10 Best wineries you must visit near Rome, Italy

Italy is well known for the good wine produced in the entire territory. But not only for that reason! The fusion of food, culture and wine is the twist that helps Italy with its popularity. 

We must say that beyond the wine country there is much more. Every corner of Italy is full of history and treasures to discover. But once in Rome and in the Lazio area, you can enjoy a good glass of wine and experience the real dolce vita. 

Let’s take a walk around the best wineries in Rome, Italy. We will talk about some good wine and you will discover nice and particular places to taste the best Italian winery products.


The History of Italian Wine


Before discovering some cute little wineries near Rome let’s talk about the wine history of the Lazio region. Wine is made in all twenty regions and it’s based on very specific geographical areas, grape varietals, ageing requirements and different quality controls. Italy’s wine future is very bright. The country is a leader in the production of wine and it’s only second in the world after France.

But let’s talk about the history of wine for a moment. We can easily say that wine history dates back more than 4.000 years.  Everything started in an Italian area called Oenotria (aka land of wine) with the Greeks who arrived in the south of Italy. The Italian climate helped viticulture during times and grapes were so easy to cultivate.  Wine experts say that Italy already had wine long before the Greeks came to the south of Italy. It was part of the everyday life of Italians. 

After the Etruscans, even the Romans took a great interest in winemaking skills. With Catholicism, Italy continued to refine winemaking techniques throughout the ages, creating a wide variety of excellent wines. Today, Italian wines are more varied and popular. They have hundreds of varietals and so many are grown only in Italy.


1. Fraschetta Ostaria dar vignarolo

Wine by Adriano Gadini – Pixabay

Maybe the name sounds a little bit difficult to say but don’t worry. Let me explain! With the term Fraschetta, we usually indicate a particular place where you can find wine and while tasting it you can try simple traditional food of the area. 

Here in the Fraschetta Ostaria Dar Vignarolo, you will find good food and very special wines to taste. Once here you need to try their famous “pappardelle al cinghiale” with some local red wine to help digest!

This Fraschetta is located in Ariccia in Via Str. Nuova, 97. It’s open from Monday to Sunday from 19.00 to 00.00 am

2.  Casa & Bottega Caffè 

Source: Unsplash

In Via Appia Sud 127 near Velletri you will find Casa&Bottega Caffè. A very special place to have dinner or lunch and a very good glass of wine and if you prefer coffee! Once here I suggest trying a very special carbonara homemade with a glass of red wine that the owner will choose for you from their canteen.  And at the end trust me, you need to try their cheesecake with Nutella! The relaxing atmosphere and the live music will help you to enjoy everything and more!

3. Lo spuntino 

Wine Cellar- Pixabay

Here in Sabaudia, you will find this particular place. Quite a find for me!

Their wine list is extensive and very well selected.  They have wines from Italy but they also like to have some “chicche” in their canteen. You will also find french and very particular wines. Very good if you are searching for something special and different, even for a gift or to take home with you.

Lo Spuntino  is located in Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele III n. 63. 


4. Enoteca Cavour 313

Wine Cellar- Pixabay

In the heart of Rome, you will find this wine shop. A must try let me tell you! Here you can taste local products and you will find more than 1000 wine labels, in informal rooms that have a retro flavour.

Enoteca Cavour is located in Via Cavour 313 and is open from 19.00 pm to 23.00 and is closed on Sunday. 

5. Enoteca Roma.na

By Victor – Wikimedia Commons

If you are searching for a shop full of good wine here you are! I have the right place for you. In Via Cremona, you will find this well-articulated shop full of Italian wines and many more from all over the world. Stop there and ask for the best Italian wine!

For more information about their shop, timetables and special wines don’t hesitate and call them at 06.44244941


6. Gioielleria del distillato or Enoteca Tuscolana 

Cheeses and wine by Skyzee- Wikimedia Commons

Here you are. The best place in town where you can search for the wine that will leave you breathless. If near Piazza Dei Consoli then stop there and ask them for more information about their wines and spirits. They will help you choose the best wine for your necessities. 

The store is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 21 pm. The timetable is not always the same so check their website before. 


7. Enoteca Dei Prinicipi di Roma

wine by i Vinotecarium da Pixabay

This beautiful place offers a very large variety of wines to taste and buy. 

You will find good Morellino di Scansano DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Almerita Brut, Archimede Nero d’Avola and many more.

They have a shop online where you can easily order if you prefer. Search here for more information about them 


8. Vinum Est Roma

wine Steve Buissinne da Pixabay

Yes, Vinum Est Roma  (aka wine is Rome) is a wine shop where you can stop and enjoy a good red wine while eating some good food. If you are not keen on wine then you can taste a good cocktail while tasting different and particular foods.

Vinum Est Roma is located in Via Francesco Valesio, 24 and is open  Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 23.00 pm.


9. Enoteca Bortone

Qine by Couleur da Pixabay

In Via Monserrato n. 4 you will find this vinotheque. They say it’s the best in town. Stop here to taste a good Fiorduva Marisa Cuomo or a Barbaresco La Spinetta or if you prefer a Nobile di Montepulciano. You will find a very large wine list here to choose from! It’s a must-try once in Rome! Patrizia Bortone the owner will take you on a journey of tastings! 

10. Il Sorì

Wine by Karolina Grabowska -Pixabay

In Via dei Volsci n. 51 you’ll find Il Sorì. A special place where to stop and relax while tasting some good italian and also foreing wines. Here you can meet producers and partecipate at evening.  But let’s not forget the wide selection of cured meats and cheeses produced by agricultural companies with traditional techniques.  Don’t miss it! Believe me!