I know that safety in Paris could be one of your concerns; the recent events can indeed let you think that Paris isn’t safe. Here are some things you need to know if safety in Paris is one of your concerns while coming here.

Paris’ Attacks


You have to know that despite the attacks in Paris, Paris is still a safe place. As proof, look at Parisians, none has changed their way of life, we are still going out, still drinking in pubs, going to concerts etc.

The attacks were isolated acts that could have targeted any civilized city in the world. Safety in Paris isn’t a real concern.

security-police Safety in Paris

Emergency Numbers you need to know for your safety in Paris

If anything happens to you, or if you see anything, you have to know the emergency numbers, here they are:

  • Police: 112 (the same everywhere in Europe) OR 17, in case you have been robbed or attacked, or you’ve seen anything violent, even if it’s not you who have been attacked, don’t hesitate to call them.
  • Firefighters: 112 (the same everywhere in Europe) OR 18, for everything that concerns fire or health. If somebody next to you collapse or if you have been hurt.
  • Ambulance: 112 (the same everywhere in Europe) OR 15 If somebody need to go to the hospital quickly.
  • If you’re at sea, call the 196 for any help.
  • If you’re deaf, send a text to the 114 it’s a new service that provides help for deaf people.

Safety in Paris

Few tips for your safety in Paris

Finally and it is the case for anywhere you go in the world, avoid hanging out alone in isolated places, especially at night. Try and stay or walk with other people, whether during the day or night.

It’s not that Paris isn’t safe, or that something will automatically happen to you if you’re hanging out alone at night in a desert place, it’s just a precaution.

So now that you know that Paris is safe and that safety in Paris isn’t a real problem, enjoy your stay in our city,walk with us, and remember that if you have any problem you can ask for help!

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