to work, a license, which is very expensive. On the other hand, Uber drivers don’t need that license so their prices are cheaper.

So finally, many people are using Uber against taxis, because it’s cheaper but not only. Uber provides drivers that are polite and nice, and provides water and treats in their cars, and an app, which is useful. Finally most of the Taxi’s clients went to Uber because of the quality of the service and the price, so Taxis argue that without their very expensive license they could be able to offer these kinds of services to.

During tense times, Taxis versus Uber in Paris can affect your ride to the airport

To protest taxi drivers close the roads to the airport, but it only happens during protests, it’s not always the case. Just try to know if there is any protest around the airport before going there, so you know if you need to leave Paris earlier.


Taxis versus Uber in Paris is not your problem

Except if you’re a journalist who came here to write about it, it’s not your problem. They won’t bother tourists with this story. You can ride in Taxi or Uber this is your choice and nobody will judge you!

I hope that those few tips about Taxis versus Uber in Paris reassured you, and I also really hope that you will enjoy you stay in our beautiful city of Paris, remember that most Parisians are using the metro to move inside the city, and that it is a very simple and cheap way to travel, it might be a great way to avoid Taxis versus Uber in Paris!

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