The Jewish Museum in Prague is a beautiful, historical, and architecturally-interesting museum that focuses on the Jewish heritage within the Czech Republic, making it one of the most visited museums in the entire Czech capital.

The collection of Judaica is one of the largest in the entire world, comprising of ceremonial art that is used by Jews for ritual purposes, coming in at over 40,000 objects and 100,000 books.

So on your next holiday to Prague, this is definitely a place you are going to want to visit. The real question is – what are the logistics you need to know? We have all the details covered so you do not need to worry about anything on your relaxing and educational trip to this exquisite museum.

Jewish Museum for Families

Jewish Museum and the Spanish Synagogue in Prague, Czech Republic – By By Feťour – Own work, CC0,

Although there are some sites that might be appropriate for children, this museum is not specifically designed as  family attraction. Maybe because of the subject matter involved, or the way in which the exhibitions are set up, but this museum mainly focuses on recognizing and memorializing the Jewish heritage in the Czech Republic. If you are visiting Prague with your kids, then the best places to bring them to the Jewish Museum might be the Spanish Synagogue or the Old Jewish Cemetery, both renowned for their cinematic and elaborate decorations and atmospheres.

How to get here

ASkoda Tram bound Prague – By By Ďieter224 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The sites of the Jewish Museum of Prague are slightly spread out within the former Jewish Town, all located within the historical center of Prague. Although they are not all right next to each other, they are located within just a few minutes’ walking distance from one another.

If you are taking public transport, we recommend getting off at the STarometska Station from the Metro A line, Tram 17 or 18, or Bus 194 or 207. From this station, it is just a 3-minute walk. If you are taking the bus to the sites of the Jewish Museum, then the 194 can drop you off right next to the Spanish Synagogue, getting off at the U Stare skoly bus stop.

If you are heading here on foot and want to get some steps in during your vacation, then the Jewish Town is just 5 minutes from the famous Old Town Square, and only 10 minutes from the picturesque Charles Bridge, connecting both sides of the city.

When to go

Jewish Ceremonial Hall in Prague – Czech REpublic – By By Jim Linwood –, CC BY 2.0,

Make sure you check the website to see when the seasonal hours area, since they change depending on the time of year. During the summer hours, the opening and closing times are 9am-6pm, while the closing time is 4:30pm during the winter months. The Museum sites are closed every Saturday all year round and every Jewish holiday, which can change depending on the Jewish calendar – so make sure you double-check before visiting!

What to wear

Praha – View ESE on Siroka Entrance of Jewish Museum – By By Txllxt TxllxT – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Just like other monuments or museums in the city of Prague, or anywhere in the world, really, there should be a level of decorum and respect that every visitor should have. Appropriate clothing that is modest and clothes that cover your shoulders for women should be adhered to. Men are also required to wear a head covering in the Old Jewish Cemetery and the Pinkas Shoah memorial. Forgot your hat at the hotel? You can borrow or buy a traditional kippah when you are visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Taking Photos

Tourist Taking Photo – By By Flickr user “Johnath” –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Previously, visitors were not allowed to take photos in every part of the museum. However, with a recent rule change, it is now possible to take pictures everywhere – however, keep that flash turned off.

Digital Channels

Praha Jewish Museum Pinchas Synagogue – By By Txllxt TxllxT – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Curious as to what exhibitions are open and some details about the museum itself? Check out the digital facts and resources that The Jewish Museum of Prague has on their website. You can have a look at the permanent exhibitions, like the Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. Also, you can look at the on-line exhibitions, view a documentary about the history of the museum, browse on-line collections online, visit the old restoration workshops and the library, and read about the new and planned permanent exhibitions in the future years.

Information and Reservation Center Important Info

Prag Judischer Friedhof – By By Dietmar Rabich, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This center opened in 2014 and provides important information that potential visitors will need to know before their visit. At this center, you can purchase tickets for all tours and sites of the Prague Jewish Town. You can also use interactive maps of the sites of permanent exhibitions in the Prague Jewish Town, learn info about guided tours for groups, how to get an audio guide rental, information about educational events in the Jewish Town, useful tips about the Jewish heritage tours, visitor services (WC and disabled access), and how to exchange payments and pay for services in both CZK and Euros.

Need to leave some feedback?

Ceremonial Hall in Prague Jewish Museum – By By Chmee2 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Visitor services are used in tandem with the Jewish Museum in Prague and local business partners, providing a reliable channel for visitors or potential visitors to leave feedback on their experiences. If you want to message the Jewish Museum about their venues and exhibitions, you can send a message via Need to ask a question about the audioguides or the museum shops? Email or for more info.

There you have it! Everything you need to know to have a fun and successful visit to the historical and beautiful Jewish Museum of Prague.