She or he said yes, and here you are, ready to live the wedding of yours dreams, in the most romantic city in the world, Paris. And you’re right, Paris can be summarized by the sophisticated cuisine, the luxurious way of life and breathtaking landscapes. It’s not just a cliché: Paris is to remain the best place to celebrate your love. But let’s be realistic, you may love each other very very much, but thats not all. What you need (besides love) is this list of tips to plan a wedding in Paris.

– Know the law



What is important to know before leaving your home is that you can’t legally get married in Paris. If you don’t have the French nationality, the privilege belongs to those who have been living in Paris for at least 40 years. So make sure to have the official ceremony at home, and make the symbolic ceremony in Paris. You could also get a religious ceremony, but it might be a bit tricky. To be sure to get it, you might need some help, and that brings us to the second tip to plan a wedding.

– Get helped from a wedding planner


There are several wedding planner companies in Paris. All of them offer a different type of service, depending on your expectations. If you want to hire a wedding planner from your country, just make sure that they could work with French, it could be useful. Be sure to feel comfortable with your wedding planner enough to express your feelings and opinions about the organisation. You should be close enough, but not too much!

– Think about your guests


Since it implies a cost and an involvement for your friends to come to Paris, most of brides and grooms are over preoccupied with their guests. Of course, you need to make sure that they will remember your wedding. But balance your time between your needs and theirs. The aim is not to organize them a full weekend in Paris, but just to provide them a couple of things to do before and after the ceremony. For example, sending them a brief list of great things to do in Paris could help them to enjoy their stay.

– Find the perfect place


If you’re thinking about getting married at the top of the Eiffel Tower or in Notre Dame, you might get disappointed. It’s actually impossible, but there are several other mindblowing spots. Depending on the atmosphere you’re looking for, here are a few examples. If you’re expecting high-level gastronomy and a great view of the Eiffel Tower, check out this fancy restaurant Antoine. If you’re more into getting married on a private island lost in a Parisian garden, try le Chalet des Iles. And if you’re still heartbroken about not being able to celebrate at the top of the Eiffel Tower, pick the Montparnasse tower rooftop. You will get a terrific view of the roofs of Paris, including the Eiffel tower that actually looks tiny from this spot.

– Deal with the weather


You may know it, the weather is to change very suddenly in Paris. Even in June, it can drastically turn from a hot sunny day to a gray pouring one. According to the place you’ve chosen, make sure you have a backup plan in case of rain. As for the dress, make sure it will match the forecast weather. And remember the French phrase « mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux », meaning rainy wedding, happy marriage!

– Stick to your budget

No need to get married if it gets you into monstrous debt for the next 30 years! Of course, a wedding in Paris is expensive. But it can still be affordable, and you can avoid useless costs during the organization. Always take your time, think about everything twice. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by excitation and emotion. Keep your feet firmly on the ground while planning it, ask for advice when needed, and don’t forget to decide with your partner. And if you see an enticing offer providing a cascade of champagne in a beautiful château nearby the Eiffel Tower for an extremely cheap price: be careful, or at least don’t expect a perfect, flawless ceremony. It might be too good to be true…

– Consider the Parisian culture


Since you’ve decided to go to Paris to celebrate your wedding, take account of this very particular, sometimes odd, but great culture! French tradition of weddings remains a bit conventional, and you won’t be able to escape some basic rules. Don’t get offended if a vendor insists on the white color of the centerpieces even though you prefer yellow. Each culture has its own standards. And when it comes to communication, Parisians have their own way to deal with it. So stay open minded, whithout giving up your expectations. It’s all about a balanced compromise between two cultures, yours and the French one!

– Keep time for yourself


You’re getting married, and you’re here to live a decisive step in your life. It mustn’t be summed up by stress, problems and tension. You are in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities! Therefore, take advantage of this trip. Keep time between two appointments to visit the city (or to relax in a spa if you’re about to have a nervous breakdown). Try to explore Paris: knowing the city can actually be quite useful to choose the best spot for your wedding pictures! So make sure to arrive a couple of days before the ceremony so that you can truly enjoy this privilege of getting married in Paris.

Now that you know everything you should know, the decision is all yours! Take that step and jump in this memorable and lifetime experience. If you’re getting married, we wish you all the best in your marriage. If you are still looking for the perfect spouse, we hope that you will come back to this webpage as soon as you’ve found one!

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