Seven Reasons Why Siam Paragon is Bangkok’s Top Shopping Destination


If you are heading to Bangkok then there’s every chance that you are likely to do a spot of shopping.

In the materialistic capital of Thailand, glitzy and modern shopping malls are everything. And they seem to get more hi-so and more impressive with each new addition.

But there is one particular shopping haven that is particularly dear to the hearts of the population of Bangkok who seem intent on chasing the materialistic dream of happiness. It has also stood the test of time and retains its allure as a hot spot of retail activity within the city — Siam Paragon.

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Siam Paragon has now been in operation for close to two decades, but for many it is still regarded as Bangkok’s top shopping destination. There are many reasons for this, but one is that offers a broad range of experiences including shopping for both world-class and local brands, lots of special offers and year-round festivals and events.

Undoubtedly Paragon has established itself not only as a favourite in Bangkok, but as one of Asia’s most opulent shopping centres. This is evident from the fact that it attracts tens of thousands of visitors of local and international origin each day under normal operating conditions.

It is also notable that Paragon is located right in front of the Siam BTS Skytrain station – which is considered by many to be the centre of Bangkok — and which also happens to be an interchange for the 2 BTS lines.

There is so much to do and take in at Siam Paragon that you could easily spend more than a day or two getting around it all.

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You enjoy a coffee at one of the many stylish cafes; you can indulge your shopaholic tendencies through the plethora of options to pick from which ranging from high-end luxury to more affordable brands. You can spend hours perusing one of the best and largest bookstores in the city, enjoy a delicious meal, or watch a great movie – the list is endless.

The main emphasis of Siam Paragon is certainly fashionable, luxury living, and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of takers in Bangkok. The busiest time though is during the twice-yearly, end-of-season sales, although there are always other deals to be had by way of the monthly promotions that go on all year round.

Siam Paragon has much more to offer than its 250 or more shops. Entering this huge building is akin to stepping into a universe filled with everything you could ever desire – certainly that seems to be the way the place is viewed by the thousands of locals who make the trip to the centre of Bangkok every weekend.

From global brands to local ones, handicrafts and manner of other goods, Siam Paragon offers a diverse range of shopping and leisure options.

The variety of local and international cuisine to pick from is just as wide, from high-end restaurants to delectable street food. Then there is the world-class movie theatre, as well as one of the largest aquariums in Asia among the other attractions. Even if you spend a full day at this place, there is a high likelihood that you’ll be compelled to come back for more.

So if that’s not enough to convince you then let’s have a closer look at the X reasons why Siam Paragon is Bangkok’s top shopping destination.

It has some of the best cuisine in Bangkok

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There is a huge range of cuisine in Paragon that always gets updates and additions in line with any food trends. And if there is one thing that Thais love more than shopping then it has to be eating.

You’ll find world-class eateries providing cuisine from around the world as well as all the local favourites. This is one place in Thailand where you can find almost anything you fancy, from Tom Yum Goong to Fish & Chips.

The shopping complex is renowned as being something of a ‘World-Class Food Destination’, and although it’s not likely to be the cheapest by any stretch of the imagination, few leave here disappointed.

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Here you have the choice of everything from street food to Michelin-Star quality, with various well-known names from Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Italy, to name but a few.

With more than 200 restaurants, as well as cafes, bakeries, and dessert shops, it won’t be too difficult to satisfy your hunger on a trip to Paragon. And this is one of the prime reasons why the majority of locals come here.

It has international designer brands

One of the biggest culture shocks awaiting any ill-informed first-time tourist to Bangkok is the fact that there are plenty of well-heeled Thais who go mad for international designer brands. The more expensive the better as far as some are concerned, and it is most definitely for show.

You’ll be greeted by the flagship stores of brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, and Chanel when entering the mall. You can’t really miss them as they tend to be in the prime positions near main entrances and escalators, drawing attention with elaborate window displays.

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The exclusive brands and displays at Siam Paragon rival anything on offer in Bangkok, although there has been something of an increase in competition over the last decade or so with the addition of more impressively hi-end malls appearing around the city. But was at one time the main place for well-to-do locals to be seen, which is why it remains dear to many of them as well as those with aspirations to be like them.

It covers a variety of other brands

By way of contrast to the last point, one of the other reasons why Paragon s one of the top hopping destinations in Thailand is that as well as the high-end brands there is also a wide variety of more affordable options.

These are also hugely popular with locals on a slightly lower budget who absolutely love brands like H&M, Zara, and Gap among many others. Some of these brands have massive shops on the first floor, offering goods for slightly more price-conscious shoppers who still demand the latest styles with a touch more quality than that offered by local brands.

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Then there is the range of fashion items made by local Thai designers, some of whom are world famous, and their style is often a bit more unique.

Some of the most popular of these brands include Tube Gallery with its long and captivating dresses; Good Mixer with their unique printed fabric; Wonder Anatomie and their deconstructive style; Iconic and their inspired women’s style, and the lifestyle brand Everyday Karmakamet.

The range of goods is very diverse

Aside from fashion and clothing brands there is plenty more on offer in Paragon. The Second and Third floors have a lifestyle and leisure theme and have a diverse mix of everything from technology stores, home furnishing showrooms, luxury car showrooms, beauty salons, and the biggest and best-stocked foreign-language bookshop in Bangkok, Kinokuniya.

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If it’s audio equipment you are looking for you’ll find names like Bang & Olufsen and Bose (and the prices to go with them) along with a good few other stores that demonstrate how Siam Paragon holds some of the most cutting-edge technology to be found in the country.

The fourth floor contains most of the I.T. and electronic goods that you may be looking for, and while it’s true some items might well be cheaper elsewhere, at least you are guaranteed that here the products are always genuine, unlike at some other malls. (And believe it or not, these goods are more common in Thai malls than you might imagine).

The stores on the second floor also carry items made by the likes of Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba, and the car showrooms feature mainly high-end brands like Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce.

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There is always something different to see

Siam Paragon likes to keep its long list of regular clientele happy with endless variations on a theme by way of exclusive pop-up stores and showcases for limited collections and such like.

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On top of that, the mall always has some of the best decorations for in town when it comes to the various all-year-round festivals and seasonal happenings like Chinese New Year Celebrations, Songkran, and Christmas.

It is home to some world-class attractions

Apart from shopping, eating, sales, and promotions, Siam Paragon is also home to a variety of leisure and entertainment options. For starters, there is the amazing underwater world at Sea Life Bangkok, the largest aquarium in the country and the largest in SE Asia.

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This is an impressive, up-close insight into sea life like sharks, eagle rays, and schools of other exotic-looking fish, through underwater glass tunnels. The main aquarium is home to over 100 water living species including rare and exotic creatures like giant Spider Crabs and Octopi, as well as Lion Fish, Arapaima, Clownfish, and even otters and penguins.

Paragon also has one of the best cinemas in Bangkok by way of a 16-screen Cineplex that is impressive by anyone’s standards. On the top floor of the mall, the Paragon Cineplex takes the traditional cinema experience to different levels of luxury in the way that an upgrade to first-class would on a particularly long-haul flight.

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The 5th floor where you’ll find the Cineplex includes the IMAX theatre as well as a few other entertainment options such as the Blue-O Rhythm and bowling facilities, as well as the Royal Paragon Exhibition Hall. You might want to check out a map at one of the various information counters to avoid any risk of losing your bearings in here, which is entirely possible.

The incredibly modern, world-class theatre features some of the best cutting-edge cinema technology there is, and includes VIP theatres with luxuriously comfortable reclining. You can enjoy the movie experience like never before from one of these seats while in the exclusive lounge you get the added bonus of being served food as well.

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The IMAX theatre features a much larger than average 8-storey screen with enhanced resolution, as well as almost deafening surround sound (there is only one volume in Thailand), and seats that recline so you can lie back and soak up the action.

This theatre is particularly good for 3D action movies due to the screen size and quality. You can see the wide-eyed viewers, totally engrossed in the movie with a sense of wonder. The slightly smaller, two-storey Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre is where you’ll find what was the first 4D Theatre in the country.

It has some of the best festive decorations

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It is no real surprise that the Siam Paragon complex attracts just as many people coming to look at the sights and sounds as it does those who are actually on the lookout for something to buy.

There are many reasons why the Paragon never fails to produce a ‘wow’ factor, when it comes to decorations for festivals or special events. His can feature lighting displays, dazzling colours, music, water features, and all manner of other ways to dazzle the senses and create a sense of magic in the air.

You’ll see nothing smaller than a 15-meter-tall Christmas tree where hordes of delighted shoppers and onlookers can be seen taking the obligatory selfies. There are illuminated tunnels and decorations featuring various characters and symbols, and this will be the case at Paragon for any of the festivals or celebrations that occur throughout the year.

Siam Paragon’s impressive designs, displays, and decorations ensure that both the interior and the exterior of the mall make it on to countless Instagram posts, and it is certainly one of the most photographed malls in Thailand. Whether it is the sea of red that represents the Chinese New Year or Christmas and New Year’s Eve — this is one of the main places in Bangkok where people will be heading to check out the sights and sounds and soak up the festive vibes.