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Top 10 Fun Facts About Wave House, Durban   


The Wave House located at Gateway’s Theatre of Shopping is one of South Africa’s most popular entertainment venues. It’s an awesome fusion of all board sports cultures, providing the ultimate place for the family to hang out. 

Though skateboarding is the main attraction at Wave House Skatepark, as the name suggests there are plenty of water activities to satisfy the non-skaters too.   

Today, surfing in a variety of forms has rapidly gained a foothold in the greater cultural consciousness all over the world, becoming a sought-after sport, lifestyle, and community.    

Here are the top 10 fun facts about the Wave House in Durban 

1. Wave House is an International Brand 

The Wave House was founded by Tom Lochtefeld, whose dream was to take surfing beyond the beach. Tom, the proprietor of surf technologies, needed a playground for his inventions.  

Wave House is proudly powered by SurfLoch, a wave technology pioneer that specializes in replicating authentic ocean surfing waves within controllable man-made environments.  

Wave House opened its doors for the first time in 2001 in Durban South Africa and it features an artificial wave pool, sports arena, skating park and so much more. 

2. The Waves Here are Generated by Pumps 

Photo By Jorge – Wikimedia Commons

The wave science used at the wave house originates from the ocean’s natural wave creation process.

The technology uses wind/air to manipulate water into authentic ocean surfing waves within a safe man-made environment that looks, feels and performs just like the real thing.  

The artificial sheet waves are generated by high-energy pumps, and the wave performance is adjustable to different wave heights and types.

3. Wave House Makes Surfing Accessible 

Surfing is largely limited to people living near the coast or able to travel to the coast. Even then, favorable surf conditions occur only about 30% to 50% of the year and are unpredictable.  

Tom had the dream of taking the sport of surfing beyond the beach. It is impossible to control conditions in the ocean to cater to varying levels of expertise.

Wave House was created to give surfers and those who want to associate with or be entertained by it, the surfing lifestyle, consistent, accessible, affordable, and enjoyable access.   

As a sport, it is far more accessible today than it has ever been, due to the growth of the Internet and 24/7 media, and growth in the artificial wave industry and surfing wave pool technology.  

Wave house’s purpose is to share the pure enjoyment of surfing with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

4. Wave House is a Thrill Seekers’ Haven 

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Wave House Skatepark boasts the largest man-made stationary wave in the world. It has the D-Rex which is a 10-foot left and right point break wave.  

Being a fusion of surfing, snowboarding, skating, and wakeboarding, this makes it one challenging ride. Visitors can enjoy these two beach-break Flowriders or take a ride on SA’s biggest supertube. 

The 180m Spaghetti Junction Supertube ride begins with a lift ride to the top before slipping into a funnel for a ride of complete darkness.  

Supertube riders then drop into the translucent tubing which finally transports them into an open flume.   

The Wave House Skatepark in Durban is a mecca for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, a one-of-a-kind destination for anyone in need of plenty of action. 

5. Wave House is a Major Attraction in South Africa 

With an estimated 35 million surfers worldwide, surf tourism has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Surfing is a mood enhancer full of positive feelings and a general reduction of negative emotions.  

Since Wave House came to the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in 2001, it has been a major attraction receiving about 2 million visitors annually. 

This attraction has a unique combination of sports, music, entertainment, food, drinks, and retail shopping. The skateboarding park satisfies avid skateboarders and even those who cannot balance on a board will find a lot to keep them entertained.   

6. Corporate Events and Retreats Happen Here Often 

Wall climbing. Photo by Stephanie Cook on Unsplash

Wave House provides the perfect venue for all your corporate needs. The setting is versatile and can be formal setting or casual depending on what you require. 

The fully equipped boardroom and outdoor event arena has hosted numerous corporate events, such as product launches, team building events, presentations, celebrations, and Christmas parties.  

People come here to recharge and rekindle the team working spirit. Individuals will struggle with the waves and win, while others will conquer the 22.5m indoor climbing wall that is the highest in the world and many more exciting activities. 

Bring your team members here and they will feel more self-accomplished which is very therapeutic.  

7. Exhibitions Are Also Hosted Here 

Exhibitions are a great way to captivate an audience and create brand awareness. The Wave House provides a platform to launch products, concepts, and ideas to specific target markets.  

Depending on your requirements, there is a team that will assist in positioning you in the ideal space to suit your budget, target audience, and desired results. 

Being a busy shopping theater, you can never go wrong having set up a stand for your product here.   

8. You Can Bring Your Birthday Parties to the Wave House  

The Wave House is the perfect venue for birthday parties. The venue provides a fun, safe, and secure environment for all ages.  

Here, your guests will be spoilt for choice. Jumping castles are usually provided for the smaller children on request.     

9. Entertainment is Available Too 

This hot entertainment venue is active all year round. With unmatched entertainment from live bands to the spectacular events staged at this hi-tech venue, the Wave House has it all.  

Apart from the exciting and adventurous activities, it also hosts concerts and showcases talents from all over the world, providing the ultimate place for the coolest hangouts. 

10. There is a Surfing Accessories Shop on the Site 

The courtyard at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Photo By KyleWaterston – Wikimedia Commons

Surfing apparel and accessories have become fashion trends. Even people who don’t surf want to be associated with the lifestyle and sport due to the increased accessibility and affordability.

At the Wave House in Gateway’s Theatre of Shopping, there is the Core Store which is arguably the best-stocked skateboarding retail store in the country.