Weather in Paris in July


July is definitely one of the best months to visit Paris. Nothing like a warm sunny day! There are plenty of these in July and the elongated days that end with 10 pm sunsets give an opportunity to experience Paris nightlife under the canopy of natural lighting.  Sunshine is guaranteed almost every day of the month of July in Paris.

Average temperatures range from 16 degrees Celcius (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and 25 degrees Celcius (77 degrees Fahrenheit).

Summer day in Paris- by Sam-H-A- Wikimedia Commons

In July, Paris weather is generally mild. At between 16  degrees Celcius and 25 degrees Celcius, this is warm. The temperature can, however, rise during the day to highs of 30 degrees Celcius and sometimes up to 35.

The long often sunny days can, however, be cloudy.

July is actually the hottest month in Paris, but milder than the heat during summer in other cities in the world.

The average rainfall is at least 8 days spread in July, recorded at about 21mm.

Woman in the rain on cobbled street- by Marmax- Pixabay

While Paris in July is warm and sunny, the city does receive rain at least 8 days across the month. This is an average of 21mm of rain. This is where the sturdy umbrella you hopefully remembered to pack comes in handy!

What to bring

Paris Streets on a sunny day- by Sophie Augustin- Unsplash

Your June Paris luggage should generally have summer clothes as the weather is warm. The sun comes out to play a lot in July, and so should you- therefore do not forget your swimsuit or trunks, sunglasses or visors as well as a sunblock to protect yourself against the sun.

You will also need at least a pair of good walking shoes and both open and closed shoes for the walks you shall be taking in the city.

A windbreaker jacket, as well as a sturdy umbrella, will be good to have as some wind and rains are expected in Paris in July.


Do not wear flipflops anywhere but the seaside- the locals do not appreciate it!

For men

Photo sourced from Pixabay

Shorts, T-shirts and Polo’s are ideal, as well as other light cotton clothing for sunny days.

For women

Image sourced from Unsplash

Pack your wedges, flats, and slip-ons in addition to your walking shoes. You will make good use of them in July.

You will also need both summer and maxi dresses for day time and in the evening

Activities in Paris in June

2017 Bastille day- by Dominique Pineiro- Wikimedia Commons

It is officially the summer in Paris in July, a code word for outdoor fun! There are many outdoor concerts and festivals such as the Paris Plage that has Parisians and visitors alike relax and participate in leisure activities at no cost. A picnic in several Paris Parks such as Monceau, Butte Chaumont, and Luxembourg is ideal.

You will need your walking shoes to explore Montmartre district and the coulée verte, an elevated pedestrian zone starting on viaduct des Arts. You can also shop at the many trendy shops and Art galleries under the Promenade.

In July Paris has crowds upon crowds of dancers in arenas in Quai Saint- Bernard that you can join for a taste of tango, salsa, waltz, and rock and roll. This activity is free. As an alternative or addition, July is one of the best moths to enjoy a lunch cruise in Paris as you admire the city’s views.

You may find yourself deep in two special events in Paris or avoid them altogether depending on your holiday dates and plans. The Tropical Carnival of Paris happens in July where more than 4,000 dancers and tanks from all over the world have a crazy parade right in the streets of Paris as the weather is favorable.

Paris also celebrates Bastille Day, the French National day, in mid- July that celebrates the beginning of the French Revolution. Many live concerts and parties are organized by firemen where the firehouses are open to people. A big parade also takes place on the Champs Elysees Avenue.

You can catch the spectacular fireworks from the vantage point at the bridge over the Seine River. The firework display crowns the evening philharmonic concert of celebrations. Parisians love this celebration hence they turn out in large numbers.

The famous Tour de France also takes place in July. This cycling race covering rural, coastal, and mountain terrain across the country ends in Paris. If interested you could watch the breakaways, the peloton, and the latecomers pass by and visit the area while you sample the local cuisine. The race, however, could impede your movements, hence you need to plan your Paris July visit to the T.

July in Paris is the peak of summer, and its high tolerable temperatures attract a lot of tourists who explore popular places such as Le Marais, Centre Pompidou, and Pere-Lachaise Cemetery that hosts extravagant tombs of the rich and famous. The sunshine in Paris in July will definitely draw you to the outdoors.

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