The Best Guided Tours of Rome


Rome is a wonderful city to enjoy and once there you’ll want to visit it all and get to see the very best of it. To enjoy Rome you need time. There are a lot of things to see and to visit and the best way to do it is with a guide.  A tour with a guide will help you to understand better the history, the origins of Rome and what happened during the time. Let’s see together the best-guided tours of Rome that will help you save time and obtain the best from your holiday.


What to search for


Rome by Julius Silver da Pixabay


Before choosing the guided tour I always suggest taking time and doing some research. In this way, you’ll find the guided tour da suits your requests and needs.  Always ask for group sizes! it’s a key question, that will allow you to have a more intimate local experience. Try and search for local experts, they will take you to visit off the beaten places.  And remember to consider immersive experiences, so you will experience the local culture first-hand. You will discover the heart and soul of your destination.

Last but not least, it’s the freedom to explore. It’s very important for you and your holiday. You’ll need ample time to plot your own path. Tours that offer a balance are becoming a popular choice.

Discover Walks

Discover Walks Group Photo by Discover Walks – Website


You may think this is the home-field advantage but it’s not. Discover Walks is the best in Europe for custom private tours regarding Rome and I’m not the only one to believe it. Even Cnn, The Guardian and The New York Times talk about us! And I love to suggest it to my friends and relatives that often like to visit the city and the sourroundings.

I love it because Discover Walks gives a fresh touch to the guided tours. You will be taken around the city with criteria and you’ll be guided around by local people who know the best times and places to visit Rome. 

And this is what makes the difference with other guided tours. The tours are full of fun and can be personalized, it all depends on you! 

If you are looking for different things to do once in Rome then you’re in the right place. In fact Discover Walks offers a wide range of tours. You can choose from bike tours, food tours and cooking classes or even private tours. And if you prefer you can buy tickets for attractions from the website!

I genuinely think that it the best!Discover Walks it’s never annoying and it’s full of different paths to follow, even the less beaten ones. Local guides will love to take you in special and different places, where normal tourists don’t have the possibility to. 

If you need more information about our guided tours in Rome then check here at this website . You won’t regret it, believe me!


Other guided tours

Rome by Andrea Spallanzani – Pixabay

If you like to surf the web then you’ll probably know that there are a lot of guided tours for Rome. You’ll be spoiled for choice! I understand very well what you’re feeling! Sometimes it looks like there is to much. But is not so difficult to choose the best guided tours.

I personally don’t know many other guided tours. I’m in love with Discover Walks and the fantastic but also entertaining guided tours that are possibile.

But I’ve found out that there are a lot of web sites where you can look for other guided tours. I’ve never had the occasion to try them out but here there are: 

1.  Viator 

Viator is a Tripadvisor company and on their website you’ll find many different guided tours of the city. You can choose from art & culture, classes & workshops, Food & Drink and many other outdoor activities. Next to the activity you’ll find the price, so it’s very easy to understand if it’s cheap or too much expensive. 

If you would like to find out more then check here 

2. Get your guide

This web site it looks like the one we have just seen before. Once there you can choose between many guided tours but, nothing very customizable.  You can choose between Tours of 1 day, guided private tours or normal tours. 

If you would like to check their website here you go! Try to find you’re guide for the city!

3. City Wonders 

Here we are!City Wonders gives you different experiences to choose from and try. You can access to private areas and places where usually you couldn’t get in with the normal tickets or tours. They take people on a journey to discover Rome with expert guides. Something to think about and try!Isn’t it?

If you need more information about prices, timetables and bookings then check their web site here 

4. Civitatis

Civitatis is a very cute and interesting website where you can search for guided tours of Rome. There are a lot of different tour to choose from and many kind of offers. If you prefer you can try a cruise on the Tevere! That will probably be a fantastic experience to do in Rome!

If you’re looking for more information about their guided tours of Rome then check here you’ll find some guided tours of the city!



I always say “when in Rome do as the Romans do” and you can’t go wrong! Once there try to ask your guide to take you in less visited places  and to see different things. This will surely help you to enjoy Rome and avoid many crowded places especially during summertime. And if there is a local guide (like in Discover Walks), then ask  questions and you won’t regret it! Belive me, you’ll find out places full of history and very unique.

Rome is full of places and everywhere you’ll go, you will find many pieces of art full of history!They are awaiting you! So, don’t miss the opportunity to save time and have a good experience in Rome!