Weather in Paris in October


Paris in fall is magnificent and colorful. Winter beckons and the crowds begin to clear from the city., leaving the city open to carefree exploration from the visitors who wouldn’t have to worry about crowds and long queues.

The month of October optimally experiences Fall, it, however, starts out as partly sunny and mild but temperatures fall steadily

The temperature in Paris in October drops to between 10 degrees Celcius (50 degrees Fahrenheit ) and 16 degrees Celcius (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Paris in Autumn- by Valerii Tkachenko Wikimedia Commons

This sometimes drops lower in the night.  However, the weather in Paris at this time is generally pleasant thus the parks are welcoming.

Paris receives substantial rain in October

Rainy Paris- by domwlive- Wikimedia Commons

Rain in Paris in October is usually moderately higher than the other months and more substantial. The rain falls for an average thirteen days, and with an average precipitation of 25.4mm or 1″.

Light thunderstorms accompany the rain; it is imperative that you prepare adequately for the rain in September in Paris due to the larger volume of it.

Sunshine hours in October significantly drop from eight to five per day, as the cold simultaneously increases.  Humidity rises to 85% on most October days.

October Paris is a little grey as clouds build-up towards the end of the month.

What to pack

Image sourced from Unsplash

As always, with a Paris trip, you should pack at least two pairs of comfortable walking shoes. With the wet weather, you will definitely need an umbrella and a raincoat, and perhaps waterproof boots.

A light sweater and a light to medium weight coat is a great idea as you will experience chiller days and colder nights.

Additionally, pack tops that you can layer, a waterproof windbreaker, and a warm jacket for the evening.

What to do in October in Paris

Grandes Eaux Musicales- by J. degivry- Wikimedia Commons

You are in Paris in October, Halloween month! Why not take a ghost tour and get your spooky on. You could take a ghost, mysteries and legends tour of Paris. Stories of haunted hotels and medieval punishments will come alive as you walk the streets where it all happened. There are other Halloween shows and parties through Paris in October.

The Musical Fountains Show at the Château de Versailles every Saturday and Sunday of October is spectacular and the setting just right. The water fountains dance in time with classical music and a remarkable light show.

Be ready for a night out when in Paris in October, at the annual Nuit Blanche, or White Night. Nuit Blanche is a celebration of art and culture; museums, galleries, and other popular spots in the city are kept open most of the night thus you can channel your inner artist and view special exhibits, as well as attending music shows.

The Vendages de Montmartre in the Montmartre is a wine festival that will give you the true autumn experience in Paris. You will familiarize yourself with the Paris harvest atmosphere as you participate in wine tasting, sample local cuisine, and get entertained by music, street performances, and a fireworks display.

If you love vintage cars then go out and play at the annual vintage and collector car show organized by Automédon. The show has different vintage cars ride through the streets where they can be viewed and appreciated.

Although Paris in October is the start of Fall and can get wet, this is not so for the whole month. There is a myriad of activities you can take part in both indoor and outdoor as this article has elaborated.

The key to enjoying Paris in October besides the mere fact that you are in Paris is to perhaps pack appropriately and capitalize on the outdoor and indoor activities as the weather changes in the day and evening.

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