Rome’s Charming Coffee Shops


Numerous people associate the Roman dining experience with a strong, dark espresso and foamy cappucino flavors. The Italian coffee has no equal in strength, quality and flavors, so coffee lovers are encouraged to make a list of some of the iconic Roman coffee shops worth paying a visit to.

Coffee is an integral part of the Italian culture. Like a traditional Italian saying says, ‘’Prima di Tutto, Il Café’’ (Coffee Before Everything).

Un espresso is the way to start the day not only in the Eternal City, but also in the rest of the Bel Paese,  and for those who prefer a lighter coffee beverage, a cup of cappuccino is the way to go!

What are the recommended spots to get your coffee in Rome?

Antico Caffe Greco

Image Sourced by Trip Advisor

If you want to indulge your senses in a traditional Italian espresso in a charming historical ambiance, head out to the Antico Caffe Greco, Rome’s oldest coffee bar. The Ancient Roman authors Keat and Bryan were the first Roman celebrities to visit the coffee shop back in the 19th century, and soon after that,  the place has become a preferred locale for politicians, celebrities and artists, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Mark Twain, and Casanova.

Marble tables, red velvet drapery, golden elements, and fancy artwork pieces decorate the walls of the iconic coffee shop that is located just a few minutes away from the legendary Spanish Steps.

Antico Caffè Greco’s menu also features sandwiches, salads, desserts and pastries. Be prepared to pay high prices for the treats.

Address: Via dei Condotti, 86, 00187 Roma RM,  Italy

Tazza D’oro La Casa del Caffè al Pantheon

Image by Trover

What a magical experience to drink your coffee while enjoying the grandeur of the Pantheon! Antigua Caffe Tazza D’oro has been in the coffee business since 1944.  This unique coffee shop is a coffee producer on its own – it roasts, blends and serves unique coffee flavors, including the renowned Arabica coffee blend, featuring seven flavors.

The owner Mario Fiocceto has started roasting the coffee beans in the area of the Pantheon in 1944 and has passed the secret recipe to a few generations  (We’d say more than 3!)

What makes Tazza d’Oro ‘The Golden Coffee’ of Italy is the strength, rich flavors and unforgettable aroma. The store also sells coffee beans, various blends, and tea packages.

Address: Via degli Orfani, 84, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Bar Panella

Photo by Panella

Bar Panella is more like a bakery than a coffee shop. In this trendy cafeteria, you can combine your aromatic elixir with artisan breads and traditional pastries, and we encourage you to  choose your favorite from the dough sculptures on the window display. Some of them are in the shape of the Colosseum, the others imitate the Pantheon and third of them get even more creative! Bar Panella is a true kingdom of creative bread shapes and traditional coffee flavors.

Choose a high table if you want to avoid a service charge, and we recommend Coffee Freddo from the menu if you crave a refreshing ‘’wake-up’’ beverage.

Address:  Bar Panella, 54 Via Merulana; 00185 Rome, Italy.


This coffee shop is particularly known for its lighter-than-normal coffee blends. The coffee-making staff will gladly guide you into the roasting process, and the result is a much lighter and smoother coffee beverage for you to enjoy.

The staff has multiple choices of coffee brewing machines, including an espresso machine, syphon and Aero Press, for different coffee outcomes.

You can match your milky cappuchino with a chocolate croissant or a traditional cannoli.

Via Piave, 55, 00187 Roma RM,  Italy

Tram Depot

Tram Depot Image Sourced by Wanted in Rome

For those who enjoy a cup of coffee under the bright Roman skies, we recommend Tram Depot, a vintage train-like structure that attracts the lovers of fresh air and masterfully-presented coffee elixirs. The artisan producer of Tram Depot Coffee is Torrefazione Lady Café,  a coffee producer located just outside Parma.

 Address: Via Marmorata, 13, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Canova Cafe, Rome

Canova Cafe by Canova

If you are lover of coffee breaks with a view, do not forget to drop by Canova, a charming coffee shop located just at the corner of Piazza del Popolo. There you can enjoy your coffee while you soak in the views of the spectacular Pincio Terrace and the architectural splendor of Villa Borghese. You can pick an indoor or outdoor seating spot, but be aware that prices are a little higher than normal, due to Canova’s central location in a trendy Roman neighborhood.

Address: Piazza del Popolo 16, Rome, Italy

Pergamino Caffe

Pergamino Cafe, Image by Pergamino Cafe

Pergamino Caffe is located at one of the most dynamic areas of Rome, between St Peter’s Square and the main entrance of the Vatican Museums. The prices for coffee and cocktails vary depending on whether you get a table, or just sip a coffee at the bar.

The popular coffee shop features appetizers, snacks and dolci at its menu, besides its wide selection of nitro coffee, espresso and cappucino flavors. The friendly barista will familiarize you with the menu and the background behind each blend, and also provide you with insight into the toasting process.

Address:  Piazza del Risorgimento, 7, 00192 Roma RM, Italy

It doesn’t matter whether you look for a casual coffee spot, a sophisticated cafeteria, or a chic artsy venue where you can enjoy your coffee beverage,  Rome abounds in numerous spots for a coffee break for both locals and tourists.

Most coffee shops in Rome feature menus with traditional Italian pastries and various pastry delights to combine your coffee with. If you visit Rome during the Christmas holidays, you can certainly savor one of the country’s traditional desserts, such as panetone.