Top 5 Places to Enjoy Live Jazz in Rome

Rome, the jazz capital of Italy? Who would have thought?

The Romans love their jazz, and underground clubs have existed in this city since the prohibition swept through Europe. Not that Rome needed another thing added to the list of reasons of why the city is so enchanting, but we are grateful to have this jazz scene available in abundance.

Here are the spots not to be missed!

Gregory’s Jazz Club in Rome

Gregory’s Jazz Club is a notorious spot on the Roman nightlife scene. It’s in the northern street of Trevi, and I usually tell my friends to view the fountain by night and then make the short walk up to this bar to continue their evening.

Back in the day, jazz and fine whiskeys went to hand in hand. At Gregory’s they have hundreds of imported whiskeys from all over the world that you can sample and enjoy for the duration of your night. The collection is truly impressive, and whiskey connoisseurs always try to stop by when in Rome.

Gregory’s Jazz club – by Gregory’s Jazz club – Uploaded by them

The jazz performances are nightly, and you’ll have to pay a cover fee of €15 at the door to enter. This fee includes your first drink, and a portion goes toward the performers (who you’ll be thrilled to have supported).

As a meal option there is sushi available in the bar; it’s nothing special and I would recommend eating elsewhere before, but if you’re desperately peckish at midnight it’s a decent meal.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday TO Sunday — 7pm to 2am
ADDRESS: Via Gregoriana, 54/a, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Elegance Cafe in Rome

It’s all in the name at the Elegance Cafe. This very elegant space is set up like a miniature theatre, complete with a proscenium arch stage, a floor level and a balcony.

This is very much a formal, sit down experience where you’ll eat, drink and indulge in live jazz throughout the evening. The menu is fine dining, and booking in advance is essential because this spot is fully booked most nights of the week.

Elegance Cafe in Rome – by Elegance Cafe – Uploaded by them

The cafe has a bar area attached to it, but it is not situated by the actual stage. This is where anyone opting not to eat is permitted to stand around and enjoy a drink or two; there is also some standing space near the back of the theatre floor, close to the entrance/exit.

On quiet nights when the floor is not full for dinner guests, those only wishing to drink are permitted to use any of the tables.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday — 8pm to 12am
ADDRESS: Via Francesco Carletti, 5, 00154 Roma RM, Italy
METRO STATION: Circo Massimo

Casa del Jazz in Rome

When the mafia fell from power in Rome, the mayor of the time ordered a series of buildings once used to house their activities to be remodeled in memory of all who suffered at the hand of the terror. The estate that now houses the Casa del Jazz was home to three of them.

The Casa del Jazz is an outdoor venue situated on the land that these three mafia buildings were built on. You’ll enter the estate and make your way through to the main stage area. The buildings and the land are solely dedicated to the art of jazz in Rome; the stage area holds the shows, and the buildings hold meetings and jazz workshops.

Casa del Jazz in Rome – by Casa del Jazz – Sourced from their Facebook

Most jazz concerts at Casa del Jazz take place in the summer, with a few exceptions. To view their full schedule and ticket information head to their website.

ADDRESS: Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55, 00154 Roma RM, Italy
METRO STATION: Circo Massimo

Be Bop Jazz Club in Rome

Be Bop has been one of the leading jazz houses in Rome since the 80s. It’s a place where anyone and everyone can go for good drinks, delicious dinner and fantastic jazz all night long.

In 2000, an association was formed with the intention to create a space where business and jazz could mix. The space now offers free Wi-Fi at all times, and business men & women are encouraged to hold their meetings right from the room itself.

Be Bop Jazz Club in Rome – by Be Bop Jazz Club – Sourced from their Facebook

Be Bop is also now open for private hire for different needs. Theatre productions have been welcomed into the space and book launches & seminars are frequently on the bill of events.

On a regular night things are kept simple; food, drinks and jazz in a spacious, warm environment.

ADDRESS: Via Giuseppe Giulietti, 14, 00154 Roma RM, Italy
METRO STATION: Circo Massimo

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club in Rome

The Alexanderplatz Jazz Club is the nearest jazz club to the Vatican City. It’s been part of the city for decades, and has showcased some of Europe’s most important jazz performers, many of whom left their marking’s on the walls of the club with permanent marker.

You’ll have to pay a cover fee of €15 to get in, this goes toward the evening’s entertainment. Once inside it is your choice whether you’d like to eat and drink, or just drink.

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club in Rome – by Alexanderplatz Jazz Club – Uploaded by them

Dinner is a formal, sit down occasion and the food is traditional Italian trattoria style. Something to note, however, is that there isn’t live jazz here every single evening of the week; ask the doorman before you pay the cover, as they will not refund you if you choose to leave.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — 8pm to 1am
ADDRESS: Via Ostia, 9, 00192 Roma RM, Italy