Romantic things to do in Paris


Paris is known for being the most romantic city in the world, and I, for one, believe that it deserves this reputation. Whether you are coming to Paris for your honeymoon or for a romantic getaway, or even if you find yourself a French “petit(e) ami(e)” (girlfriend, boyfriend) while travelling, there are countless romantic things to do in Paris, the city of love. To be fair, even the simple fact of walking around is a romantic thing to do in Paris. But some places are just unmissable.

Walking In Paris

romantic things to do in Paris

For starters, bridges are the perfect places to declare your love, or just to stroll around hands in hands with your “amoureux” (lover). The most beautiful ones have been the location of famous movies and TV shows: pretend to be in a Woody Allen film and kiss your loved one on the river banks, under the Pont Marie.

The Pont des Arts is famous thanks to the TV show Sex and the City but also thanks to the padlocks. One traditional romantic thing to do was to get a padlock and to hook it on the bridge with your lover. People then would throw the key in the Seine for your love to last forever. That was definitely a romantic thing to do while in Paris. The main difficulty was to find a spot for your padlock! But this tradition is now over because Paris City Hall came to the conclusion that it was starting to have a great downward impact on the environment and was weighing too much on the bridge and that it could cause safety problems.

If you enjoy walking as much as Parisians do, why not also see different parts of Paris, less well-known neighbourhoods? Walking along the Champs-Elysées is great, of course, but getting lost in Montmartre is one of the most romantic things to do in Paris. Unfortunately, it is a district often forgotten by the uninitiated. If you follow my advice and go there, don’t follow the crowd: look for the very Parisian café Les Deux Moulins, where the famous French movie Amélie was shot. If you’ve seen the film, you know that Amélie’s story is amazingly romantic. You’ll be reminded of it by the posters of Amélie that are hanging around in this very typical café.

Then, if you want to see the most impressive view of Paris, head up to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. My recommendation? Do it by night, it will be much less crowded, thus more romantic. I really can’t imagine a more romantic thing to do than sitting on the stairs of the Sacred Heart, admiring the city lights and eating Ladurée macarons with your lover.

romantic things to do in Paris

Finally, if you are looking for another romantic things to do, remember to take a picture in front of The Wall of I love you’s (le mur des “Je t’aime”) located near the metro station Abbesses, in the Square Jehan-Rictus. The words “I love you” are written on the wall in more than 250 languages.

Eating In Paris

Another thing that makes Paris so romantic is the French food. Going to the Jules Verne, the restaurant located in the Eiffel tower is a great idea. But if you forgot to book a table, I’d say that having dinner on a cruise is something almost as romantic. It may be a touristic thing to do, but if Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant did it in Charade, it is no coincidence. The Seine by night is one of the most romantic sights you’ll ever see.

romantic things to do in Paris

If you can’t do it at night, at least go for a daytime cruise on Vedettes du Pont-Neuf boats, on La Seine River. It is a great way to see the Parisian monuments. My advice to turn it into an even more romantic activity? Kiss your loved one under every bridge you cross.

Bonus tip: At the end of our free tours, your guide will give you a “Perks Package”. Inside the package, you will find many interesting discounts that you might enjoy, such as boat cruises! ;)

romantic things to do in Paris

The Eiffel Tower, undoubtedly, is another view you don’t want to miss. If you don’t feel like going up, try the café Carlu, in the Trocadéro, for a romantic view of the Iron Lady. If you think that people-watching is a more romantic thing to do, you should try out the Latin Quarter and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Follow the steps of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir and look at the crowd in front of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church while having coffee at the amazing Café de Flore.

Let’s talk about wine now; a great idea to have a romantic moment while wine-tasting would be to head to the 12th district to the Baron Rouge – some of you might recognize it from Gossip Girl, this is the place where Chuck briefly works as a waiter. But this place is truly warm, and not touristic at all: a good location to enjoy a moment à deux (just the two of you).

Also, if the weather lends itself to it, you need to try one of the famous Berthillon ice-creams. A very romantic and cute thing to do in Paris is to share one sundae with two spoons. If it is too cold for ice-creams, go to Angelina’s (rue de Rivoli) for the best hot chocolate in town.

These are recommendations for those of you who wish to live romantic moments with the one you love. But if you wish for a truly sensational experience with your lover, Paris is also the place for you.

Original Activities

romantic things to do in Paris

If you feel like having a massage, why not go big? Book a massage for two at the Four Seasons hotel and you will never forget it. Otherwise, if you are looking for an original but romantic thing to do, you can create your own perfume at Studio des Parfums in Le Marais, located at 23 rue du Bourg Tibourg. For night-time, a very romantic thing to do is to spend a night at the Garnier Opera House, a splendid building with majestic staircases which is also the best place for operas and ballets. Besides, the area surrounding the Opera is beautiful, you are only a few minutes away from the Louvre and the Grands Boulevards.

Keep in mind that Paris is romantic because of its atmosphere: while you are staying here, take the time to look around and to absorb the spirit of the city of love. Looking into your lover’s eyes, with a street musician playing soft music in the background and the Eiffel tower illuminated in front of you, is probably what you had in mind when you came to Paris – and you were right to imagine this kind of scene because it is pretty accurate! Paris is nothing but romantic.

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