Here are some facts about taxis in Paris, just so you know how they work!

Taxis in Paris can be expensive


I paid a visit to New York city few years ago, and I remember how cheap the taxis were. I was very surprised because for taxis in Paris this is not the case! If you want to find a cheaper way to go from one point to another, choose the metro, at least you know how much you’ll pay.

Taxis in Paris have a bad reputation

Despite some very good companies such as G7, taxis have a kind of bad reputation here. Some taxi drivers sometimes try to make you pay more than you should by driving around your neighborhood, but I know it’s not a French thing, it can happen everywhere. That’s why taxis in Paris have a bad reputation.

Taxis in Paris

Take a look at the Taxi before going in

It is very important as some taxis are fake taxis, and the driver just stole a Taxi light. Every taxi should have the following:

  • A milometer with the price.
  • A plaque with its license number.
  • A professional card, on the windshield.

If this is not the case do not enter the taxi.

Ask where the taxis are waiting

Most taxis usually wait at the same place in a neighborhood; they aren’t all driving around, so if you can’t find one ask somebody where they might be! That is the best way to find taxis in Pars.


Withdraw money before

Most of the taxis in Paris don’t take payment cards, they mainly take cash. It is better if you can find the right amount of money in your wallet because some of them also don’t have cash for change!

Numbers of taxis in Paris

You can call most of the taxi companies in Paris to get one. Here are few numbers of Taxi companies in Paris:

  • Taxi G7 (they are everywhere and have a good reputation): 3607 (0.15€ for one minute).
  • Taxis Bleus: for these taxis you need to download their app, if you don’t feel like calling, it’s a great alternative.
  • Taxis Abeille Radio: This is a small taxi company and you don’t pay anything to call them: 01 45 83 59 33.

So now that you know those things about taxis in Paris, enjoy your ride!

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