Best Trendy districts for Nightlife in Rome

Rome is the heart of entertainment. In the Eternal City, there are many areas dedicated to nightlife to choose from. The possibilities to choose from are many and varied. It all depends on your pocket and on what you like best. You can choose between evenings at the cinema or theatre, pubs or discos. Without forgetting the visits to museums, including the famous “Night of the Museums“. These are specific evenings where you can visit the museums at night. Isn’t that a nice thing?  Let’s see together which are the Best Trendy districts for Nightlife in Rome.

Which are the best districts for nightlife?



Wherever you’ll go, you will find trendy clubs, pubs, discos and clubs where you can have fun and meet new people.
So don’t worry and get some advice from the web or from friends. In Rome you will find around 32 neighbourhoods to visit.
But among all the neighbourhoods that I prefer and which are dedicated to nightlife, you will find:

1. San Lorenzo 

Rome by JEROME CLARYSSE da Pixabay

San Lorenzo is the symbol of Roman university life.
Here you will find many social and cultural initiatives and many places where you can eat and drink with your friends. We can easily define this district as “the cultural navel of Rome”.
If you would like to visit the

area, starting from Via di Porta San Lorenzo, you can admire Porta Tiburtina, the monumental arch built by Augustus in the fifth century. B.C. and the Aurelian Walls, a splendid setting for the neighbourhood.
In addition to the nightclubs, here you will find many shops, vintage shops and many craft workshops.

2. Trastevere 

The Trastevere by user32212 da Pixabay


Rione Trastevere is my favourite of all the Roman nightlife areas.
You absolutely must know that the name Trastevere derives from the Latin “trans-Tiberim” which means beyond the Tiber. The original nucleus of the city,
It is a neighbourhood full of life and, above all, of tourists.
Here you will find many characteristic places. Wine bars, pubs, places for aperitifs without forgetting the characteristic streets where you can take beautiful walks.
Without forgetting the Roman trattorias, the markets that pop up here and there,
I advise you to be careful of the cobblestones, especially with heels!

3. Testaccio 

Colosseum by Free-Photos da Pixabay

The Testaccio area is full of discos, clubs and many pubs for those who love nightlife.
The neighbourhood is full of trendy clubs specific for everyone and for every type of musical taste.
This area is popular with tourists and many Romans.
The Slaughterhouse and the General Markets area is the place for fun.
If you are looking for a place to enjoy excellent aperitifs I recommend the Ketumbar and the Rec23.
If you want to try Roman cuisine then try “Felice a Testaccio”. Alternatively, try the Junsei Asian restaurant!

4. Pigneto 

Rome by Julius Silver da Pixabay


Thanks to the Metro C – line that reaches the Pigneto area you can easily visit this area.
The Pigneto area is in many ways similar to the San Lorenzo area. Therefore you will find many students and tourists. It is the new focal point of Roman nightlife.
Here you will find lots of new clubs and various restaurants to try.
You can taste gastronomy from different parts of the world.

5. Campo de Fiori 

Area of Rome by djedj da Pixabay

Among many wonderful places in Rome, you will find Campo de ‘Fiori.
Located between piazza Farnese and Navona, piazza della Cancelleria and dei Giubbonari.
In truth, Campo de ‘Fiori is the only historic square in Rome where there is no church.
Here you can come across monuments, palaces and museums full of masterpieces. But at the same time, you can find many clubs here in the well-known “living room of Rome“.
Here you can have fun, try new cocktails and taste traditional Roman dishes. If you are looking for a place to try new aperitifs then try the Fluid.
The Fluid is located in Via Del Government Vecchio and even today after 15 years you will find an endless buffet and artfully prepared cocktails. If, on the other hand, you want to dine then I recommend Virgilio, Bomba Ciccia and Patties. Without forgetting the local Orusidir, Argot and Ai Balestrieri. If you are looking for nightspots then try the Drunken Ship where you can play beer pong or Sloppy’s Sam.

6. Monti 

Rome by user32212 da Pixabay

This ancient district of Rome has become the most beautiful place to spend a Roman evening.
I advise you to go there during the aperitif time, as it is frequented by university students and tourists.
If you are looking for places to taste delicious street food I recommend Zia Rosetta where you can taste good sandwiches with original names.
If you want to taste some good desserts then I suggest you try Grezzo, a pastry, raw and vegan ice cream parlour.

A little trick

If you don’t know where to go and what to do in the evening in beautiful Rome then let me leave you a little advice:
During your daily tour of the Eternal City, you will find many flyers and posters of events that will take place in the evenings to follow.
Take some photos and read up on the premises and timetables of the means.
In this way, you can organize a different evening in the various areas of Rome!
There is something for all budgets and for all tastes!