Most beautiful places to walk at night in Rome


Rome is full of wonderful places to visit in every season and time of the day. You will find yourself surrounded by art, history and beautiful landscapes. For this reason, I always suggest taking time to wander around and find special places. Rome will help you with this!  If you are searching for special things to do, with a special person or a friend, here you will find the most beautiful places to walk at night in Rome.

Castel Sant’Angelo 


Depiction of the Castle of Sant'angelo and of the bridge Vittorio Emanuele II

 View of the Castle  by Michele Bitetto – Unsplash

Castel Sant’Angelo is a lovely places to visit by night. You will find yourself walking near the Vatican City and in a place full of history. The Castle is also known as Mole Adrianorum (aka Mole di Adriano) and is connected to the Vatican City by a special little bridge called “passetto“. In 135 b.C. Adriano requested this building to Demetriano, a famous roman architect. While walking around you will find benches to sit and admire the  building, street artists and good  music and probably good food to eat. 

Piazza Navona

This beautiful piazza is a must see. It is the symbol of Baroque Rome and was built to celebrate the Pamphili family. In the center of the square you will find the “fountain of the four rivers” designed by Bernini.
The fountain portrays the four main rivers of the Earth, one for each continent known at that time: the Danube, the Ganges, the Nile and the Rio de la Plata. Take the right time to admire the surrounding buildings and stroll among the artistic wonders.

Trevi Fountain 

Fontana di Trevi by kittyvanrooij216 – Pixabay

One of the largest and most famous fountains in Rome to visit in the evening. But above all to admire it without many tourists and the crowd. Nicola Salvi built the fountain on the facade of Palazzo Poli in 1732. 
Only in 1759 the construction was then entrusted to Pietro and Virginio Bracci.
The fountain was inaugurated in 1762. The theme of the entire composition of the fountain is the sea. You will find a rocky cliff and a niche with columns. Without forgetting the statues of Oceano on a shell-shaped chariot drawn by winged horses.


 St. Peter’s square

St Peter’s Basilica, Image by Walks of Italy

This is a beautiful place to visit during the evening or the night. Thanks to the wonderful piazza, you will find art and history all together and a beautiful atmosphere. The square is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture divided into two parts.
Both parts that compose it have geometric shapes and perspective motivations.
The two spaces are joined by 4 colonnades and 284 columns and also 88 pillars. On the top you will find 96 marble statues.


The temple by Mariordo  – Wikimedia Commons

This place was once a place of worship, a temple dedicated to the deities.
The Pantheon is located in the Pigna district but was built in 27 BC.
In the square in front of the Pantheon you will find a fountain and sit down to admire the history of this building.
The temple was then converted into a Christian basilica in the 7th century and was renamed Santa Maria della Rotonda. In fact the Romans called it “la rotonna“.

Piazza Venezia

View of the Altar by Serghei_Topor – Pixabay

If you are walking around Rome and you find yourself near Via del Corso then keep going straight. You will fiind Piazza Venezia, exactly at the crossroad of four important roads (Via dei Fori Imperiali, Via Nazionale, Via del Corso, Via del Teatro Marcello). The monument is known as ” Altare della Patria” and it celebrates the unity and freedom of the country. Since 1921, the building hostes the Milite Ignoto (the unknown soldier) an italian soldier killed during the WWI and not identified due to his wounds. Every night the structure is illuminated, tourist and roman citizens can admire it and visit it. 

Tiber Island

Arrivederci Roma by Mauricio A. – Pixabay

This island is the only one present in the Tiber. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges, the Fabricio and the Cestio bridge.
According to legend, the island was born around 510 BC. and housed the temple of Aesculapius and an obelisk.
You can walk and admire the flowing Tiber and stop for a drink before reaching the island.
During the summer and in the evening you will be speechless! Bring your camera!


Trastevere  by Fineas Anton – Unsplash

Trastevere is a district of Rome that must be visited especially in the evening and in summer.
You will find clubs and seats outside. Without forgetting the small intertwined streets that will lead you to beautiful places to see and where you will find street art that is worth seeing. You will find yourself strolling and tasting typical Roman dishes and good Roman wine.
Trastevere is the heart of Rome, an area that welcomes young people who want to have fun.
So don’t miss the chance to admire this neighborhood and all its hidden things.

Old Jewish Ghetto

A glimpse of the Jewish Ghetto from the Porticus of Octavia, image by

The roman Ghetto is an area full of history to know and understand.
If we study thoroughly we find that a lot of history has passed in this area.
Starting from 1555 when Pope Paul IV revoked all the rights granted to the Jews. Without forgetting when Pope Gregory XIII imposed on Roman Jews the obligation to attend sermons aimed at converting them to the Catholic religion. Until 1943 when the Nazis carried out a raid and where over 1000 Jews were captured.
Nowadays here you can admire the remains of the ghetto walls, the synagogue and many restaurants where you can taste the typical Jewish-Roman cuisine. 


Rome is a beautiful city especially during the evening. You can move around by taxi or rent a car. But if you prefer you can visit it by bus.  In this case i reccomand to  check all the timetables in advance. There are a lot of lines that connect the city.