3 Star Hotels in Rome

I’ll let you in on a little secret about three and four star accommodation in Rome: there is not as big of a difference between the two as you might think.

If there’s one thing Italians know how to do well, it’s hospitality. And with their perpetual strive for perfection, the quality lines between 3 star hotels and 4 start hotels have been completely blurred.

Hotel Abruzzi in Rome – by Hotel Abruzzi – Sourced from their website

What you’ll pay extra for in terms of a 4 star hotel in Rome is usually the location, with most of them settling closer to the city center and main attractions. You’ll be splurging day by day while you explore the Italian capital; Rome is not cheap. Here are some great hotels that will save you bundles on accommodation.

Boutique Hotel Galatea in Rome

The Boutique Hotel Galatea was the hotel that I stayed in during my first ever visit to the Eternal City.

It’s a boutique hotel about a ten minute walk from the city center. It’s tucked away in an off street residency, which made the living conditions considerably quieter than everywhere else.

The hotel takes up the 3rd floor of the building and while the rooms are tiny, they are impeccably kept and perfect if you’re spending less than a week in the city.

Boutique Hotel Galatea in Rome – by Boutique Hotel Galatea – Uploaded by them

I must mention the staff at Galatea, who go above and beyond each day to provide service well above 3 star standards. The breakfast buffet was an absolute treat to start each day with. Their dining room overlooks the central terrace of the building with wild growing vines and greenery throughout.

One major point to note is that the building has an elevator! This, as you will come to learn, is a rare commodity in the old buildings of Rome and lugging suitcases up and down stairwells is usually expected.

Average Cost: €70 per night
ADDRESS: Via Genova, 24, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Repubblica

Hotel Gea di Vulcano in Rome

The Via Nazionale is a local shopping strip close to the more historic parts of Lisbon’s old town . The old buildings above the retail stores hold a few old fashioned hotels that fall under the 3 star rating.

Hotel Gea di Vulcano is one of these old spots, and is a hotel comprised of mismatched furniture, colorful pains and outdated decor. Its modernity, or lack there of, is entirely irrelevant when one considers what a bargain it is to stay here given the combination of cleanliness, spaciousness and prime locations.

Hotel Gea di Vulcano in Rome – by Hotel Gea di Vulcano – Sourced from their website

You’re a two minute walk to the metro, and just a ten minute walks from famous landmarks including the Trevi Fountain.

The area is also filled with great Italian restaurants which makes it easy to organize dinner each evening. All in all a wonderful 3 star hotel facility in Rome.

Average Cost: €60 per night
ADDRESS: Via Nazionale, 243, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Repubblica

Hotel Abruzzi in Rome

The Hotel Abruzzi continues to perplex me, despite having stayed here twice.

It’s a three stat hotel, through and through; with friendly staff, simple, clean rooms and a great breakfast every morning. The price, however, is closer to that of 4 and even 5 star hotels in Rome, and one can only guess it is because the Abruzzi is quite literally the center of the city.

The backyard of this hotel is Rome’s Pantheon; and attractors such as the Colosseum, St Peters Basilica and Trevi Fountain are just minutes away by foot. Being in the thick of it all comes at a price, regales of if a hotel functions at 3 star hospitality or less.

Hotel Abruzzi in Rome – by Hotel Abruzzi – Sourced from their website

This is an eternally busting part of the city, and constant noise from street level is to be expected. The ancient buildings in Rome were never designed with insulation and noise blockage in mind; even the top hotels aren’t able to offer much shelter from the city’s noise pollution.

Book well in advance if you’d like to stay at Hotel Abruzzi — the sell out fast!

Average Cost: €200 per night
ADDRESS: Piazza della Rotonda, 69, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Colosseo

Hotel Condotti in Rome

I love the Hotel Conditti; it is situated in Rome’s popular shopping streets and is wonderfully kitsch without being absolutely tacky.

This is a small boutique hotel with just a few rooms on offer. The staff are great and make an effort to refer to all guests by name from the minute they check in; seemingly unimportant but really nice when you’re unexpectedly greeted with your name at breakfast instead of being asked to give it yourself with your room number.

Hotel Condotti in Rome – by Hotel Condotti – Uploaded by them

Hotel Condotti offers air-conditioning in all of their rooms, leaving no reason to have to keep the windows open in the summer so that noise from the streets can filter in. A great hotel in prime location for lovers of retail and authentic Italian dining.

Average Cost: €90 per night
ADDRESS: Via Mario de’ Fiori, 37, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Spagna

Hotel Manfredi in Rome

The Piazza del Popolo is a grand public square near the center of Rome that holds the oldest obelisk in the city. The immediate neighborhood surrounding the square is considered to be one of the most charming areas in the city, offering beautiful architecture throughout as well as massive green park to the east and Tiber river to the South.

The Hotel Manfredi is part of this district; just a three minute walk from the famous Spanish steps. It is not easy for hotels in this area to offer quiet accommodation, but Hotel Manfredi is tucked in a side alley and absorbs none of the street chaos from these nearby attractions.

Hotel Manfredi in Rome – by Hotel Manfredi – Uploaded by them

It’s a beautiful boutique hotel that offers a compete escape when you retire each evening. Prices are slightly higher than what you’d usually expect from 3 star hotels in Rome, but again it’s location you are paying for.

Average Cost: €140 per night
ADDRESS: Via Margutta, 61, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Metro STATION: Spagna