Top 10 things to do in Vigo, Spain


One of the largest fishing ports in the world is found in Spain- Vigo. This city is largely an economic hub. It has a port, and a lot of fishing and manufacturing activities take place in it. Besides this, a trip to Vigo opens up the Galicia region, which promises a comfortable, uncrowded, and unrivaled exploration of Spain’s best beaches and awesome sceneries.

The gastronomy in Vigo as with most Spanish cities is great. However, proximity to the water gives unmatched access to daily seafood. Restaurants serving fresh varieties of seafood line Vigo streets for an unforgettable experience complete with complimentary tapas. These are the top 10 things to do in Vigo, Spain.

1. Samil Beach

Samil Beach- by juantiagues- Wikimedia Commons

It’s almost obvious that a visit to a beach is one of the top 10 things to do in Vigo, as it is a Coastal city. Samil beach is one of the most convenient beaches to visit in Vigo out of the more than 30 beaches available in the city. Its location is just right. Here, you can catch a basketball or football game or simply swim.

You can also take leisurely walks along the promenade or people watch on the Samil Beach lawns under the pine trees. Samil Beach promises amazing views of the mountains in Vigo.

2. The Ensanche

Streets of Vigo- by Mstyslav Chernov- Wikimedia Commons

The most popular concerts and events in Vigo take place at the Ensanche. It is one of the most ‘happening’ places in Vigo, but isn’t only about the pomp- Ensanche has a rich history which you can have a taste of as you take a walk around Ensanche district. The buildings are enchanting, put up, and inhabited by Catalonian farmers responsible for the coming up of the city of Vigo- the farmers were in the canning industry that grew significantly over time, necessitating a settlement there.

While at Ensanche, visit the Alameda Park and take in the fresh breeze and flora as you await the beautiful sunset best appreciated as you wait by the estuary.

3. Casco Vello

Casco Vello- by Zarateman- Wikimedia Commons

Casco Vello is Vigo’s old- town where you will see many historical buildings and setups that will give you insight into Vigo. Fishermen’s houses sit together with luxurious townhouses. Wander through Prazada da Constitución, an arcaded square where you will have access to cafes, shops and where you could simply people watch! This is the ultimate local hang out spot. You can have your fill of oysters from the market that has a couple of seafood restaurants

4. Marco Museum

Marco Museum entrance- by foconorte- Wikimedia Commons

Marco museum is Vigo’s Museum of Contemporary Art that sits right in the middle of the city of Vigo. You will enjoy a show, cultural event, or workshop at the museum. The Museum enjoys a large space that was once a courthouse and jail, whose designs make for a great museum- the light flooding the halls from the glass roofs of the former prison courtyards gives a great effect. The architecture of the museum is interesting to take in.

At Marco Museum, you will feed your eyes and art interests, on avant-garde art. The bonus to a visit to this museum is a shopping spree at Príncipe Street, one of the most popular shopping pedestrian areas in Vigo.

5. Museo do Mar de Galicia

Museo do Mar de Galicia- by -Bene Riobó- Wikimedia Commons

At Museo do Mar de Galicia, you will learn everything water, in and around Vigo.  Unlike the Marco Museum with only thematic shows, workshops and cultural events, Museo do Mar de Galicia holds exhibits that plainly show Galicia’s inevitable connection to the ocean topped off with information on the ecosystems off the coast.

You are bound to be mesmerized by the antique diving gear and navigation instruments, harpoon, as well as a whole area dedicated to oceanography and underwater escapades.

As you will get to enjoy seafood in Vigo, Museo do Mar de Galicia gives an opportunity to learn about how the food gets to your plate through its information about daily fishing at the Galician coast.

6. Quiñones de León Museum

Museo Quiñones de León lawns- by Miguel Angel Otero Soliño- Wikimedia Commons

Quiñones de León Museum proudly holds 20th-century artworks by Galician artists and a couple of works that are part of a collection at Madrid’s Prado museum. A pompous 17th-century manor house called the Castrelos Park hosts the museum. Besides pieces from the Prado Museum and National Museum of Modern art, Quiñones de León Museum houses archeological pieces from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

The building’s bottom floor looks like an old stately residence to date, tastefully decorated with art pieces from the 18th to 20th centuries and European paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries. The museum is surrounded by huge well-manicured lawns with trees as well as a rose garden with a show-stopping fountain, making for a serene atmosphere.

7. Vigo Ethnographic Museum

Experience the Galician ways by visiting the city of Vigo Ethnographic Museum that boasts at least 2,500 pieces in its collection, all showcasing Galician people and culture- the Galician people are rooted in their faith, folklore, have their medicine and culture, such as simply rye. A 20th-century style house hosts this ethnographic museum that is very rich and all things Galician people.

8. Afundación Social Centre

Afundación Social Centre- by Hugo P.- Wikimedia Comons

Vigo’s largest exhibition center boasts an indoor garden, an environmental education center, and an art collection. This is the Afundación Social Centre that sits in a restored house, Casa Bárcena. If traveling with kids, a visit to the environmental education center will expose them to a fun lesson on the galaxy, solar system, planet earth, and the environment. The guided tour as you look through the art collection is also appealing and very informative.

9. Baiona

Baiona- by José Antonio Gil Martínez- Wikimedia Commons

A visit to Baiona just may make you momentarily lose track of your actual location- breezy weather, amazing scenery, and dark green hills will immediately have you relaxed. Baiona is located close to the ocean and hosts a quaint old harbor. The castle, Castillo de Monterreal completes the Baiona effect.

Baiona is a coastal resort town that you should see while in Vigo; it is about 22 kilometers away removed from Vigo. Baiona will afford you the opportunity to visit cafés, bars, and restaurants cheaper and better than many others within the region.

10. Take a hike!

Monte Castro- by Ticsantairene- Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or anti- extreme physical activity, the terrain in Vigo will call out to you- mountains trees, and the clear air. A hike in Vigo will allow you views of the city and the ocean you otherwise would have missed out on.

Whether you are a beginner hiker or an advanced level hiker you can have a great time along the trails. A great area you could hike up is Monte O Castro hill and Community Park where you could visit an archeological site, look at spectacular views, and utilize the playgrounds.


Galicia, which includes Vigo is a breath of fresh air as compared to many other regions in Spain that are mostly hot and dry. Vigo mostly experiences temperate and mild weather, perfect for a day at the beach or a walk around the neighborhood. The food here is also amazing- you can quickly immerse yourself into the Vigo before- lunch hangouts and enjoy a drink or two.

A visit to Vigo is a prime experience of the diversity in the cities of Spain- these top 10 things to do in Vigo will ensure you get to experience that diversity.