10 Unique Souvenirs to bring back from Rome


Once in Rome do as the Romans do. You’ll need to eat good food, visit places and wander around and immerse yourself through history.

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll find out about art and heritage masterpieces. You will find out about Caesar and all the Roman emperors, without forgetting the men and women who made the “eternal city” great. 

While wandering around and discovering things about Rome you’ll want to take back some souvenirs with you. Don’t exaggerate and spend too much money on things that you’ll never use, choose the best ones! Let’s see together which are the 10 unique souvenirs to bring back from Rome. Your friends and family will be happy!


1. Largo Argentina and their cats


Cat in Rome by User 32212 – Pixabay

During some demolitions in the area of San Nicola de Cesarini in 1926, some workers found some extraordinary archaeological remains.   For this reason, in 1929, the “Foro Argentina” was inaugurated. In this area, there was a beautiful tower called Torre Argentina. Sadly this tower is not visible anymore, but the area took its name. Once there, take your time to visit the Foro. You’ll be very surprised to find ruins populated by a colony of cats. Yes, you’ll find a sanctuary for cats. All the cats that you’ll see among the ruins are cared for by an association of people who give them everything they need. You can support them by adopting at distance or if you prefer buying their calendar as a souvenir. 

To help them and give them support check their website here. They accept donations to help the cats here on this page.  If you prefer, contact them at torreargentina@catsdb.com You can visit every day from 12 am to 5 pm


2.  Make in:  the art of souvenir 

A cup of Rome by CDSchlarb – Pixabay

If you are searching for something in particular then Make in is the right place.  Located in Piazza Della Rotonda near the Pantheon, the shop is full of original and different kinds of souvenirs to choose from.

If you don’t have space in your luggage then don’t worry. They have a website shop and you’ll be able to order from the commodity of your home once you’re back.

My favourite ones are the Marmi collections. Little marble coasters with Latin inscriptions. A must-have!

Check their website here for more information about their works and prices!


3. I Colori Di Dentro by Maria  Grazia Luffarelli

Colorful by Garageband – Pixabay

A souvenir is a gift from the heart. And sometimes you need something very particular and original. This is the right place for you. 

I Colori di Dentro is little shop full of art pieces, it’s located in Via Dei Banchi Vecchi near Castel Sant’Angelo or Piazza Navona.

Once there you’ll find art full of life and beautiful vibrant colours that remain impressed in your mind. You cannot leave the shop without taking back a piece of art with you. 

4. Alfieri Leather Shop 


This family-run shop needs a check especially if you are searching for handmade products of a kind. You can order a piece tailored to your tastes. The souvenir you’ll going to buy will be unique and original. Check their website here for more information. 

5. A tasty souvenir 

Pasta by Cwollento – Pixabay

Food is always a good souvenir, don’t you think so? I do! And I always love taking back food with me from my holidays, especially in Italy.  Once in Rome, you’ll need to visit the Paciotti Salumeria. You’ll find all kinds of cured meat, sauces, cheese and much more.  The food is vacuum-packed to helo keep the product unaltered during your journey around the city. 

Visit their shop in Via Marcantonio Bragadin n.7. Don’t miss it!

6.  Handmade wood souvenir 

Pinocchio by CCPAPA- Pixabay

If you are searching for very particular games then this is it! The right place for gifts specially made for children. Bartolucci has wood gifts for every occasion you can imagine. Believe me, you’ll find yourself in a fairy tale!

Check the website here or here for more information about the shop and the wonderful handmade products. You will find the shop in Via  Dei Pastini n.6 

7. Trastevere Store

Trastevere – by Fineas Anton – Unsplash

If you love Trastevere and the wonderful atmosphere of the district then check the Trastevere Store.  You’ll find all souvenirs about the Trastevere football team. The football team is very well known worldwide even if it’s in Serie D. I recommend you try the sweatshirt with the lion emblem!

The shop is located in Via Della Lungaretta n.9 

8. Wine Lover Souvenir

Wine and Cheese Tasting – by Get Your Guide – Sourced from their website

If you are a wine lover and you’ll like to taste good wine and gift it to your family and friends then this is the right place. Here in the  Enoteca Giampiccolo, you’ll find particular wines to choose from and many distillates.

The store is located near Barberini and you can stop by to taste some Italian/roman dishes and have fun while drinking some good Italian wine! Don’t miss it!

9.  Polvere di tempo

Old by FelixMittermeyer – Pixabay

Gifts and souvenirs are memories that we bring back from a holiday. Once in Rome stop at Polvere di Tempo in  Trastevere.

Polvere di tempo is a laboratory and gallery where you’ll find particular things, medieval notebooks, hourglasses, sealing wax stamps, globes and many other curious findings. All the products are customizable and handmade. 

Check their website here and visit the store in Via del Moro n. 59. 

10.  Chocolate souvenir

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Food is always a good idea. Yes, especially the Italian products handmade!Has we say:  “fanno la loro porca figura”! If you like chocolate and sweets then is the right place to stop and indulge! Giuliani Fabbrica Marrons Glaces & Cioccolateria is a must try! Here you’ll find handmade marron glace and fine chocolates to bring back home with you. I don’t know if they will reach their destination but try them out and let me know!

The shop is located in  Via Paolo Emilio 67 Traversa Cola di Rienzo.