—Weather in Paris in April


Weather in Paris in April

April is the best time to be in Paris.

It’s the real beginning of springtime — a time when Paris resembles all of its most flattering clichés.

The weather is generally changing as the city gets warmer and sees a lesser probability of rain each day.

In April, the city suddenly saturates with colour — crimson and apple blooms, daffodils, your everyday spring flowers. The air may hang back on the brisk side some days, and rain showers do appear.

The Parisian community is in good spirits, and you’ll want to spend lots of time outdoors exploring beautiful sites, especially when it’s not raining. Paris has gorgeous parks and gardens, offering perfect locations to soak up some sunlight.

The rain in Paris


Depending on your luck, April can be sunny, but it can also be cold. It is often chilly, especially in the mornings and toward the beginning of the month.

If you don’t mind rainy days, then you will be just fine this Parisian month.

The city records an average of fourteen rainy days during this month. There is a good chance you’ll get at least some type of precipitation during your visit. Packing a sturdy emergency umbrella is the best idea. Average rainfall in April records 25mm (0.9 inches) of rain.

Average temperatures range between 7.3°C (45°F) and 15.6°C (60°F).

In the middle of the month, April feels moderately warmer. On a few of the warmer days, late in April, daytime temperatures can sometimes rise to 220 C – 230 C (low to mid-700s F).

The record high temperature for Paris in April is 280 C (82.4 F).

Paris enjoys an average of nine hours of sunshine each day throughout April. Also, you should expect quite a bit of humidity and prepare for it.

Occasionally in April, you will see crowds basking in the sunshine. You are probably asking yourself, ‘so what do you wear while visiting Paris in April?

What to pack for Paris in April

When travelling to Paris during the fourth month of the year, you will want to maintain warm clothing as the chilly winter weather remnants are still prevalent.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and some seasons prove more unpredictable than others. In this month, the trick would be to layer your clothing— This is a simple tip allowing you to take off and add clothing as the weather fluctuates.

Light cotton shirts are great and pants in case of the sun, but also pack a few sweaters, warm socks, and a spring coat.

Packing a few books and magazines is also a good idea — u can spend a pleasurable morning or afternoon reading in a cafe.

For women


You will want to pack a good pair of rainproof shoes. Shoes with good tread and grip are imperative because the streets get wet and slippery in April.

When there is precipitation, it is inclined to leave the paths wet, crafting a potentially treacherous puddle filled terrain This is why high heels and dress shoes may not be ideal for touring the city in April—at least not for long periods.

For Men

April is usually a wet month, and Paris is well-known for its erratic and sudden downpours. A pair of quality gloves are good to have.  Most important is to pack an umbrella that can withstand a wet, gusty day.


On the regular, snow shows in Paris on one day every April. Snow lying on paths and accumulating is almost unheard of at this time of year so don’t you fret.

Activities and Places to Visit in April in Paris

In April you can enjoy the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. It is one of the five biggest marathons in the world. Fifty thousand runners from a hundred nations will gather to participate.

You can celebrate Easter touring the French communities. Easter is a public holiday in France, but many tourist destination sites remain open, an excellent chance to explore the Capital of France.

In April, although the weather may be erratic, it’s one of the better months to visit with excellent deals on flights and accommodation. This time of year promises a more leisurely exploration of the city and its attractions.

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