Are you a romantic soul, a dreamer, a heart breaker, a party animal or an adventure addict? A foodie, a beer taster, or a wine grower? Everybody is welcome here! But which tour will fit your needs best? Keep reading to find out – Prague Tours: What kind of tour is made for you?

Prague Tours: What kind of tour is made for you?

The Old Town Tour


The Old Town is THE tour for you in case you want to get the best introduction to the city. The history of the Old Town, the oldest part of Prague, dates back to the 11th century when Prague was one of the richest cities in Europe. And it still is rich – you will be astonished how much effort the Praguers put into keeping their treasures like the Gothic Old Town Hall or the Baroque St. Nicholas’ church. Do you love literature? Then you definitely want to know where Franz Kafka was born and where he went to high school!

Did you know about the existence of this terrace? Your Prague local guide knows for sure!

In case you are tired of sightseeing, you will certainly be happy about your guide’s secret tip on the best spot for watching the apostle show on the most famous Astronomical clock in the world, over a pint of beer! Or you might appreciate insider’s tips on the best places to eat, party or have fun! We guarantee that the Old Town has plenty of them!

Magical Prague Tour – Charles Bridge and Kampa Tour

The National Theatre at night. We love it!

A paradise for photography as well as romance lovers is situated right next to the iconic Charles Bridge. Who could say no to overlooking the Prague panorama from the Kampa angle? Who could say no to watching the famous National Theatre shining at night?

If you like to avoid the crowds, Kampa Island is the place to be for you. Kampa won’t only impress you with lovely little streets where artists enjoy their glass of wine at the local park after visiting one of the Prague’s top museums, but also with cute intimate caf├ęs and some of Prague’s top restaurants where you can celebrate your birthdays or even propose to your girlfriend! Ask your guide on your Magical Prague tour, they will always be happy to recommend the best places!

Prague Castle Tour

Praguers call this art!

There is no doubt that the Prague castle is the most impressive dominant of Prague. Majestically overlooking the city, the Prague castle will not only impress you with its long history, but especially with its beauty. And therefore we dare say that the Prague castle tour will please the senses of history and architecture lovers the most! You will hear the ‘ahhhhh’ all around the stunning St. Vitus’ cathedral and you will not believe your eyes at how small the houses in the charming Golden Lane are!

Communism, the Cold War or the current political situation are other topics the guides love to talk about. Only locals can explain to you why the Czechs would install a raised index finger on the Vltava river pointing towards the seat of the president, only locals can tell you where to get the best yet reasonably priced Czech food in the immediate vicinity of the castle, in a street where prostitution used to flourish and close to where communists were torturing their political oppressors.

Soooo… now you know exactly what kind of tour is made for you. Enjoy!