The most expensive areas of Rome

Rome is a wonderful city, a magical place full of history.
It is full of things to see and places to discover and many breathtaking glimpses.
Once reached, the “Eternal City” will give you places to admire and many things to do and see.
In the end, once you have visited the most beautiful places, you will have time to fall in love with other areas of the city.
To fully enjoy the city you must also admire the places that are not very popular with tourists.
Let’s see together which are the most expensive areas of Rome, where they are and what to see.

The Roman historical centre

Rome by Kookay – Pixabay

But where is the historic centre of Rome?
If you are asking yourself this question then you must know that …
The historic centre of Rome extends near the Tiber area. It’s enclosed by the Aurelian walls and to the right by the Janiculum walls.
The centre includes approximately 25 thousand points of archaeological and environmental interest. Don’t get lost and remember to take a map with you or a guide to visit all these beauties!
Without forgetting the extraterritorial properties of the Vatican. But also the Basilica of San Paolo Fuori le Mura.
The central area of ​​Rome is full of intense social life and many recreational activities. With the presence of prestigious properties with historical and architectural features. Without forgetting the abundant green areas.
If you are looking for luxury shops in the central area of Rome then go to Via Dei Condotti.
Via Dei Condotti is one of the best-known streets in Rome.
It is also nicknamed “Via del Tridente”, as it connects Via del Corso to Piazza di Spagna. Here you will find different luxury shops such as Prada, Gucci, Tod’s, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and so much more.



Campo de’ Fiori in Rome – by Myrabella – Wikimedia Commons

The Prati area is part of the I Municipio of Rome and is beautifully located on the right side of the Tiber.
Over time it has become the most iconic neighbourhood in Rome.
Once in this area, you can admire Via Cola di Rienzo, Piazza del Risorgimento and Piazza Cavour. You can reach San Pietro and Castel Sant’Angelo, one of the most beautiful places in the Eternal City.
Once there you will find the bronze statue of San Michele Arcangelo.
Built as it is said that during the plague in 590 AD. the archangel Michael appeared to the Pope and drew his sword.
If you are looking to rent a house or buy an apartment,  you are in the right area.
You will find beautiful luxury, three-bedroom and two-bedroom homes to choose from. You are spoiled for choice.
In this area, you will find museums, cinemas and schools. Many green areas and excellent transport links that allow you to move anywhere in the city.


By DannyBoy7783-Wikimedia

The area known as Testaccio is located in the 20th district of Rome.
This area takes its name from the artificial hill of which it is composed or “mons testaceous“. Trastevere is located on the east bank of the Tiber river.

In 1870 the area was reclaimed and was used for railway use, as a slaughterhouse, for the development of general markets, as a gas factory. It was a real industrial area then abandoned around 1960.

Once there you can admire the non-Catholic cemetery, the church of Santa Maria Liberatrice, Piramide Cestia and Porta San Paolo and the Museum of the Via Ostiense.

Here too you can find luxury and vintage shops. Without forgetting luxury apartments to rent or buy.


Arrivederci Roma by Mauricio A. – Pixabay

The Parioli area is also known as the second district of Rome.
The district is located in the north of the city, close to the left bank of the Tiber river. Rome becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Italy and new districts are born quickly beyond the Aurelian walls. We can say that the Parioli district is among the first fifteen that arose in Rome in 1911 and then officially established in 1921.

The neighbourhood is still known for its wealth and the young people who live there have a fairly high lifestyle. Precisely for this reason the nickname of “pariolino” was born, given to all those guys who dress spending a lot of money on designer clothes.

In this area, in addition to the super-mega villas, you can admire the Church of San Luigi Gonzaga, the Church of San Roberto Bellarmino, the
Church of San Valentino, the Church of the twentieth century and finally the Mosque of Rome.  Even today this area of Rome is referred to as “high-bourgeois“, here you will find elegant and refined houses for every style. A quiet and beautiful residential area for the Romans of the “Roma Bene”.



Rome by Evren Ozdemir – Pixabay

The Aventine area rises on the Aventine hill of the same name. It is certainly a symbol of refinement, here you can buy exclusive and wonderful, luxury homes.
This district combines greenery with tranquillity and at the same time is a stone’s throw from the Roman “dolce vita”.
The houses have an added value as they are placed in a very unique landscape context.
You will find the Orange Garden and the Municipal Rose Garden nearby.
I recommend you take a trip to the Orange Garden to admire the breathtaking view over all of Rome. You can also reach the Campidoglio, the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. Here you will find beautiful and elegant buildings and villas in Liberty style.  The houses are arranged in oases of peace such as parks and gardens.If you are looking for a place of peace within a chaotic city like Rome then you are in the right place! You will enjoy the best of both worlds. Living in Rome and at the same time secluded, in complete privacy!