Weather in Paris in August


The beginning of August in Paris is rather hot as compared to the middle and end of the month, but it isn’t scorching. Summer is heightened in as the nights get cool, mildly warm, and short with an average humidity of 70%.

In August Parisians are on holiday hence you may find some streets deserted as the locals leave to spend their holidays abroad or in one of many French regions.

Paris August temperature is the warmest all year round

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Temperatures in Paris in August reach as high as 34 degrees Celsius or 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit but get lower from mid to end the month at 16 degrees Celsius or 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit and 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is however easy to handle as the heat doesn’t become unbearable. This is the warmest Paris gets all year.

There generally isn’t any wind in Paris in August, and the sun shines steadily for about eight hours daily.

Paris in August records 43 mm of rainfall

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Despite August being one of the hotter months in Paris, the city does experience rainfall for an average of ten days, the lowest number of rainy days in the year.

Thunderstorms may accompany the afternoon showers. Usually, Paris in August records 43mm or 1.7″ of precipitation.

What to pack

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In anticipation of your stay in August, be sure to pack summer and light clothes for use when the temperatures rise, and they will! Polo’s, T-shirts and shorts are a must, and so is at least one good pair of walking shoes.

As you prepare for your trip to the Capital of fashion, Paris, it’s unforgivable for men not to pack a proper shirt to get out and for women not to pack skirts as they are trendy and agreeable with the August weather. Also, pack a sweater in case the temperature gets milder.

With the heat in Paris, do carry sunblock to protect your skin. Also, be sure to pack an umbrella as it can rain. You will definitely need open and closed shoes for different occasions and events that you will be a party to during your stay.

Happenings in Paris in August

Paris Plages- by Ken Eckert- Wikimedia Commons

The weather in Paris in August allows for outdoor activities such as summer music festivals, outdoor cinema, and picnics in the parks. Join the dancers in the Seine river bank and dance to the tango, salsa, jazz, and rock and roll to your heart’s contentment.

Don your stylish walking shoes and discover some typical districts of Paris such as Le Marais and Latin Quarter or Montmartre.

There is a whole lot of peculiar activities you could participate in that happen only in August due to the favorable weather.

The Paris Plage offers free concert live beaches for adults and kids alike such as beach volleyball and rugby mini- catamaran. There are free dancing lessons in salsa and the tango, concert live as well as other surprising events,

The outdoorsy Festival Paris Quartier d’été is a multidisciplinary art festival that you can catch in August in Paris. This will combine dance, music, theater, circus, and other events.

Join the locals in appreciation of the outdoor Cinema Festival where the program has tons of French and international films. This is held in La Villette Park in the 19th arrondissement. At the striking Parc de Saint-Cloud you can attend one of the greatest music festivals in Paris in August, the Rock en Seine, which as the name suggests plays rock music.


While many shops may be closed for the holiday in August, there are plenty of restaurants open, museums and other tourist sites. Paris in August offers a great holiday atmosphere. It is less crowded than it is in June and July. A good time to be outside soaking up the August Paris sun.

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