4 Star Hotels in Rome

Luxury, 5 star accommodation in Rome is usually on par with palace living, and is largely unattainably by the average traveler who ventures to the city.

I often find myself explaining to prospective travelers about how 3 star and 4 star accommodation in Rome is really not that different, considering the Italian mentality of offering the best hospitality regardless of how much or little one is paying.

Hotel Ponte Sisto in Rome – by Hotel Ponte Sisto – Uploaded by them

In spite of this, there are some really wonderful 4 star hotels around the city that make for great 5 star alternatives. Their locations are usually very central and within easy access of all the transport, restaurant and entertainment you might need.

Hotel Ponte Sisto in Rome

The Hotel Ponte Sisto is a dream of a hotel situated right on the River Tiber. It is known for having some of the most beautiful outdoor amenities out of all hotels in Rome, offering guests access to a street level courtyard and rooftop garden, both of which have dining options on offer.

Some of the rooms at Hotel Ponte Sisto have balconies that overlook Rome through to the gleaming dome atop the Cathedral.

Hotel Ponte Sisto in Rome – by Hotel Ponte Sisto – Uploaded by them

Speaking of, the Cathedral, Colosseum and Vatican City are all within walking distance from your front door . The Trastevere district is a historic part of Rome and one of the best neighborhoods to stay in on one’s first visit to the capital.

Breakfast is served daily at Ponte Sisto, as are afternoon snacks and happy hour drinks in their hotel bar. The elegant hotel restaurant is open for lunch and dinner should you choose to stay in to dine, but the streets adjacent to the hotel have great restaurants as well and are deftly worth exploring each evening.

Average Cost: €350 per night
ADDRESS: Via dei Pettinari, 64, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Colosseo

Kolbe Hotel in Rome

If you have any interest in archaeology and ancient ruins then the Kolbe Hotel will exceed your wildest dreams. This is one of few hotels that managed to secure land directly behind the Roman Forum, placing it in one of the most untouched and least chaotic areas in the city.

The hotel building itself is an old 15th century convent. Despite having been converted, the grounds remain the same and there is still an expansive garden onsite and available for guest use. The massive grounds make this hotel feel more like a resort rather than just a hotel.

Kolbe Hotel in Rome – by Kolbe Hotel – Uploaded by them

The Colosseum is a few minutes walk from the main hotel entrance. If you were to walk the same distance in the opposite direction your come to the banks of the River Tiber; a beautiful spot to watch the sunset every evening before retreating to the nearby village for dinner (or back to the restaurant on the hotel lot).

Being a hotel of notably privacy, Kolbe get’s booked out quite quickly especially in the summer. Keep this in mind and book well in advance if this sounds like the hotel for you.

Average Cost: €130 per night
ADDRESS: Via di S. Teodoro, 48, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Colosseo

Augusta Lucilla Palace in Rome

A four star hotel that offers guests a rooftop bar, beds that massage while you sleep and air conditioning all for under €70 per night? I also didn’t believe it at first.

But the Augusta Lucilla Palace goes on existing as an anomaly amongst hotels in Rome. It is a space of impeccable hospitality and service, absolute cleanliness and a beautiful stay in the city center.

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This is one of the closest hotels to the Termini train station. If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, a couple of day trips and perhaps a guided walking tour then you’ll be happy to be within 3 minutes walk of transport.

The breakfast at Augusta Lucilla Palace is another phenomenal offering by the hotel. They combine continental foods with traditional Italian treats to provide a buffet of dreams for guests as they wake up. You also have the option of dining in your room if you so desire.

Average Cost: €70 per night
ADDRESS: D’Azeglio, Via D’Azeglio, 24, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Termini

Welcome Piram Hotel in Rome

The Welcome Piram Hotel is quite astounding when one considers the plush nature of the accommodation in comparison to the price per night. There are 3 star hotels further from the city center asking higher rates than this 4 star one.

The hotel is set in a beautiful old Italian manor, also incredibly close to the Termini train station and all the transport you’ll need to get around the city.

Welcome Piram Hotel in Rome – by Welcome Piram Hotel – Uploaded by them

My personal favorite feature at the Piram is their onsite cocktail bar called the Apotheke. There is live music here almost every day of the week, and guests can enjoy drinks and snacks here until 1am.

As a bonus, each room comes with a free cellphone preloaded with maps and attraction information that can be used without internet. Guests are encouraged to take them out and about during their exploration of the city.

Average Cost: €65 per night
ADDRESS: Via Giovanni Amendola, 7, 00185 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Termini

Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel in Rome

In Rome it is common to find old convents that have been transformed into hotel spaces. The Donna Camilla Savelli is another one of them, offering expansive grounds, lush gardens and equally as spacious rooms.

It is an endlessly attractive and fascinating hotel. The original chapel attached to the convent was never renovated, and exists on the hotel grounds to this day. The interior of the chapel is mostly black, which is unusual for Roman Catholic Churches especially in the Italian capital.

Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel in Rome – by Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel – Uploaded by them

There is a strong sense of history at this hotel.

Average Cost:
ADDRESS: Via Garibaldi, 27, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Circo Massimo