Let’s start easy. What country is responsible for creating the recipe for the beloved “Paella”?

What country is responsible for creating the recipe for  “Pho”?

What country is responsible for creating the recipe for “Moqueca”?

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Barcelona in a day

Visiting Barcelona in one day is a challenge. There’s actually so much to see in such a short time. From Gaudi’s architecture to the magic of the Gothic area, from the big and crowded boulevards of the new city to the old little streets in the Born Area. There’s many websites offering activities to do in Barcelona and tips on what to see but none of them seem to deal with the main issue: How to discover Barcelona in one day?

There are three main things you should see in Barcelona to get close to the sentence: “Yes, I’ve been in Barcelona“. Those are The Gothic area, the Gaudi buildings and the beach-born quarter. My recommendation is to start early in the morning with a typical Catalan breakfast based on “Xocolata amb xurros“. Don’t know what it is? It is hot chocolate with a fried pasta that you dip in the chocolate. The best place for this are the little bakeries in Carrer de Petritxol in the city center.

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How to Spend 24 Hours in Niagara Falls

With a van, a twin mattress, and a lot of willing and kind family members to host us along the way, my partner and I traveled the eastern United States for a month last summer, seeing sights and experiencing our first bit of adult freedom together.

From our starting point in the middle of Texas, we drove east until we reached my hometown in Georgia, all the way up to Maine, and then looped back around through Kentucky to get back home. There was one stop on our list, however, that didn’t involve family or nostalgia, and that was Niagara Falls.

We knew that Niagara Falls was a stop that we absolutely could not miss if we were going to be driving by that area, and it is probably one of the most famous sites to see in the US and Canada. My partner had been there before as a kid, but I had never visited, and we were both very excited to go.

Since we were running on a tight schedule, we only had 24 hours, and this is how we chose to spend it in Niagara Falls.

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