ZP Theart live. The photo was taken by Petra Leusmann. WIKIMEDIA

Top 10 Fun Facts about ZP Theart


ZP Theart is a South African singer, songwriter, and former lead vocalist for the American rock band Skid Row. Theart first garnered attention as the original singer of the British power metal band DragonForce.

Theart was also hired by Riot Games for the voice of Karthus in the songs “Deathfire Grasp” and “Last Whisper” by the metal band Pentakill. Let’s take a look at some of the top fun facts about him;

1. Theart was born in Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa in 1975

Theart was born on 27 May 1975 in Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa, and grew up in Hazyview in the Eastern Transvaal (now the Mpumalanga province), on a banana and Lychee farm, and was raised there by his mother.

He has stated that according to his mother, at the age of three years, he began to hold a tablespoon up to his mouth, pretending that it was a microphone, and singing to whatever was on the radio.

2. He moved to London after high school to seek global recognition 

After Theart graduated high school, he moved away to London, England, seeking global popularity. In the late 1990s, Theart fronted a garage/hard rock band called Easy Voodoo. They released a demo in 1999 but shortly after its release, Theart left the band.

Theart also worked as a shuttle bus driver for Edexcel, between Stewart House and Blundell Street in In the early 2000s before he finally nailed stardom and became one of the best in his profession. He is also currently one of the most recognized singers from South Africa.

3. Theart has been a member of several band groups in his career

DragonForce performed at the Victoria Hall, Hanley on December 1st 2009. Photo by Balthazar. WIKIMEDIA

Theart has been a member of several band groups throughout his career including; a Pretoria-based band called Santaria, Easy Voodoo, Dragon Force (initially the Dragon Heart) and the Tank. He however left this band after a short time for different reasons. 

He was also a member of other bands including the Skid Row, and the Shadow warriors before he finally founded his band I Am I, in which he sings lead vocals. The band has so far released one studio album, Event Horizon, which has been released on a USB format and CD.

4. His voice is one of the rare voice-type among men

ZP Theart, vocalist for DragonForce at Ozzfest 2006. Photo by Cap’n Jo. WIKIMEDIA

ZP’s voice is a relatively rare voice type among men, known as a countertenor in classical terms. This voice type allows him to sing comfortably in the range of female altos and sopranos, while still allowing him to sing comfortably in a lower range. 

Theart’s vocal style is very much like that of Michael Kiske, employing a powerful operatic vocal style to soar over Dragonforce’s speed and volume and using his extremely high vocal range to complement the extremely epic feel of Dragonforce’s songs.

Theart sometimes utilizes high-pitched melodic shrieks as a kickoff beginning to songs (as heard in Fury of the Storm) or as a conclusion to end a song with as much power as it started with (as heard in Operation Ground and Pound).

5. Theart has released several hit songs and albums together with his bands

ZP Theart performing. Photo by Christoph Maier. WIKIMEDIA

Theart has been able to release some of the best songs and albums over the years with his bands. These songs include Mortal Reminder in 2017, Through The Fire and Flames in 2005,18 and Life in 1989, Fury of the Storm in 2004, Youth Gone Wild in 1989, Lightbringer in 2014, Soldiers of the Wasteland in 2004, Heroes of our Time in 2008, In the Darkened Room in 1991 and many more. 

He has also released several albums including; Inhumane Rampage in 2005, Ultra Beatdown in 2008, Valley of the Damned in 2003, Sonic Firestorm in 2004, Smite and Ignite in 2014, Grasp of the Undying in 2017, and The Atlantic Years (1989-1996) in 2001.

7. He has a huge following on social media

Theart has a huge following on his social media accounts ranging from Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. He has 6118 followers and follows 42 with 299 posts on Instagram. He often shares his photos and writes motivational messages. 

He also has 15k followers and follows only 7 people on Facebook and has 2427 followers on Twitter and is one of the most active celebrities on social media. He also is among the most amazing celebrities and likes to drop his videos on his walls.

8. Theart’s net worth is around $1-$5 million

ZP Theart is one of the richest celebrities and has a net worth of around $1-$5million. He got most of his wealth and riches primarily as a professional singer. He has been ranked on the list of those famous people born on 22nd January 1975.

He is also one of the richest celebrities born in South Africa and has a position on the list of the most famous singers. He is also one of the most popular people who are 47 years old in 2022. His net worth has been growing significantly from 2021-2022.

9. He is renowned for using different genres and instruments in his music

Dragon Force of ZP Theart performing. Photo by Balthazar. WIKIMEDIA

Theart is renowned for using different genres in his music including; Power metal, heavy metal, speed metal, hard rock, and glam metal. This makes his music unique and his style rock and his fans love him because of his style of music and also his sweet voice. 

He also can play different instruments which he uses in his music. The instruments include; The Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and oboe. This also makes him a unique singer because not all singers can. Most singers cannot even play a single instrument.

10. He is not married and doesn’t have children of his own

The 47-year-old singer, Theart is currently not in any relationship and is not married. He likes keeping his love life away from the media and doesn’t have children of his own. His musical career is one of the best as he has been a lead singer for many bands since he started his career. 

His musical influences were, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Tesla, 80’s hard rock, soft rock, glam rock and anything providing it’s got nice melodies and it’s played on real instruments. His signature stage move is the “Fucking Swearing”.