Purses in Paris are one of the most important fashion accessory to complete one’s style! If you’re searching for a place to buy a handbag in Paris as a souvenir, you’re in the right place! Purses might be the best souvenir from Paris you can get: you’ll carry them around all day long! In this article you will find the best addresses to go shopping for every budget.


Le Marais: thrift shops and trendy designer boutiques

designer boutiques

If you’re looking for purses in Paris, the area of Le Marais is filled with places where you can find original vintage bags or brand new purses designed by upcoming designers. The thrift shops are often located in narrow streets and are sometimes very messy but you get to buy very cheap bags and clothes that you would not have found anywhere else! If you’re not afraid of searching to find the best deals, don’t hesitate! You will find several thrift shops in the Rue de la Verrerie. The trendy designers’ boutiques are great to find classy bags if you have the budget for it. It’s usually easier to find what you are searching for since their shops are often decorated in a sober style.

The malls: les Halles et les Quatre Temps

Quatre Temps

Purses in Paris can also be bought in big commercial centers! The most famous international and french brands targeting regular french consumers have stores in Parisian malls. Therefore you can get affordable bags and a lot of choice. Plus, the Parisian malls are very easily accessible: for example Les Halles is right in the middle of Paris. Also, les Quatre Temps at La Défense happens to be opened on Sundays! If you’re searching for a place to go shopping when it’s rainy in Paris, go to the mall.

Luxurious purses in Les Grands Magasins

Les Grands Magasins

Purses in Paris can be found in what we call the « Grands Magasins » these are big department stores with the most luxurious brands. There are a lot of temporary boutiques installed, so you can hop from one designer’s style to the others walking a few meters. The purses you will find there are for the most part pretty expensive but they are really unique and extremely sophisticated. The Galeries Lafayettes next to the Palais Garnier is one of these Grands Magasins but there is also Le Bon Marché in Saint-Germain des Prés for example.

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