10 best cafes with outdoor seating in Rome

Once you arrive in Rome you will be catapulted into an ancient world full of things to admire.
Architecture, works of art and museums will be your daily bread.
Wherever you go you will have a lot to see. For this reason, I recommend that you bring comfortable shoes and your best camera.
If you are looking for fun and places to relax and enjoy the evening with your friends I will give you some tips.
Here you will find the 10 best cafes with outdoor seating in Rome. Where you can listen to good music and sip drinks with friends and have fun.

1. A wonderful view of Rome at Wood San Pietro 


Rome by Nimrod Oren – Pixabay

Wood San Pietro is my favourite place in Rome. When I have time I like to go there with my friends and relax while drinking a good mojito. The best part of Wood San Pietro is that you are outside in a green area and you have a beautiful view of the city and all the landmarks of Rome. From their balcony, you can admire the “Cupolone” and taste a little bit of “Dolce Vita”.  Here you can taste good aperitifs, or you can relax after dinner with good wine and cocktails. It’s always full of events!

Wood San Pietro is located inside Parco Modigliani in Via Sabiniano. If you need more information check their website here

2. A secret garden called Domina Borgo Ripa 

Rome by Davide Cattini -Pixabay

If you are searching for a charming and romantic place for a beautiful evening then Domina Borgo Ripa is what you are looking for. But you don’t have to go far! You will find Domina Borgo Ripa in the Trastevere area. It’ a summer location dedicated to Italian pizza gourmet, aperitif and many different cocktails. The location is in Lungo Tevere Ripa 3 and is open from Monday to Saturday from 19.00 to 02.00 am

3. A young twist called Marmo at the Piazzale del Verano 

Rome by Andrea Spallanzani – Pixabay

If you are a student in Rome and searching for a place to have fun because you study too much then you are in the right place! Marmo is a bar with tables located outside especially during summertime. You can taste a good cocktail with snacks and have fun listening to good music with your friends.

The bar is located in Piazzale del Verano n.71. Check their Facebook page at Marmoroma for events and opening times.

4. A mistic and voodoo place in Rome 

Rome by Julius Silver – Pixabay

If you are searching for a different experience to live in Rome then you are in the perfect place. The Voodoo Bar e The Sanctuary Eco Retreat is located in Colle Oppio and offers tropical cuisine, Caribbean cocktails and also a chill area. Here you will find always a live  DJ set. The bar is open from Monday to Sunday from 17.00 to 03.00 am.

You will find this wonderful place in Via Delle Terme di Traiano n. 4. 

5.A lounge bar in Rome called Blume 

Rome by enriquelopezgarre – Pixabay

If you are in search of a lounge bar then here it is! At the Bloom bar, you will find good music, food and drinks. This lounge bar offers different daytime experience with a teme. Their bartenders will help you choosing the best cocktail for you with good food!

Blume is located in Viale tor di Quinto. If you need more information check their website here

6. A wonderful place called Feria Lanificio 

Bar by Kirill Averianov – Pixabay

This is a good place to have fun or relax with your friends with a good cocktail or champagne.  The location has an industrial and young vibe. You can sit down and have a good time while eating good roman food. Or you can even have a brunch if you prefer. The food service is at the table but the bar service is at the counter. 

The location is at Via di Pietralata n. 159/a for more information check their website here

7. A temporary Satyrus Bar in Via Scalea Bruno Zevi

Bar by Free-Photos – Pixabay

Satyrus is a temporary bar located in Scalea Bruno Zevi near Piazza del Popolo. Here you can admire the Galleria Nazionale and Villa Borghese. The atmosphere here is beautiful and the environment is elegant. Here you will find good food and cocktails. You can sit and admire the beauty of the park or walk around while listening to good music or cabaret.

If you need more information check their website here or you can contact them here info@satyrus.it – +39.342.065.6530

8. A roman terrace  

Rome by Pexels – Pixabay

If you are searching for a restaurant with a terrace here in Rome you will find “La Terrazza di Saulo” located in Via Ostiense n. 251. Here you will find traditional food that tells their story, who they are, where they come from with a look to the future… without forgetting the Roman traditions.

If you need more information about their menu, drinks and location then check their website here 

And don’t forget to try their wonderful pasta. They even have raw desserts! Don’t miss them!

9.An industrial place in San Lorenzo the Ex Dogana

ROme by Michael Gaida – Pixabay

In Via Dello Scalo di San Lorenzo you will find the Ex Dogana. It’s an old industrial space in San Lorenzo, between Porta Maggiore and La Tangenziale Est. Here they perform concerts, DJ sets and 360 ° events. The Ex Dogana has internal parking for your car. Always check on line their events and opening before going there because is not always open!

10. Monk Space in Rome

Cocktails by LicorBeirao – Pixabay

The Monk is located in a large green area in Via Giuseppe Mirri n. 35, in Rome.  Includes several spaces, both outdoors and indoors, where scheduled activities alternate, depending on the season. The Monk is equipped with indoor facilities. The main room is characterized by exposed bricks, soft lighting, and red sofas while the living room, on the other hand, more intimate and collected, is the space dedicated to presentations, readings and unplugged sessions.
At the Monk, you can have dinner or a drink while waiting for the show.
You will also find a small internal courtyard that hosts movie nights in summer.

If you need more information about upcoming events and their food check their website here. If you need to organize an event contact them!