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By Jim Jorgensen

First Trip to Italy

So you are thinking of going to Italy for the first time, and you want to know where to go first. It is a great question with lots of great answers. Let’s start with a short list of gat parts of Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscan Hill Towns, Amalfi Coast (Capri +), The Lakes (Como […]

Zebras in the Wild

By Zawadi Atieno

12 Hours in Kajiado, Kenya

Did you know you could drive past a Zebra casually grazing by the side of the road in Kajiado county? Or better still a herd of cows cohabiting with another pack of antelopes all looking for an afternoon feed? Need I mention how you should look out for the baboons who are always eager to […]


By Alexandre Gourevitch

Great innovations in travel: Traveler Reviews

Some innovations might leave us with mixed feelings. But whether we like them or not, they transform the landscape forever. Traveler reviews are an example in point. They are now the Supreme Court Justices of travel, whether for hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. Guest reviews have turned the customer into a king – truly. Businesses thrive […]

Lake como


By Jim Jorgensen

You “Need” to stay at the Villa d’Este

I recently saw a Travel and Leisure’s article Ten Best Italian Resorts. The Villa d’este was #10. I have been lucky enough to stay in eight of the resorts on the list over the years. And to me, the one you “Need” to stay at is the Villa d’Este. The others are ‘merely’ spectacular Italian […]

Steam locomotive

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By Alexandre Gourevitch

Great innovations in travel: Steam Power

Modern travel would not exist today if it were not for steam power. Steam power, really, you said? Heating water to create energy, and how does this concern how we travel – which is by plane, by train (electrically powered), and by car? Well, steam power brought about trains and, thus, mass travel. In truth, […]


By Zawadi Atieno

Best Travel Apps every Traveler Must Have

We live in an era that is dominated by the internet and technology, and many transactions are carried out online via various apps and websites. In this regard, when it comes to planning and vacationing many travelers tend to weigh their options online. There are hundreds, if not tens of apps that are very useful […]

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By Alexandre Gourevitch

Great innovations in travel: The suitcase

Packing for a trip means packing a suitcase, right? Well, not always. Or to put it differently, the suitcase was not always around. And who invented it? Louis Vuitton is generally credited for it. He was a young man then, in the 1850s. Famous already, as he held a job as an official trunk-maker and […]


By Luiz Seabra

The United Arab Emirates is not only the luxury of Dubai you see on Instagram

In 2020 I left Rio de Janeiro, my hometown, to go to the Middle East for the first time. I had never experienced a true Arabian environment. I knew I had an adventure ahead of me. Since I was young, I have had a passion for discovering different places and cultures, so I was determined […]

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