Rome is the city of spectacular panoramas that reflect the thriving spirit of the past and the cosmopolitan glamor of its present. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the city’s stunning views from a variety of sightseeing spots such as the Spanish Steps and the glorious St. Peter’s Basilica.  From the Dome of its cathedral, you can revel in the views  that spread under your feet.

For those who would like to enjoy a glass of Roman prosecco or a traditional Campari-Orange cocktail under the Roman skies and imbibe in the Eternal City’s views from above,  we recommend a visit to one of the trendy city rooftop bars.

Explore Rome’s Restaurants with a View

I will guide you through a presentation of some of the city’s panoramic venues.

1. La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge ~ Sofitel Hotel

La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge, Sofitel Hotel, Image Sourced by Pinterest

Located in proximity to the Villa Borghese Park, the Sofitel Hotel is one of Rome’s top destinations for breath-taking panoramas.

The Sofitel Hotel is also close to Piazza di Spagna and haute couture fashion stores, and just a few minutes’ walk away to the vibrant Trevi Fountain.

Besides unparalleled views, this five-star restaurant offers a spectacular menu with an emphasis on French-flavored Mediterranean dishes.

Address: Sofitel Hotel, Via Lombardia 47, Rome

2. Roof Garden ~ First Art Luxury Hotel

Roof Garden – First Art Hotel in Rome, image sourced by Pinterest

This elegant and chic hotspot is a preferred ‘’go-to’’ location for those looking for an aperitivo experience with a view. The restaurant is also a suitable match for people looking to relax with after-dinner cocktails. Reminiscent of the dolce vita lifestyle from the past, this hotel forum gives visitors the sensation that Rome is right at their feet.

The glimpse of the sunset melting behind the Vatican skies will be one of the most memorable views that you have enjoyed in your life. Thanks to its close location to the Augustus’ Temple and the Forum of Nerva, this roof garden restaurant provides mesmerizing views of numerous historical spots in town.

The restaurant menu features traditional Italian cuisine, with typical Italian flavors, all-Italian dolci creations such as cannoli, and aromatic wines.  Breakfast lovers who have chosen to stay at the hotel can enjoy sweet and savory assortments, along with a rich selection of Italian espresso flavors and tea.

Address: First Art Luxury Hotel, Via de Vantaggio, 14, Rome

3. Hotel Locarno

Hotel Locarno, Image Sourced by Travel Advisor

For those who enjoy the opulence of the 1920s antiques and fancy Art Deco pieces, the fancy hotel Locarno is the recommended destination. The venue is a true inspiration for artists, painters, celebrities and novelists who have enjoyed the uniqueness of the hotel for the past 100 years.

The place is the perfect rooftop bar to dress fancy and mingle with local artists and politicians, while sipping fruity cocktails.

This rooftop ambiance opens to door to the past and re-creates the charm of almost forgotten historical events. The places features books, souvenirs, antiques, and chic decors, along with mellow lighting and fireplace for the winter months. An outdoor heating allows for guests to enjoy the open-air views every season of the year.

Address: Hotel Locarno, Via della Penna 22, Rome

4. La Rinascente Rooftop

La Rinascente Rooftop, Image Sourced by Travel Advisor

Considered ‘’ a secret of the locals’’ this remarkable rooftop dining spot is located on the rooftop of the department store La Rinascente. The place features masterfully presented cocktails and unparallel city views. Just a few steps away from the cosmopolitan clamor of the Trevi fountain, La Rinascente Rooftop offers a vibrant Rome experience.

Silent and mellow ambiance distinguishes this rooftop from other Roman rooftops, and guests can indulge in the culinary creations of Michelin-starred chef Riccardo di Giacinto.  You can team your meal up with a bottle from the vast selection of Mediterranean wines in a garden setting.

Address: Via del Tritone 61 00187, Roma RM, Italy

Terrace – Food Hall
Monday – Sunday from 10.00am until 10:00pm

5. ”La Terrazza Bar” – Hotel Capo d’Africa 

Hotel d’Capo. Image by Travel Advisor

This unique hotel has its own rooftop and it provides a recluse from the big city dynamics from above. You can stay in the hotel for about $300 per night, and enjoy the sunsets above the Colosseum. You will relish in the well-lit monument at night while imbibing in the city’s sounds.

After dinner, pay a visit to the ‘’La Terrazza Bar’’ were you can enjoy culinary pleasures, while enjoying the Abside dei SS. Quattro Coronati, a rare piece of Medieval art in Rome.

Address:  Via Capo d’Africa, 54, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

For those who would like to check out more Roman rooftops for a complete rooftop hopping experience, we  recommend Posh Terrazza at Palazzo Naiada, where you can indulge in Italian bites, fresh cocktails and fish dishes.  The Posh Terrazza is an intimate venue that will suit well the tastes of  couples on a honeymoon and those in search for romantic ambiance. Aroma Restaurant is a Michelin-restaurant housed in the upscale Palazzo Manfredi, with a beautiful rooftop terrace featuring gourmet bites, and a lounge bar.

To continue your rooftop-hopping experience and enjoy more of the Roman views, head out to the Capitoline Rooftop Cafe where you can enjoy a cup of foamy coffee with a beautiful view of the Eternal City.   It’s interesting to note that in this area no building can be higher than the Basilica Dome that adorns the city skyline with its incredible grandeur.

If you are tired of rooftop watching, you can undertake numerous other adventures in the Eternal City, such as clothes shopping, market exploration, or a tour of the city’s cobblestone streets,.

Open the map and you will see so many wonderful historical sights worth exploring! Rome is the city of almost forgotten historical secrets waiting to be unraveled! Enjoy the adventure!