Top 10 Tips to Date Czech Men


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Immerse yourself in the Czech dating culture and find a Czech man

Dating is different everywhere in the world. Certain customs and traditions are prevalent in some countries, while looked upon as interesting or strange in others. Despite the differences that are prevalent in the dating world throughout various countries in the world, there are some commonalities that trend throughout dating customs.

In the Czech Republic, it is important to know certain facts about the dating culture before proceeding. If you are an ex-pat settling down in Prague, let’s talk about the features and the stereotypes that you might run into when trying to date Czech men.

1. There are two different ways to say ‘I love you’

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In the Czech language, there are two different ways to say I love you. Don’t be afraid if your Czech boyfriend keeps saying two different phrases to you, and is claiming he loves you. He probably does.

“Mám tě rád” a “miluji tě” both have similar meanings to the English “I love you.” The first phrase literally means “I like you,” but can also be substituted for love. We see this turning into an argument with you and your future boyfriend, so just be aware of the discrepancies here.

The second phrase is a serious phrase, and should only be used occasionally. People usually wait a significant amount of time before they profess their love using this phrase. Consider this phrase a 6-month anniversary present. 

2. He might bring flowers

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If you are getting ready for your first date with a Czech man, don’t be surprised if he shows up to your doorstep with flowers. Certain traditions are still commonplace in Czech today and are reminiscent of the courting of the 1960s in America.

When he brings you flowers, maybe take a few seconds to count them – after thanking him, of course. There should be an odd number of flowers – if it is an even amount, this is a bad sign. It stands for mourning – as in, he’s mourning his date with you. Uh-oh. 

3. Men might pay for your first date

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Usually, for the first date with a Czech man, he will choose a space where you can talk openly and freely. However, it is usually in a  public space, like a cafe or a park, so that you aren’t alone with a virtual stranger.

When the bill comes, don’t be surprised if he reaches for it first. Men are traditionally expected to pay for the expenses during a date. However, with times modernizing like crazy, you might go dutch and split the bill in half. Hopefully, he didn’t order anything too expensive.

4. Czech men will definitely tell you how you look

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) – photo sourced from

A stand-up quality that is important in all relationships, friends, and romantic, is that the other person always says the truth. It’s much better to be completely upfront and honest instead of hiding how you truly feel. Right?

Well, you won’t have to worry about this if you date a Czech man. They are very blunt and will tell you exactly what they think. So if he doesn’t like your outfit, he will tell you. 

5. Czech men will hug and kiss you in public – a lot

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Czech men will grab you in public, hug you, kiss you, and not see anything wrong with it. I mean, they shouldn’t. It is a part of their culture that public affection is normal. So if you’re dating a Czech man, then you better get used to holding hands while strolling through the park.

6. Get ready to hear a plethora of pet names

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Although you may have thought the days of being called ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ were gone, think again. The Czech language has so many diminutives, which are perfect for referring to your great love. Phrases like ‘zlato’ are especially common in Czech, meaning ‘honey.’

7. Don’t expect the Czech men to pay for too much more than your first date

Cesky Krumlov in the evening

Cesky Krumlov with the castle in dusk – by Ales Motejl –

Czech men are very cheap. This can be a good thing, though. Instead of spending loads of money on expensive dates, they will take you to parks, to inexpensive but cute cafes, and to outdoor adventures. Don’t expect a fancy dinner with your new boyfriend – unless he has a restaurant coupon.

8. Remember the old ‘no sex before marriage’ thing? That might not apply here

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Compared to many of their Eastern neighbors, the Czechs are not very religious. So far as to say that 70% of the country does not identify with a religious group. Therefore, one can only assume that sex before marriage is not looked upon as a sin in their culture. Take this for what you will. 

9. You might not get married – not yet anyway

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The average age of people getting married today is much higher than it used to be. This has a connection with religion, as the younger generation is not as pressured to rush into a lifelong relationship. This could also be due to each partner having higher expectations about what they want in their significant other.

Just because your Czech boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet doesn’t mean he will. Hold out hope that one day he will pop the big question.

10. Wedding traditions are going the secular route

Outdoor party – By Jon Kristian Bernhardsen / CC BY (

Okay, he finally asked the question. FINALLY. Now, you just have to plan the wedding. Nowadays in the Czech Republic, wedding ceremonies are leaning towards a secular celebration. This party can take place pretty much anywhere. You might end up celebrating with your Czech man at a country hotel or a vineyard. 

There you have it – the foolproof beginner’s guide on how to date Czech men.