The 10 Best Brunches in Prague


Charles Bridge
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Where is the best spot to go on a Sunday morning?

Sure, Prague is known for the extravagant castle, Charles Bridge, and – of course – Pilsner beer. But what happens when you actually wake up at a decent hour on the weekend and want to hit up one of the best brunches in the city? Well fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered. From casual spots to a more extravagant experience, we have broken down the top 10 brunches in Czech’s capital for you to enjoy on a Sunday morning – or afternoon.

1. Radost FX

Fried potato salad – By FikriyeRıza / CC BY-SA (

You might find it surprising that we started this list with a vegetarian-only restaurant – but you shouldn’t be. Non-vegetarians will simultaneously rejoice with the plant eaters, as this restaurant is an eclectic establishment, regarding both the food served and the ambiance around you.

The groovy and hippie-like interior makes you feel relaxed, and as if you’re dining in a friend’s house in Morocco. Located very close to Pavlova metro, this breakfast spot is in one of Prague’s international neighborhoods, which can be seen via the menu offered here. The menu ranges from classic omeletes, to Tex-Mex specialties as an homage to the faux-Mexican/American food. It also has tasty breakfast burritos and some sweet items, like huge pancakes and waffles. 

We recommend trying the cheese quesadilla and the home-fried potatoes. The fried goodness on a weekend morning will possibly be the best thing to happen to you that weekend. While you’re chewing, wash it down with one of their refreshing juices, giant tees, or flavored seltzer water.

Brunch Hours: 11:00-3:00pm

2. Monolok

Paddle steamer Vysehrad under Vysehrad rock – By Stanislav Jelen – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This cute spot in Prague 2 is a great brunch location for outdoor seating, with their garden area providing some much-needed fresh air. Bring your friend, or Bumble date(?), to this spot for a romantic brunch for two – this includes a bagel, cheese and meat platter, croissants, muesli, and two mimosas. Sit outside, soak in the coveted sun, and reminisce on the previous night while sipping a flavorful mimosa. 

Brunch Hours: 8:00/9:00-12:00pm

3. Cobra

Prague 7 Czech Republic – By MSzybalski / CC BY-SA (

Have you been dreaming of an incredible Eggs Benedict? Well, you’re in luck. Cobra serves some insanely-strong and tasty coffee to start your brunch off on the right foot. After you’re feeling a little more lively, try one of their brunch drinks, order an Eggs Benedict, and enjoy watching the chefs in the kitchen. This Prague 7 spot has some flare and a lot of taste for the perfect brunch.

Brunch Hours: Every day 8:00-10:50am, Saturday & Sunday 8:00-3:00pm

4. Můj šálek kávy

Char Siu & Fried Egg with Rice – By Ceeseven / CC BY-SA (

Muj is the home of an urban coffee shop that just screams hipster and cool vibes. With inside and outside seating, you can choose to enjoy the sunny weather or cool off inside. We recommend trying the fried eggs with chili butter and yogurt sauce for something a little non-Czech – and a dish that you won’t soon forget.

You’ll be able to sit outside this Prague 8 spot and watch the Karlin world go by. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the non-traditional dishes offered here. 

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00-9:00pm, Sunday 10:00-8:00pm

5. Cafe Savoy

Brno Cafe Savoy – By Scotch Mist – By Scotch Mist – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Ah yes, the infamous Cafe Savoy. Quite possibly the most well-known breakfast and brunch spot in Prague, this extravagant eatery is consistently busy. If you’re trying to come here for a weekend brunch don’t even show up without a reservation – who knows when you’d actually get in.

Since the place will be packed, start by ordering a glass of champagne. This will ensure that not only will you not be a little annoyed the service takes longer, but you will be able to regain a buzz and learn to appreciate the ritzy atmosphere. If you’re too peckish to wait for the meal to come out, browse the pastry station downstairs and order a little snack while you wait. 

Hours: Everyday 9:00-9:00pm

6. Bottega Bistros

New Town Hall Prague September 2016 – By Alvesgaspar / CC BY-SA (

With numerous locations spread around the city, the biggest decision you make today might be which location out of the 5 is calling to you right now. Check out the spot in New Town – the stylish decor is a great spot to hang out for a while. Sit in the window box and enjoy some strong coffee and pastries made simply and perfectly. 

Brunch Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00-11:00am, Weekends 9:00-3:30pm

7. Eska

Sokolovska od Karlinskeho namsti – By cs:ŠJů / CC BY-SA (

Any carb-lovers out there? Eska serves up delicious homemade butter and bread that are sure to give you enough energy to power through this lazy Sunday. Enjoy some strong coffee, and decide if you want to sit in the cozy interior on the cold Prague mornings, or outside gazing at Karlin during the sunny Prague afternoons. We recommend trying the Buchta – a pastry filled with your choice of quark, poppyseeds or jam. 

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-11:00pm, Weekends 9:00-11:30pm

8. Bistro 8

Nadrazi Holesovice Bird View – By Martin2035 / CC BY (

This modern spot features wood details, minimalist interior, and open space that gives you both a cozy and industrial feel at the same time. This cafe uses only the best for their coffee, utilizing Climpson and Sons beans from the famous London roastery, helping them to create the perfect cup of coffee for your brunch experience. Check out this Holesovice spot for your new Sunday morning spot.

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-10:00pm, Weekends 10:00-4:00pm

9. The Farm

Letna palace – By Gampe / CC BY-SA (

Located in Letna, the trendy and hipster neighborhood in Prague, The Farm features an open atmosphere with large windows and a homely vibe. You’ll feel as if you’re both in an industrial warehouse, and a cozy living room simultaneously. 

The farm-fresh brunch menu is what really brings the people here – hence the name, The Farm. They only use bio and fair trade ingredients to create their specials like bacon and eggs, fancy burgers, porridge with fresh fruit, and delicious pastries. We recommend trying ‘The Farm Breakfast’ of fried eggs, bacon, freshly-baked bread, and local cheeses. 

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-10:30pm, Saturday 9:00-10:30pm, Sunday 9:00-8:00pm

10. Cafe Louvre

Praha Cafe Louvre – By VitVit / CC BY-SA (

Named after the famous art gallery in France, this establishment is on the same level as Cafe Savoy in terms of extravagance and upscale details. As you look around, instead of seeing French flare, you’ll see items of Prague’s past, making this a spot popular among both locals and tourists alike. 

The food here is perfectly cooked, simple, and classic, making it easy for anyone to find a dish they will like. We recommend trying the Czech breakfast of bread, cheese, eggs, and cold meats. No matter what you choose at Louvre, you won’t be disappointed – the combination of decor, ambiance, coffee, and tasty food makes this a great brunch option.

Brunch Hours: Everyday 8:00-11:30am

There you have it – the 10 best brunch options in Prague to silence your rumbling stomach and give you some energy for a full day of sight-seeing…or going back to bed.