The best nightclubs in Prague

Heading to the Czech capital for a weekend out with friends? If so, you are in no shortage of bars, nightclubs, and pubs to check out during your next weekend-stay in Prague. This city is known for having energetic and eccentric nightlife. If you are in the mood for a $2 beer, then you can head to your local pub around the corner and pick up a few pints for less than a 10’er. 

However, if you are in the mood for staying out all night long and dancing the hours away, we recommend checking out some of Prague’s most notorious nightclubs. Here, you can enjoy meeting locals, dancing to techno music, losing yourself in the dark corners of the nightclub, and seeing a different side of Prague then you would find during the daylight hours. Check out these top spots next time you head to the famous Czech capital!



Two DJS perform at a club – By By Malagalabombonera – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The hub for late-night parties and theme nights, Futurum is the best place where you can meet some of the most eccentric locals that Prague has to offer. With creatively themed nights that range from rock-n-roll nights, to throwback evenings, to everything in between, you can rest assured that you will have a fun-filled time when you are here. Not to mention, the aesthetic building is enough to make you stop in your tracks. 


People dancing at a nightclub – By By Veeti Davidsson – Captured by myself, CC BY-SA 4.0,

One of the most famous names when it comes to nightclubs, the Roxy is a staple in Prague. Head here if you enjoy listening to live music, bright neon colors, meeting other tourists, and checking out visual artwork that is going to make your heads spin. A beautiful combination of local art, nightlife, and music, the Roxy is one of the best spots for a Saturday night out in the capital city. 

Lucerna Music Bar

Club DJ using CDJ players for mixing music – By By Arnold Jaeger Werner –, CC BY 2.0,

If you are in the mood for a traditional clubbing experience, head to Lucerne. Although other bars and pubs can be fun for a chill night, the last thing that you will find in the Lucerna Music Bar is a “chill” atmosphere. Instead, go here when you want to get on the dance floor, have a few drinks, and enjoy listening to some of the best 1980’s throwback tunes. If you’re lucky enough and time your trip right, you can end up going to a concert by some of the most well-known artists.


Clubgoers dancing at an upmarket night club – By By Pod talk at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0,

Have you ever dreamed about getting on the back of a motorcycle with your boyfriend or girlfriend and driving into the sunset? You can live out your fantasy in Harley’s, a biker-themed club that is probably exactly as you imagine. With tattooed bartenders, leather jackets, and a rough and tumble atmosphere, this place is perfect for those who want to listen to trance music, EDM, rock-n-roll, and other headbangers. 


Light up club wear for perforamnces – By By Beo Beyond – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Even though this is nowhere near the biggest or the grandest club in Prague, there is something about the ambiance in Dejavu that keeps people coming back for more – time and time again. Due to the central location in the very heart of the city – and the extremely cheap drinks that can be quite dangerous after the fourth or fifth round – people flock to this nightclub on most weekday and weekend nights. If you don’t mind being early, head to this always-fun spot for a strong cocktail – for less than $3. 


Rave music – By polychromat –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

If you and a big group of friends are ready to dance the night away, head to SaSaZu. With an expansive dance floor that seemingly takes up the entire floor space of this club, you won’t have trouble finding a spot for you and your friends to break it down. Secretly located behind an Asian restaurant – also called SaSaZu – don’t mistake the restaurant for the club. Instead, go to the secretive entrance and enjoy some big techno hits from names like Steve Aoki blasting through the speakers. 

Radost FX

Glowsticking – By Ildar Sagdejev (Specious) – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

After having a vegetarian dinner at the upstairs restaurant, head downstairs to this quirky dance spot. Located in the Vinohrady neighborhood of Prague – which arguably has the best-kept secrets in the city – you can enjoy Thursday night theme parties, Saturday night Afrobeat parties, and late-night jam sessions until 5 in the morning. 


THe interior of a gay bar – By By David Shankbone – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This bar/club is known for being gay-friendly. Instead of just solely a gay or lesbian bar or club, this gay-friendly space is inclusive and welcoming of queer and straight people alike. With an interior decor that is reminiscent of someone’s birthday party, with balloons, disco balls, swirling lights, and a brightly colored bar, this club is somewhere that everyone can have fun and feel included.