Weather in Paris in February

Weather in Paris in February

February — the month of love, a month filled with activities commemorating Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love for couples around the World — this is especially true in France.

During this month, you will find that the Valentine’s Day spirit in the city gives the locals and visitors a perfect excuse for fabulous dinners, dancing, strolling, not forgetting indulgence in quality chocolate.

If you are lucky to be planning a visit to Paris in February, then you’ll want to know how the weather typically is.

Despite the chilly conditions this time of year, the activities surrounding the month’s significant event give the city a sense of warmth and festivity for all to enjoy.

Paris experiences a light rise in rainfall to 39 millimetres (1.5 inches).

If the thought of rainy weather brings you joy, then this is the perfect time for you to visit the city. February has thirteen rainy days — most of the rain during this month falls in the late afternoon and early evening — this is always great to note as you can make sure you always carry an umbrella along with you on your tour.

Paris in February experiences steady temperatures between 3°C (37.4°F) on the coldest days and 8°C (46.4°F) on the warmest days

The occurrence of severe winds in February results in low temperatures during the day and more moderate temperatures at night. The night temperatures drop quite a bit, and the surroundings can be freezing.

February is a cold time to visit Paris as you will notice the city is still in the middle of the winter season. This month in Paris sees beautiful blankets of snowfall. However — it is less than that of the weather in Paris in January.

February in Paris presents a little amount of sunshine in comparison to other seasons in the year, amounting only to an average of two hours of sun a day. Also, the city reports its high humidity at this time of the year, an average of 85%.

What to wear in February in Paris

Not only is Paris cold during this time, but it’s also less bright. You are probably asking yourself, ‘so what do you wear while visiting Paris under these conditions?

Paris, the fashion capital of France, today, it is still regarded as the centre of couture and luxury fashion. The people’s effortless, timeless yet elegant style goes hand in hand with the busy lifestyle that comes with living in Paris.

Parisian weather calls for warm clothing. You will want to bring with you items that you can layer in such a manner to protect yourself from the cold winds.

Remember to pack essentials like a sturdy umbrella and a quality pair of gloves for hasty precautions as you go about your day.

For women

Ladies, other than your typical warm usual like your sweaters, you will want to carry a pair of snowshoes as the ground this time of year is not consistent. Spare your pumps as the icy, wet ground and heels don’t go well together.

For men

You will want to make sure you include your winter coats, a parka or a jacket which can be coupled with a warm scarf to prevent the cold winds from creeping in.

What to do in Paris in February

In February, even though Paris tends to be cold and wet, it’s one of the cheaper months to visit with better arrangements on flights (if you book early) and accommodation.

Paris is quieter and less packed during this time of year, making it easier to travel around the city and see its attractions.

February, like any other month in Paris, is filled with activity. Paris has the Opera, musicals, exhibitions, Chinese New Year Celebrations.

During this month of love, there are many sales in Paris. You can shop infamous places like Rue Montaigne for haute couture designers or Boulevard Haussmann for high local department stores. You can also explore the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt in Northern Paris.

If you are searching for things to do in Paris on Valentine’s Day, you can’t miss a plan. Whether you seek romance or an evening enjoying the entertainment of singlehood, Paris will have you sorted.

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