Top 10 Best Things to do in Valencia, Spain


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Valencia is a port city, located at the point where River Turia meets the Mediterranean. After Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia comes third in size in Spain. Spain is the European Union’s second-largest country. Valencia was founded by Romans, then conquered by the Visigoths and the Moors it has a very rich history and it is in fact that the holy grail, the cup which Jesus drank wine from during the Last Supper, is in fact in Valencia.

Intrigued? You might want to take a trip there to discover, and when you are there, here are ten more very interesting things to do in this beautiful city!

1. Falles (Les Falles)

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Every March, the Falles festival takes place in Valencia. This is one of the most popular in the country and Paella Valenciana is also one of the most popular where traditional Valencian Ceramics, traditional architecture, and the architecture of the City of Arts is showcased. The festival is held commemorate the day of St Saint José, the patron saint of carpentry. Falles is a fiesta, complete with fireworks, costumes, music, bonfires, food, costumes, drinks, and fun! The festival is supposed to be held on March 19th but it takes place for a whole month so get ready to have so much fun. 

Falles has also been listed by UNESCO as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. 

2. City of the Art Sciences 

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The City of the Art Sciences is an ultra-modern surreal structure in Valencia. La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias as it is known in Spanish has six futuristic buildings, designed by Santiago Calatrava, has a lot to see; from an IMAX Movie center to an area where families can have fun, a botanical garden, Agora, the multipurpose event space, and cultural venues. If you dint want to stand in line, then you should book in advance. To me, it resembles a fish, I don’t know if it will look like it to you, but you should visit to find out! It houses some very amazing features like the biggest underwater facility in Europe, 

3. Oceanogràfic

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy beautiful oceanic scenery at the beautiful Oceanogràfic in Valencia. The facility gives you an illusion of being underwater but without having to swim. Get to interact with 500 different species and over 45, 000 different types of animals. Lots of those include penguins, dolphins, and many others. This is the largest aquarium in Europe opened in 2003 and even has an aquarium restaurant. There are different buildings with different aquatic environments like the Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, Islands, Red Sea, Dolphinarium, the Mediterranean, Wetlands, and temperature. This is a place you must visit to believe! It is huge covering an area of 110, 000 Square meters and contains about 26 million cubic meters of water. 

4. Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Prince Felipe Museum of Sciences is the place to be. Situated in the City of Arts and Sciences, it was opened in November 2000 and allows people to experience science and technology closely. There is something for everyone in this museum, young and old. There are hundreds of carved wooden figures, exhibition areas, and lots to learn in the museum. This is also a venue for a lot of meetings and conferences. Here, unlike most museums, people are allowed to touch things and experience science! If you want to see what a DNA looks like, there is a 15 meter one on the first floor that will intrigue you. A Foucault pendulum, the Chromosome Forest, a Space Academy, and many exhibitions! Try it, it’s open all year round and you don’t have to book in advance!

5. Valencia Cathedral

The Valencia Cathedral is a 13th Century Cathedral with beautiful gothic architecture and feel. Some of the parts of the cathedral have been retouched over time, but most of it is still intact, and you can visit to enjoy this scenery. The beautiful cathedral, located in El Carmen, at the heart of old-town Valencia links two plazas Plaza del la Reina and Plaza del Virgen. The architecture is intricate, incorporating styles from different times in history- Roman, baroque, and gothic. The interior is colorful and beautiful and allows you to learn a lot about religion in these sides of Spain. There are audio tours ell year-round except Sundays and it costs from 7 Euros for a tour!

6. Jardin del Turia

Image: Wikimedia Commons

This used to be River Turia’s Riverbed! And no, the river did not dry up. The river burst it bans in the 1950s destroying a great deal of property in the city and therefore, in the 80s the river was redirected and the bed was turned into a beautiful park with amazing attractions. This is arguably one of the most visited parks in Spain and It houses the City of Arts and Science as well as the Bioparc so you know that the 7 Kilometer stretch has a lot to experience. Get to sightsee, birdwatch, cycle, do some yoga, run, skateboard, read a book, and just enjoy Spain. 

7. Visit the Central Market 

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Whenever you visit a new place, I think one should visit the local markets. There, one finds authentic foods, souvenirs, interacts with the locals, and gets a feel of how it is to live in that place. So when you visit Valencia, make sure to check out the Central Market, which is housed at the Central Market building! There are over 500 vendors in the market so you will find something exciting. You will find cuisines like Manchego Cheese, Chorizos and many more foods. 

8. Food!

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Food. Everyone loves food! And visiting a new place means getting to sample the local cuisine. Apart from foods at the Central Market, Valencia has amazing places that you get to enjoy other foods as well. Which food, you ask? Paella for example is an amazing Spanish dish that is believed to have originated from Valencia! You definitely must eat Paella, and the best place to eat it is around the Malvarrosa area. The Paella there is amazing. 

9. Take a tour!

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Whether you are traveling alone or you have company, an amazing way to explore a place is to book a tour- private or with other people. It allows you to learn and experience a lot about the place with the guidance of a knowledgeable guide. You get to ask questions, get to places you might have otherwise have missed, and of course network with other people. Valencia offers a lot of tours; you can get a walking tour, a tapas tour, Paella Cooking Classes, Shore excursions, sight-seeing on bike tours, and many more. Make sure you make your booking early enough and choose a tour that fits your schedule and your preferences. Then have fun in Valencia. 

10. Visit the beaches

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There are a ton of beaches in Valencia which means a trip to the beach is a must. Malvarrosa beach is one of the beaches to experience. You can swim, surf, sunbathe and take a stroll at Malvarossa Beach, where you can also get yourself a drink at the restaurants by the beach. and it has been awarded Blue Flag, which means it is safe; with lifeguards, showers, and medical staff nearby. El Saler Baech is another beach which is long enough for you to have some privacy and enjoy the sun!