The best walking tours in Rome

As you well know, Rome is a place full of magic and history.
Full of art, architecture and museums to visit.
You will have many things to do and see, glimpses to admire that will take your breath away.
Many times you will use the means of transport to move around the city. For example, the subway connects many places of interest and will help you move around.
Before leaving for Rome, I recommend that you add comfortable sneakers to your luggage. You will be able to walk wherever you want in all comfort!
Yes, exactly! If you prefer walking, you can opt for walking tours around Rome.
They will allow you to admire the beauties of Rome! Without getting lost and above all without forgetting anything!
You will return home with your eyes and mind full of history and Rome.
Let’s see together which are the best walking tours in Rome.


Discover Walks 


Rome by Andrea Spallanzani – Pixabay


I’m not biased guys, but Discover Walks Tour is the best.
Discover Walks is number one in Europe when it comes to private tours.
You will not find the usual boring city tours that will take you to crowded places full of tourists.
If you choose Discover Walks then you will have new experiences to do and different things to try out. But also places to discover in a different way, with the help of native “Romani”.
You will be always accompanied by people who know the city like the back of their hands. They live in the city on a daily basis and they know many secrets!
They will be able to show you particular places and areas that not everyone knows. You will be speechless, believe me!
The best thing is the possibility to choose the tour according to your inclinations.
If you want to learn more about Italian food… then you can opt for the “Guided street food tasting tour in Rome ” or even the “Rome: Pizza and pasta cooking class” tour. 
With these tours, you will have the opportunity to get to know Rome and the art of Italian cuisine. Two birds with one stone!
You are spoiled for choice. The tours to choose from are many and all different from each other!
If you need more information about the tours led by real Roman natives and the other alternatives offered by Discover Walks then click here on the website.
You can easily book your tour and you will have no more worries! Discover Walks will accompany you to the Roman places par excellence and will make everything unforgettable!



Rome by Nimrod Oren – Pixabay

On this website, you will find many tours of Rome.
They will accompany you to the most popular places and allow you to skip the line.
That’s right, skip the line. In Rome is usually necessary due to the many tourists that visit the city during summertime!
Thanks to their reservation you can enter crowded places avoiding long waits.
If you have little time to admire Rome and all its beauties then Viator is for you.
But don’t rush, you risk missing out on the best of Rome and all it has to offer.
Here you will find the link that will take you to their website.
Where you can book your tours and skip-the-line tickets for museums and churches that need them.


Self-guided walking tours 

Rome by Davide Cattini -Pixabay

If you are looking for self-guided walking tours in Rome then you can also find them out on the web. You just need to know how to search!
You will find many guides and websites to turn to, with all the info you are looking for in order to organize your holiday in Rome.
If you are looking for something cheaper and that allows you to save money then I suggest you to inquire on the web.
There are many bloggers who post already tested tours and guides on their blogs. Collect all the information and create your personal tour which will obviously be different from that of all other tourists.
Below you will find some blogs or websites that I have found for you.
Simple isn’t it?


The “Rome on foot” website

Rome by Francesca Saputo

If you are an independent person, an expert in ancient history then this website is for you.
On the “Rome on foot” website you will find all the information you need to create your unique tour of Rome.
Thanks to their information you can admire the “eternal city” according to your needs.
Yes, exactly. Rome on Foot considers your time to spend in the city and shows you what to visit in three, four, five days or a week.
So you can organize your tour yourself.
I recommend it if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a guided tour of the city.
Here you will find their website and lots of tourist information about Rome.
and overall, Places to see and information about the activities to be carried out in the city.
all beautifully explained in a simple and intuitive way!


The “Roma a piedi” website

Piazza di Spagna by Arnaud 25 – Wikimedia Commons

On the website “Roma a piedi” you will find plenty of information about the city. You will find different itineraries according to your requests. And also the itineraries that will take you to the less-travelled areas of the Eternal City. The site is all dedicated to walking routes. They will lead you through the streets and streets, alleys and squares of Rome. You can choose the itinerary you like best and download the tour map for free. In this way, getting around Rome will be much easier and your pockets will thank you.

For more information about the tours and Rome visit their website here. You will find a lot of info about fun things to do and even festivals! Don’t miss it!