Weather in Paris in November


November in Paris marks the start of winter, which happens gradually. November days are shorter than the nights, which can be quite chilly but may however be warmed up by venturing out to experience Paris’ famous nightlife. November is a quiet and cool month to visit Paris. You might have the advantage of more affordable flights and accommodation, as there is lower demand at that time.

1. The coldest temperatures in Paris in November are between 6 degrees Celcius (42.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and 11 degrees Celcius (51.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

Image sourced from Pixabay

Average Paris November temperatures range between 6 degrees Celcius or 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit on the coldest days and 11 degrees Celcius or 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit on the warmest days.

With the chilly nights, occasionally temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celcius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Just as expected of winter weather, humidity goes up to 90%.

2. Half of the month of November experiences rainfall measuring at least 22. 9 millimeters

Image sourced from Pixabay

November is one of the wettest months in Paris- rain falls for an average of fifteen days across the month to about 22.9 millimeters or 0.9″ on average! Parisians experience the sunshine for only about two hours per day. Towards the tail end of November, the sun becomes even more elusive.

You may experience some snow at the very end of November; November 30 has the highest likelihood of snow when it occurs in 5% of days.

3. What to wear in November in Paris

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Paris is November is an opportunity for you to unbox your knits and fleece- bring along your sweaters and cardigans to ensure your warmth and comfort as you explore the city. Besides looking chic in lined leather boots, you will stay dry should you be out on a rainy afternoon.

Still, with the intention to stay warm in style, dark-colored jeans and leggings are your best bet for bottoms. As the month matures, you will be glad you brought along a winter coat, gloves, scarves, and a hat. Thick socks are a plus for those cold evenings or mornings. You could also capitalize on the layering concept for that extra warmth that you can actually regulate.

Not to be ignored or forgotten is lotion! The good kind. With winter you may lose a lot of moisture hence you must replenish on the go.

4. Activities in winter weather in Paris

Armistice Day in Paris 1918- by American official photographer- Wikimedia Commons

The weather in Paris in November suggests winter that may be associated with dull. However, there’s plenty of activities to indulge in during this time- the cultural season in Paris. The Paris Expo showcases the Salon de la Photo, a celebration of photography. You could also treat yourself to opera, classical and ballet shows.

Explore Paris at night and appreciate its beauty in a different way- you could take a cruise along the Seine River taking in the beautiful views of the river and of Paris from the River.

Take note of the Armistice Day commemorated on November 11th in Paris.  There is a military parade, and France’s president lays wreaths under the Arc de Triomphe during a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s best if you plan ahead on how you will send November 11th if you will be in Paris on this day.

Armistice Day celebrates the truce of 11 November 1918 signed at Le Francport that brought an end to fighting between allied countries which included France, and their opponent Germany.

Porte de Versailles plays host to a massive photography trade show at the Paris Expo. You can be a guest at this gala, and enjoy the current trends in international photography, equipment, and other displays.  You could also take memories of November in Paris with you from the classical concerts all over Paris’ spectacular venues such as La Madeleine, Palais Garnier, and Champs- Elysées- killing two birds with one stone.

The weather in November in Paris has an enchanting vibe and with Christmas approaching in the following month, mid-November sets just the right mood. The Christmas lights at Champs-Elysées shall be a sure sign!

Additionally, you will need to prepare your palette, as the close of November marks the beginning of the festive season in the renowned gastronomy capital. Only be sure to keep warmth and comfort the first priority when in Paris in November!

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