10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Rome


As you know Italy is the cradle of good food.
And Rome is the epicentre.
Everywhere you will find restaurants, taverns and clubs with real Roman food.
But if meat is not your thing, then know that there are tons of alternatives.            With the spread of vegetarianism and veganism, the Roman culinary offer has also varied.
Many green and bio restaurants are present from north to south throughout the city.
We can say that Rome is full of vegetarian restaurants to try.
Let’s see together the ten best vegetarian restaurants in Rome and their menus.


1. The restaurant “Ma Và?”


by John Cummings – Wikimedia Commons

In the Prati area, you will find this familiar and cosy restaurant.
The restaurant Ma Và offers Mediterranean cuisine with a vegetarian twist.
You can taste a very good veggie amatriciana or spaghetti with pistachio pesto.
Without forgetting the timbales of quinoa and aubergines and the delicious seitan escalopes accompanied by purple potato purée. A must try!


The restaurant is located in Via Euclide Turba, number 6/8.
For information and reservations contact 06 372 9134


2. A vegetarian tavern in Rome

parisforvegans (5)At Via Gerolamo Cardano you will find a vegetarian tavern. La Sciusciella creates vegan and vegetarian dishes for all tastes.
The dishes are delicious and amazing. Among their menu, you will find the delicious Sciuscielle or egg balls, pecorino cheese, stale bread.
Without forgetting the delicious beetroot gnocchi with pumpkin, walnuts and burrata. You need to stop there and try them! Amazing food! 

Per informazioni contattare il numero 392 334 9048


3. The restaurant “Orto verde e goloso”


In Via Giuseppe Gioachino Belli you will find this beautiful restaurant that creates tasty dishes, generous portions and low prices.
On the menu, you will find avocado, asparagus and lemon tartare lying on a bed of smoked scamorza cheese, vegetable millefeuille, mushroom carpaccio, frittini, arancini, mozzarella in carrozza and much more.

If you are looking for something different to try then ask to try their Veg Brunch!

For more info call their number +3906 45678050
or you can write a mail to info@ristoranteorto.it
The restaurant is open 19:00 – 24:00


4. Oops!

Vegan by silviarita da Pixabay

This is no joke, the restaurant is called just like that, OPS!
It is located in Via Bergamo and is a buffet restaurant.
You can choose among the many alternatives offered the ones you prefer.
The characteristic thing is that you pay for food by weight.
In addition, lunch boxes are also available, convenient for your lunch before returning to work!

For information contact 06 841 1769 or


5. Le Bistrot restaurant

Vegan by Jill Wellington da Pixabay

In Via Delle Sette Chiese in the Garbatella district, you will find the famous Le Bistrot.
Here you will find two menus, the vegan and vegetarian.
You have to taste the fettuccine with truffles and the delicious onion soup.
If you are a wine lover you will find 100 labels to choose from.

For more information call them on 06 512 8991. The restaurant is open from 20 to 23 pm every day. 

6. Margutta Vegetarian Food 

vegan by RitaE da Pixabay

The restaurant has been open since about 1979.
Here you can taste the Green Apertif or Sunday brunch.
The menu consists of organic food and their pasta is homemade.
Once there you will absolutely have to taste the cappellacci stuffed with chestnuts and ricotta in pumpkin broth with lemongrass scent.

The restaurant is located in Via Margutta 118 for info about the menu click here


7. Veg-Joy

Vegan congerdesign da Pixabay

If you are looking for a different restaurant then stop here!

You will find vegan dishes and many good things to eat including:
cannoli with aubergine mousse, cashew zucchini spaghetti and pepper.
Without forgetting the Buddha Bowls and wraps.
You should definitely try the desserts like veganmisù and the elderberry and raspberry tart.

The restaurant is located in  Via Vasto n. 4/6 

8. Verde Pistacchio

Vegan by Free-Photos da Pixabay

The beautiful Verde Pistacchio restaurant is located in Via Ostiense n.18
Once there, you must absolutely try the Spring roll of seitan and courgette flowers and their fresh parmigiana.
Vegan Burger, miso eggplant boats and ground seitan are a must-try! Here you will feel at home!

For more info call them on 06 4547 5965

9.  Solo Crudo Restaurant

food by silviarita da Pixabay

Yes, the restaurant is called “Solo Crudo” and is located in Via Federico Cesi, number 22.
Their cuisine is vague and raw, a must-try!
Their dishes are subjected to gentle cooking. They use heat treatments that preserve the nutritional properties of otherwise inedible raw foods.
We can say that their cuisine is tasty, colourful and healthy!
Here on their website, you can find all the information about the restaurant.

Call 02 38294510 for more info. To reach the restaurant use the yellow line and stop at Repubblica. 

10.  Romeow Cat Bistrot

Cat by Luis Wilker WilkerNet da Pixabay

Romeow Cat Bistrot is the home of six beautiful and lovely cats.
But in addition to this you must know that once here you will take a journey through the tastes of the world.
You will find vegan and vegetarian dishes to savour, with generous portions.
Appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts that will make you live a beautiful food experience.
And you will also be pampered by their beautiful cats!

For more information about their menu or opening times please visit the website here 


A little bonus 

Food by Free-Photos / 9078 images

In Via Quintino Sella you will find the fantastic Zazie.
In their pots, there are always lots of novelties to try.
You can choose between soups, veloutés, cold creams and gazpacho.
Without forgetting fruit and vegetable salads or their ready-made lunches.
You will find innovative proposals every day, with a wide vegan and vegetarian choice from breakfast to dessert!
Absolutely not to be missed!

For information about Zazie check out their website.
You will find many posts with recipes and information about healthy food for a proper diet.  To reserve your seat at the table, call 06.42013796