10 Tips when travelling to Rome


Rome is my favourite city. Even if don’t live there anymore I like to spend my free time there whenever is possible. Wondering around the city is something magical and relaxing, everywhere you’ll go there is art, history and culture. I always suggest taking back roads and different routes to visit the “eternal city“. You’ll avoid tourists and you’ll find out places never seen before. Believe me!

Here you’ll find 10 tips when travelling to Rome that will help you organize and obtain the best from your holiday!


1. Plan your trip ahead

Area of Rome by djedj da Pixabay

Yes, plan your trip ahead and everything will be much easier.

A lot of people come to Rome and know exactly what to see, the obvious sightseeings in the “eternal city“. But there is a lot more to discover and a lot of places of interest that people don’t even know about. Because probably they don’t have time to search and find out. So I suggest planning everything ahead, day by day. So you’ll have spare time to wander around the city and visit places untouched by tourists. Use your search engine and you’ll find out places that are worth it.


2. The dress code

Rome by Julius Silver da Pixabay

Rome is full of churches and religious places to visit. So I suggest to mind the dress code when visiting them. If it’s summer then you’ll need to have long trousers or skirts and your shoulders must be covered because they won’t let you in, especially in the Vatican area. Bring a scarf with you and put it in your bag! 

3. Bring clothes with you

Rome by Davide Cattini -Pixabay

Bring different clothes with you. Rome has mild weather but you’ll never know! In autumn is warm during the day but you’ll need something to cover you during the evening because the temperatures drop quite easily. Even in late summer, you’ll need something lightweight to cover your shoulders because the air gets fresh in the evening. During winter you’ll get warm after walking around the city so remember to dress with layers that you can remove easily.

4. Comfortable shoes

Rome by Kookay – Pixabay

Rome requires long walks. So if you are planning to walk around you’ll need sneakers or comfortable shoes that aren’t new, otherwise, you’ll experience blisters. And that will ruin everything!

And don’t forget to bring a lot of socks with you and even the spongy ones. Especially during summer. 

5. Cash 

Rome is full of ATMs to use but I suggest requiring information from your bank before leaving.  Believe me, don’t change all your money. You’ll leave with a lot of euros in your pockets. Withdraw the money each day and only if you need it. Hotels, shops and restaurants take your credit card but for small purchasing, you’ll find cash more useful.

6. Food

Rome – by Claudio Hirschberger – Unsplash

Rome is full of restaurants and many places to stop by and grab a meal. But I suggest avoiding tourist restaurants located nearby main attractions. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of money and eating bad food. Walk around and check the menù that you’ll find outside the restaurant before entering so you can value if it’s ok. 

7.  Water

St. Peter Basilica Rome – Wikipedia

The water in Rome is clean and drinkable so instead of paying 1 or 2 euros for a bottle of water each time you need it, I suggest bringing a reusable bottle.

Around Rome, there are a lot of fountains to stop by and refill your bottle. These fountains are also called “nasoni” ( big noses) and offer free and fresh water for everyone. And you’ll avoid using plastic and spend money!

8. Avoid the crowds

Heart of Rome by Andrea Spallanzani – Pixabay

When visiting Rome I always suggest waking up early in the morning to avoid crowds. Especially during the summertime, at twelve o’clock in august, you’ll find yourself wondering why you are visiting Rome! So wake up early, have a powerful breakfast and get ready to explore!

During summer tourists fill all the capital city and you’ll need to visit places before they do! Take note of all the opening and closing times of your sightseeing places so you’ll never be wrong and you won’t find it closed. When there isn’t a lot of people around, you will enjoy and have much more time to explore and absorb all the wonderful things. 


9. Free museums on the first Sunday of the month 


Rome by Andrea Albanese – Pixabay

Yes, usually museums are free on the first Sunday of the month.

But I always suggest checking everything on the web before going to the museum. So you’ll avoid having a bad surprise once there. 

All the museum have their own website with everything written on it,so you can easily obtain the information there if needed. This will help you spend less money and you’ll have the opportunity to visit museums all day long and for free.

Is a good occasion isn’t it? Free culture is always a good idea!

10. Wifi and phone charger

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Not all hotels, restaurants and museums offer free wifi to tourists. Before going to Rome check with your phone company the costs and the offers for travellers.

You will find yourself using a lot of internet to find places, museums or even restaurants on Tripadvisor.

The web will help you find out timetables, opening and closing hours of museums or churches. And eventually, you’ll find yourself using google maps while wandering around the city.

And remember to bring with you a power bank or even your cable to charge your phone whenever you need to. Because the battery will get low! You’ll be snapping photos of everything and even searching on the web for things to do and see!