There is one thing that is more magical than the Eternal City, and that’s the Eternal City at night!

Curious tourists will certainly want to take a glimpse of the best evening Roman panoramas during their visits to the City of Romance, and as a true Roman local, I can certainly recommend  a list of the city’s most remarkable sight-seeing spots that can be enjoyed even more at night.

Best Spots to See Rome in Its Full Glamour at Night

The St. Peter’s Basilica

St Peter’s Basilica, Image by Walks of Italy

We recommend an evening tour of the magical St. Peter’s Basilica in the evening when darkness falls.  Inside the Vatican city is where you will find this wonderful architectural gem. Do not miss the St. Peter’s Basilica  while you visit Rome, as this historical spot is one of the reasons why a trip to Rome is so exciting. In this fabulous Italian Renaissance church, you will find the traces of one unforgettable past.

In order to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime Roman panorama, you have to climb up all 551 steps to reach the Dome’s peak, then catch a lift to climb the rest, and soon you will imbibe in the city’s beautiful images.  From there, you will see the bustling Trastevere area and the Saint Angel Bridge. The view is worth the climb!

The sunsets from that iconic building are also magical!

The Vatican City

Image by GetYourGuide

The View of the Vatican City at night has no equal, especially at night! A walk towards the grandiose historical hotspot on Via della Conciliazione will guide you into the never-fading charm of the Vatican where you will become part of the world’s most iconic sacred space.

The contrast between the white walls of the via and the darkness of the night will make you feel like you walk in a magical land.

The Atlante Star Rooftop Bar

This rooftop bar’s central location, combined the with unparalleled views of the historical Saint Peter’s Basilica, has helped this venue gain a five-star rating in a variety of websites and world-class magazines.  The Atlante Star Hotel is a world-class destination with world-class views, with its famous rooftop garden The Roofbar Les Étoiles known to provide some of the city’s most fabulous nighttime images.

The drinks at the venues are spectacular, and because of the area, they are pricey, but the food menu is exceptional and reflects seasonal local flavors.

For those looking for a cozy terrace that features some of Rome’s unforgettable views, there is another rooftop bar housed by the hotel. The Coffee Garden La Terrazza Paradiso is a wonderful place for respite, with its unique mix of flowers and Mediterranean herbs filling the air with their exotic scents.

Via G. Vitelleschi, 34 – 00193 Rome, Italy
T: +39 06 686386 | F: +39 06 6872300

Giardino Degli Aranci

Image by Wanted in Rome

Giardino degli Aranci is also known as The Orange’s Dream.

Located on Aventine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills, this garden is a well-known spot for romantic couples and those looking for peaceful panoramic views of Rome.

When you look from its top, you will see an amazing view of orange trees and ancient ruins, as well as a few historical grandiose statues and a beautiful fountain. This place is a true source of inspiration for global visitors.

Il Giardino degli Aranci is also a well known hotspot for those looking to capture their special moments as newly weds in a photography session. Getting there is relatively easy. Take Line B to reach Circo Massimo and walk just 20 minutes from that station.

Hotel Raphael Rooftop

Image by the Rooftop Guide

Host to Julia-Robert’s starring movie ‘’Eat Pray Love’’, this rooftop provides one of Rome’s most magical views, especially at night time.

Despite being featured in this world-class movie, this cozy terrace is still unknown to the wide public.

A glass of wine or a mixed cocktail might cost you around 20 euro,  but we recommend sharing a bottle to save money. Besides that, you will get extra appetizers with the bottle.

Address: Largo Febo, 2, 00186 Roma RM T+39 06 682831

Il Pincio Terrace

This iconic spot is located near the famous park Villa Borghese – home to some of the most prominent art pieces of all times housed inside the glamorous Galleria Borghese.

The Galleria Borghese mimics the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and as you go outside, you will spot a horse track and a big lake with white swans swimming inside. The spot is a perfect destinations for those looking for relaxation on a busy Sunday afternoon in Rome. The Pincio Terrace is the place from where you will indulge in the city views, and those are particularly magnificent at nighttime.

The Pincio Terrace overlooks the grandiose Piazza del Popolo. Go down to the piazza through the meandering Passeggiata del Pincio on your right, or turn left to find yourself at the iconic Spanish Steps.

Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, Rome, Italy

Rome by night is a fabulous experience worth living through. The Eternal City’s magical views are truly grandiose, and those who have never experienced the beauty of Rome will certainly find them memorable and worth going back to!

For the best Roman experience, you can hire a tour guide in your native language. He/she will make sure that you enjoy the best of Rome during the day or the night-time. Rome has unique spots for sunsets, sun-rises and evening views so you will surely find something that will satisfy your crave for explorations.