10 Reasons You Must Visit Rome Alone


I didn’t think a list like this would ever be necessary; to me, visiting Rome on ones own seems like the most logical and pleasing opportunity in the world.

On the contrary, I’ve learned that solo travel is a real case of fear factory for some people, and needing to be convinced of the adventure becomes necessary.

Having traveled Rome alone, many times, myself, I feel I have some valuable insight to offer if you’ll hear it.

1. Because Rome is a Place to Fall in Love

And not just with other people! In all our romanticizing of Rome I feel we often put a lot of exception on this love factor that is rumored to find everyone who crosses into the land.

While you very well might fall in love with a charming Italian who has all the right words, there are many other love journeys available in this city, especially to solo travelers.

In Rome you’ll fall in love multiple times a day. You’ll fall in love with culture, with people, with foods, with communities, with monuments, with history, with architecture… with things that make you’re whole body tingle in unifying realization of ‘this is why I came here’.

Rome – by Spencer Davis – Unsplash

2. So No One Can Steal Your Food

Sounds like a joke, but hear me out.

Italy in general is a country where food rules about 70% of your day; Rome is no different. You’re going to eat, and you’re going to love every second of it. The food itself is love; made by the most caring and well intended hands possibly on Earth.

Traveling alone guarantees that you won’t have to share a single bite with anyone. Abandon the “sharing is caring” mentality you’ve had drilled into you since birth; be selfish, lick the plate, no one is watching.

Rome – by Anna Church – Unsplash

3. To Be On Your Own Time

Honestly this is my personal favorite part of traveling to new cities alone. I like the freedom to be on my own time; to change my itinerary at the last minute without it affecting anyone else, to roam somewhere on a whim, to skip meals if I feel so inclined.

This isn’t really something you can understand unless you’ve previously traveled in a group or with a partner; you lose all spontaneity because groups require planning whilst traveling.

Want to stay in bed at your Airbnb all day? Go for it.

Rome – by Josh Applegate – Unsplash

4. Visit Rome Alone Because it’s Affordable

It is! Italy happens to be one of the most affordable countries in Europe, making it one of the best places for solo travel.

In more expensive cities, such as Copenhagen or London, traveling alone is a lot more difficult because sharing costs is such a weight lifted off of each travelers shoulders.

In Rome one can easily afford a solo Airbnb or hotel, transportation and excursions without the need to split between two or more people.

5. To Learn Street Smarts You Never Knew You Had

This happens no matter where you travel alone; being on the streets of a foreign country by yourself will bring out sides to you that make you sit back and contemplate shaking your own hand.

Rome is by no means a dangerous city, but there are a few harmless threats like gypsies and pickpockets that will test your intuition.

Rome – by Claudio Hirschberger – Unsplash

6. Visit Rome Alone for the Culture Shock

Somewhat in line with the previous point, being in Rome alone will also induce a very real culture shock that makes one marvel at the world around them.

Most Italians speak English to some degree, but that doesn’t mean that they like to use it. Navigating your way around the city, ordering food and learning to read basic street signs in the local language will really immerse you in the culture of the land.

Having only yourself to rely on to do all of these things, makes it even more shocking (in a good way).

Rome – by Jordan Rowland – Unsplash

7. And To Have Time for Language Courses

One great perk about not having other travelers to revolve your schedule around is that you’ll have time for unusual activities, like a taking an Italian language course!

I spoke to a tourist in a bar recently who expressed her frustration at the fact that she was unable to join a course during her two weeks in Rome, because she would have missed breakfast every day and this was considered disappointing to her friends. It’s rough out there, come alone.

8. Enjoy Walking Without Restrictions

If you’re like me and you love to walk new cities top to bottom, you’ll be very glad to be in Rome alone and free one someone holding you back.

Travel walking stamina is rarely shared at the same level between traveling companions. One of you is going to complain first and insist on taxi’ing around for the rest of the day, and if it’s not usually you you’re going to be incredibly frustrated with your partner.

Walk Rome in its entirety, all by yourself.

Rome – by Meejin Choi – Unsplash

9. Visit Rome Alone and Learn How to Say “NO”

This was a big one for me as a woman traveling Italy alone. I will say that at no point during my time here have I ever felt to be in danger by a man, but Italian men are relentless with obviously foreign looking women.

We’re all used to men offering their commentary on us, our appearance, our bodies, especially when we don’t care to hear it. This will happen often while in Italy, particularly Rome, where the men seem to scout out foreigners to pick on.

Being alone, I learned very quickly how to simply say “no”. No to invitations, no to unsolicited remarks, no to my hair being touched without permission — just no.

Perhaps a skill we wish would never need to be learned in the first place, but one that will benefit us across all solo travels to come. No.

10. Visit Rome Alone as a Gift to Your Soul

It truly is, quite simply, one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever give yourself at this point in your life.

Even if you can only manage a week, go for it! You’ll feel it in your bones the minute you start to wander the ancient streets after the sun has gone down on your first day…

Rome – by Matthew Waring – Unsplash